Hiring Nearshore


Hiring Nearshore Developers in 2023

This is mainly due to the cost-effective nature of nearshore outsourcing and the accessibility of highly-skilled developers who are available remotely.

1. What is nearshore outsourcing?

Nearshore hiring refers to outsourcing some of your work to countries that are in close proximity to you. This enables your in-house teams to easily coordinate with your new hires due to time zone alignment. In the context of US companies, the best bet for hiring nearshore talent would be the LatAm regions.

Not only do countries like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia serve as great locations for hiring offshore tech talent, but they’re also renowned for high-quality coding and are available at affordable rates.

2. Nearshore vs offshore outsourcing

How is nearshoring different from offshore outsourcing, you may ask? While nearshore looks at the talent in close proximity to your geographical region, offshore has no geographical restraints. This enables you to hire from anywhere in the world. Although this provides a vast pool of talent to choose from, offshore hiring may not be the best solution for most. 

The main downsides to offshore hiring are the time zone differences, language barriers, and lack of cultural fit between the regions. For instance, if a US-based company were to hire offshore developers from South or East Asia, you may have up to a 12-hour time difference that can make communication and coordination between your team members extremely difficult.

3. Benefits of nearshore outsourcing

On the contrary to offshore outsourcing or hiring onsite talent, nearshore outsourcing has become the preferred option for software developers, and for a good reason. Let us have a look at the benefits of outsourcing from nearshore destinations.

3.1 Nearshore hiring helps to save time and energy

Unlike hiring in-house candidates, nearshore outsourcing enables you to get started with your project in record time. You do not have to waste time recruiting candidates and conducting onboarding/ training sessions. 

If you hire through a dedicated nearshore hiring company like CloudDevs, you’ve ensured highly vetted senior developers that are hand-picked to suit your project requirements. CloudDevs has its own pool of pre-vetted talent to pick from, which makes the hiring process fast and efficient.

3.2 Nearshore outsourcing allows you to keep costs low

Nearshoring is a much more feasible option when compared to in-house hiring. It will enable you to save on overhead expenses, training, and lavish benefits packages that you would otherwise have to provide your employees.

Recruitment costs are another significant investment due to job advertisements, recruitment agency fees, head-hunter charges, and the long hours spent on interviewing candidates, conducting test projects or trials, and sorting through resumes. 

Furthermore, hiring from Latin American regions makes it a lot more cost-effective as most countries in those regions offer lower hourly wages compared to US and Canadian agencies.

3.3 Nearshoring allows you to access a larger pool of talent

Going the nearshore outsourcing route with your hiring requirements is ideal for accessing a broader talent network. You no longer have to be forced to select from a short list of candidates that are within your local area.

Software development is one of the most remote-friendly career options in the world, and with the right talent in place equipped with the right tools, there is no longer a need to be restricted to hiring in-house talent. 

Hence, nearshore outsourcing enables you to access the best talent from a much larger geographical area without a hassle.

3.4 Nearshore hiring allows you to scale up or down on demand

Nearshoring is an excellent option for projects that require an extra set of hands for short time periods. Sometimes we encounter shortages in technical staff but do not require a long-term engagement. 

In such instances, hiring a full-time employee into your team would be in vain. Most nearshore hiring platform allows you the flexibility of scaling up or scaling down your dev team based on demand.

4. Things to consider when hiring nearshore developers

4.1 Find the right talent to suit your needs

Having someone with technical expertise within your hiring team is essential if you’re to make a nearshore dev hire independently. There are many factors at play when deciding what type of developer and experience level you should target, and it all depends on the project you have at hand.

Suppose you aren’t 100% confident in your requirements or lack the technical expertise. In that case, you should consider hiring through a reputed agency or platform that can offer you consultancy services to ensure you receive the right talent for your project.

4.2 English proficiency of talent

Communication is an essential part of outsourced working arrangements. As such, it’s a must to have talent that is proficient in their language skills. Whether you’re hiring an offshore developer or recruiting through a company specializing in nearshore developer hiring, ensure the talent is vetted for their English proficiency.

4.3 Time zone compatibility

If being able to communicate and access your offshore talent within your company’s working hours is a requirement for you, you must ensure time-zone compatibility based on your talent’s location and availability. The geographical proximity of your regions would allow you to establish a smooth workflow and conduct efficient communication.

4.4 Vetted and screened talent

When hiring your nearshore developers through a talent platform, ensure the talent is already vetted and screened. If not, you would still spend a substantial amount of time conducting the vetting yourself, which would make the hiring process more cumbersome.

4.5 Senior talent with industry experience

Another essential factor to look into when making your hires is the experience level of the talent. The more senior the talent and wider their scope of work experience, the more adaptable they are for a wide range of project requirements. You do not want to hire a junior coder with very little expertise that you would have to guide every step of the way after recruitment.

5. Why should you hire nearshore developers from Latin America?

Latin America is perfect for nearshoring requirements if you’re based in the US or Canada.

Here are the benefits of nearshoring in Latin America:

  • Geographical proximity
  • Time zone compatibility allows for better collaboration and higher productivity
  •  Large network of highly skilled tech talent due to prioritizing IT and software development education
  • Language proficiency due to the schools in LATAM regions offering quality English education

6. Best nearshoring countries in the LATAM region for your tech hires

Here are the top regions in Latin America for your software development nearshore hiring requirements along with why you should consider each:

6.1 Nearshoring in Brazil

Having the highest number of software developers in the Latin American region according to Stack Overflow, Brazil is a top-ranking destination for your technical nearshoring requirements. Outstanding tech universities facilitate the programming knowledge and skillsets of Brazilian developers who are well-versed in all common programming languages making Brazil an ideal LatAm destination to hire developers.

6.2 Nearshoring in Argentina

With a focus on app development, Argentinean tech talent is much sought after in the Latin American region. Comprising of a highly educated workforce that is decidedly engaged among the developer communities, Argentinian developers are considered some of the best in the world. Their high proficiency level in the English Language together with their cultural compatibility makes Argentina a much desirable nearshoring destination for US clients.

6.3 Nearshoring in Mexico

Home to some of the biggest software engineering firms in the world among other large multinational corporations and financial institutions, Mexico is making the mark as one of the top regions to hire nearshore tech talent.

Backed by a reputed IT education system, Mexico comes second among all Latin American nations with regard to the number of software developers in the country according to Stack Overflow. Home to some of the top technical universities and its shared border with the US provides your nearshore Mexican tech talent a leg up when it comes to their educational and cultural background.

6.4 Nearshoring in Colombia

Columbia is a popular Latin American country for nearshore software development. With a fast-growing economy, the country has witnessed a digital transformation over the last decade. The Columbian universities witness over 13 thousand tech programme graduates annually and the region is ranked in the top 50 countries with regard to programmer skill ratings.

With a budding number of software development companies in the region and excellent technical colleges that focus on all popular programming languages, the country ranks in the top 20 position globally among destinations offshoring software development.

6.5  Nearshoring in Uruguay

Uruguay is in high regard as a LATAM nearshoring destination for tech talent. The country has seen a spike in technological advancements with many US companies turning to them for nearshoring software developers and other tech talents. With minimal language barriers and a strong educational background in tech, the Uruguayan coders show great aptitude for your low-cost offshore hiring requirements.

6.6 Nearshoring in Chile

Chile has seen exponential growth in its IT sector over the last decade and its capital city Santiago is renowned as a major technological hub in Latin America. The country is witnessing a thriving start-up culture attracting a growing number of tech entrepreneurs into the region. Coupled with great IT infrastructure, time-zone compatibility, and high English proficiency Chilean developers are a sure bet for nearshoring tech talent

7. Why should you hire from a nearshore developer platform like CloudDevs?

Hiring your nearshore tech talent from a reputed platform like CloudDevs enables you to free yourself from the worries of taking all steps mentioned above into consideration. At CloudDevs, we offer a pre-vetted pool of developers that are constantly screened to ensure they’re on their A-game.

We hire our talent exclusively from Latin America, ensuring that they are always aligned with the time zones of our US and Canadian clients. All developers that enter the CloudDevs platform are vetted for their language proficiency. And the platform selects the ideal candidate for the project at hand by taking into account their past experience allowing the clients to be at ease, knowing their project is in capable hands.

CloudDevs offers a diverse range of tech talent with all manners of in-demand skill sets. 

If you’re looking to hire LatAm developers remotely, take a look at our guide on the Top 7 Websites to Hire LATAM Developers in the Americas for more in-depth information.

If you want CloudDevs to fulfill your nearshore hiring requirement or simply want more information regarding the process, book a call and get in touch with us today.

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