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Our Talents

Hire global developers with experience in serving world-leading organizations from our elite pre-screened talent pool.

CloudDevs difference

Pay only for the time the job takes

We charge a transparent rate of $45-70/ hour when you hire developers though CloudDevs. Hiring our elite, time-zone matched talents will save you 60% to 50% in cost compared to hiring a developer locally or through other alternatives.

$40-55/ Hour!Reach Beyond The Latin Americas & Hire From Our Global Talent Pool

Average 7+ years of senior level experience

Talents are assigned under 24 hours

Hire globally sourced remote developers within 24 hours and start working with your new talent via a dedicated Slack workspace!

Talents assigned from same timezones

Find a talent within your own time zone from our globally distributed talent pool.

Cancel anytime

Pay as you go, rolling weekly contract with no minimum commitment when you hire through the CloudDevs global talent pool!

7 day risk free guarantee

If you are not happy with the remote talent assigned to you we’ll replace them or refund you right away!

Find your talent match

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Tell us your requirements

Let's get on a call to discuss your development needs in more detail so we can offer you the best service.

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We'll find your perfect fit

Receive a shortlist of candidates from our global pool within 24h. Get on a call with the talents to identify your perfect match.

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Start your risk-free trial

Hire pre-vetted global developers on a 1-week risk-free trial and get to work via a dedicated Slack workspace!

Three ways to hire with us

Freelance Hires

Hire senior, pre-vetted tech talents internationally through CloudDevs' Freelance Hires service. Access our elite talent pool at an hourly rate, for part-time or full-time requirements, while having the flexibility to convert them to direct hires if and when required.


Direct Recruitment

Our streamlined, cost-effective recruitment process is ideal for companies searching for full-time hires. Use our Direct Recruitment service to onboard talents directly from our pre-vetted pool, eliminating all the hassles of traditional recruitment.


Team Augmentation

Assemble your dream tech team with CloudDevs’ pre-vetted LatAm talent. Seamlessly integrate our elite talents into your existing team through our Team Augmentation services, and leave it to us to handle all legal, compliance, and administrative complexities.

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Build your remote tech team

Hire skilled developers sourced globally for projects based on your talent requirements.

Why choose CloudDevs for remote tech talent hires?

Talents assigned in 24 hours
Hire senior developers from our global network within 24 hours and start working with your new talent via a dedicated Slack workspace!
We offer a global network of talents you can hire from. Choose a talent within your own time zone for easy collaboration!
Pay as you go, rolling weekly contract with no minimum commitment when you hire developers through the CloudDevs global pool!
If you are not happy with your assigned talent, we’ll replace them or refund you right away!
Oleksiy Melnyk
Mariana Muradova
Avci Erdogan
Yasmina Hamza

Our vetting process

All our talents undergo a 3-step vetting process to ensure top quality services to our clients.


Communication & Personality check

During the initial video call, the candidates' personality is assessed and they're tested on their English language communication skills.


Skills Test

During the second stage of the interview a more detailed technical skills evaluation is conducted based on their specific fields and expertise.


Problem solving challenge

The final stage of vetting involves a live coding challenge to determine the talents' problem solving and critical thinking skills.


FAQs About Hiring Global Developers

Where can I find the best global developers
While you can find excellent developers from Latin American regions like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Peru, the CloudDevs pool now extends beyond this to find and source the world’s top talents from all over the world. You may directly approach a talent agency from any of these nations and locate your talent, interview them, and bring them on board, or you may reach out to a pre-vetted talent platform like CloudDevs that has its own pool of elite, senior developers sourced globally to find the best remote developers for your organization.
The cost of quality global developers ranges from $40 to $80 per hour based on their level of expertise, seniority, and where you hire your talents. For instance, if you were to hire developers from a generic freelancer site, you may find non-vetted talents at $20 per hour. But this would require you to spend time and resources to screen the talents yourself. If you were to hire through a talent agency, you may need to factor in recruitment fees that can take your cost up to $100 per hour. While a talent marketplace like CloudDevs can offer you fully vetted developers within the range of $40 to $80 per hour.
The time it takes to hire global developers depends on where you choose to hire your talent. For instance, hiring from a global talent agency may take up to 8 weeks as they require more time to locate the right talent and then conduct the talent screening for you. Hiring pre-vetted talents through a platform like CloudDevs on the other hand can be done within 24 hours.

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