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What is the .NET Core CLI in C#?

The .NET Core CLI (Command-Line Interface) in C# is a powerful tool that allows developers to interact with and manage .NET Core projects from the command line. It provides a wide range of functionalities for creating, building, testing, and publishing .NET Core applications without the need for a graphical user interface or an integrated development environment (IDE).


Here are some key aspects of the .NET Core CLI:


  1. Project Creation: Developers can use the CLI to create new .NET Core projects using templates. For example, you can create a new web application, console application, or class library by running a single command.


  1. Building and Compilation: The CLI enables you to build your C# projects. It compiles your source code into executable binaries or libraries. This is done using the `dotnet build` command.


  1. Running Applications: You can execute your C# applications directly from the CLI using the `dotnet run` command. It’s a convenient way to quickly test your code without relying on an IDE.


  1. Dependency Management: The CLI manages project dependencies through the use of NuGet packages. You can add, remove, or update packages using the `dotnet add package` and `dotnet remove package` commands.


  1. Testing: Running tests for your C# code is easy with the CLI. You can use the `dotnet test` command to execute unit tests, making it an essential tool for maintaining code quality.


  1. Publishing: When you’re ready to deploy your application, the CLI allows you to publish it as a self-contained executable or a platform-dependent package. The `dotnet publish` command packages your application and its dependencies for distribution.


  1. Project File Editing: The CLI provides commands to edit the project file (`csproj`) directly from the command line, making it easy to manage project settings, references, and build configurations.


  1. Cross-Platform: One of the significant advantages of the .NET Core CLI is its cross-platform support. You can use it on Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring a consistent development experience across different operating systems.


The .NET Core CLI is a versatile and essential tool for C# developers, particularly those working on .NET Core and .NET 5+ projects. It streamlines common development tasks, enhances project management, and supports cross-platform development, making it a valuable asset in modern C# software development workflows.


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