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5 Reasons for Hiring LATAM Developers in 2024

With the growing need for tech talent in today’s market, more and more startups and entrepreneurs are looking to outsource their talent requirements. There is an increasing trend in the US tech industry where entrepreneurs are hiring LATAM developers for their startups. This is an excellent solution for small-scale businesses for many reasons.

The LATAMs has seen a boom in their tech industries within the last decade, making it the most favored location for nearshore developer hiring over other locations like Asia and Eastern Europe.  While you may be able to find highly talented remote software engineers worldwide, Latin American developers are mostly preferred by US-based employers due to their easy adaptability, cultural fit, and geographical proximity, among many others.

This article will explore some of the top reasons your business would benefit from hiring remote LATAM tech talent.

1. Benefits of hiring remote LATAM tech talent:

1.1 Access To A Broader Pool of Qualified Talent

Latin America has a great number of software developers in the region. And you can find all varieties of technical talents for your outsourcing requirements. Mobile app developers, data analysts, web developers, and full-stack developers are some of the most common specialties in Latin America, with most software developers specializing in back-end development.

If you’re specifically searching for engineering managers, quality assurance engineers, designers, or system administrators, it may be best to look for developers from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Panama. Likewise, if you’re looking for game developers, graphic designers, or DevOps engineers, Brazil has a bigger pool of devs specialized in these areas.

1.2 Reasonably Priced

Another benefit of outsourcing Latin tech talent is the cost savings for businesses in the United States without compromising on quality. While the average wage for top talent in the region will vary, it will generally be low compared to the states.

Average Developer Hourly Rates:

Global Developer Rates

However, keep your budget in mind, which will help you determine whether you should hire a LATAM developer. While Latin American software engineers can make over $100,000 a year, some countries with higher salaries are Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

If you are searching for software engineers at really cheap rates for small-scale one-time projects, you may be better off looking into other countries. Do keep in mind that it is not about finding the cheapest talent solution but finding a software development engineer that suits your budget while delivering a high-quality product.

For more information on the cost of hiring Latin American developers in 2023, refer to our article here.

1.3 Timezone Alignment

It is understood that having major timezone differences between teams that work together can lead to ineffective collaboration and lower productivity levels. The geographical proximity of the US to the Latin American regions allows you to find talents located within your own time zone.

Unlike working with teams distributed across Europe and Asia, this allows your internal teams to collaborate easily with your offshore talent without much hassle. So always keep this factor in mind when hiring offshore developers, as you want them to integrate seamlessly with your team or your own time zone in order to ensure successful projects!

1.4 Language Proficiency & Cultural Fit 

LATAM engineers are highly proficient in English, making it one of the best geographical locations to hire offshore talent without having to experience communication barriers. In most LATAM regions, the English language is included in the school curriculum from the primary stages, and children are exposed to the language from infancy due to Western television and entertainment.

Similarly, exposure to Western lifestyles from a young age makes Latin American talent one that is highly competent with the US on the cultural front. Most LATAM software engineers have experience in outsourcing. As a result, they’re well-versed with international clients, especially from English-speaking countries, and are familiar with the latest tech stacks, requirements, and the remote working culture.

1.5 Excellent Tech Infrastructure 

The tech companies in Latin America are booming thanks to the high level of technological literacy amongst its population. Most LATAM regions have highly developed IT ecosystems with a large number of established tech companies and startups already in place.

The region is sought-after for high-quality software development requirements. Additionally, there are several tech talent outsourcing services that specialize in offering elite LATAM programmers that possess a proven track record of working with recognized US-based companies. Hence if you’re looking to hire Latin American devs it’s easier to access them through these established dev platforms.

2. Where to Find Software Developers in The LATAMs?

While finding remote developers from Latin America may not be a difficult task, it’s good to know the best platforms one can utilize to locate specialized tech talents.

For instance, the following are some of the most common strategies to locate tech talent for outsourcing:

  • Publishing a job post on sites that are dedicated to hiring remote talent
  • Searching for specialized talents through networking channels like Indeed and LinkedIn and reaching out to the talents yourself
  • Attending events and career seminars and networking with tech talents and recruiters
  • Utilizing a talent pool or tech talent recruitment service that conducts pre-vetting and screening of developers prior to their acceptance into the respective talent pools

If you’re looking to hire LatAm developers remotely, take a look at our guide on the Top 7 Websites to Hire LATAM Developers in the Americas for more in-depth information.

3. Things to Know When Hiring Offshore Software Engineers From Latin America

When hiring remote offshore developers from Latin America, you have several options. For instance, you may hire employees as independent contractors from talent pools or dev platforms. In such instances, you can create flexible contracts with the developers depending on your project requirements.   

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a few programmers to develop a project for your startup and only require them for that specific project and do not wish to hire full-time talent, this is one of the easiest ways to find your talent. In such an instance, CloudDevs offers flexible contracts and the opportunity to hire fully vetted senior developers from Latin America. 

Perhaps you’re in search of agile development solutions as you build out and scale your remote development team and require hires on a more long-term basis. Even in this instance, a recognized platform like CloudDevs that has access to 8000+ pre-vetted senior developers in all areas of specialties would be well worth considering.

4. Why Should You Consider Hiring LATAM Developers From CloudDevs?

CloudDevs is a specialized tech talent platform with the experience of building over $15 million worth of projects with their talent pool.

All CloudDevs talents are seniors with a minimum of 5 years of experience in their respective fields hence you’re assured only the most expert talents.

All talents within the exclusive pool have undergone 5 stages of extensive vetting, inclusive of coding skills, speed, and language proficiency testing in order to ensure the quality of talent is maintained throughout its platform.

All CloudDevs’ talents are personally matched to the client’s project requirements based on expertise and experience within 48 hours of sign-up.

Each talent comes with a 7-day free trial so that clients have substantial time to work with their talent match to ensure they are the right fit for their company. If the client is unsatisfied, they may ask for a new talent match with another free trial or walk away with no questions asked.

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