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What is the difference between throw and throw ex in C#?

The difference between `throw` and `throw ex` in C# lies in how they handle exceptions and preserve the call stack information:


  1. `throw`:


   – When you use `throw` without the `ex` keyword (e.g., `throw new Exception(“Error message”)`), you create a new exception object and throw it.

   – This preserves the original call stack information, including the source of the exception and where it was thrown in the code.

   – The call stack information is valuable for debugging because it allows you to trace the origin of the exception back to the point where it was initially thrown.

   – Using `throw` is generally recommended in most cases, as it provides better information for diagnosing and debugging issues.


  1. `throw ex`:


   – When you use `throw ex` (e.g., `throw new Exception(“Error message”)`) with the `ex` keyword, you effectively re-throw the caught exception.

   – While this may seem similar to using `throw`, it has a significant drawback: it resets the call stack information.

   – The call stack information is overwritten, and the exception appears to have originated from the point where it was re-thrown rather than its original source.

   – As a result, debugging becomes more challenging because you lose the context of where the exception initially occurred.


Here’s a code example to illustrate the difference:

    // Code that may throw an exception
catch (Exception ex)
    // Using 'throw' to preserve call stack information
    Console.WriteLine("Original exception: " + ex.StackTrace);
    throw; // Preserve the original call stack

In this example, using `throw` without the `ex` keyword ensures that the original call stack information is preserved, allowing for more effective debugging. In contrast, using `throw ex` would reset the call stack, making it harder to trace the root cause of the exception.


In most scenarios, it is recommended to use `throw` without `ex` to maintain the integrity of the call stack and facilitate easier debugging when handling exceptions in C#.

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