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How do I submit an app to the App Store?

Submitting an app to the App Store involves several steps to prepare your app, create a listing, and submit it for review by Apple’s App Review team. Here’s a general overview of the app submission process:


  • Prepare Your App: Ensure that your app meets Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines and follows best practices for app development, design, and functionality. Test your app thoroughly on real devices and address any issues or bugs.
  • Create App Store Connect Record: Log in to App Store Connect with your Apple Developer account credentials. Create a new app listing for your app by providing app metadata, including the app name, description, keywords, screenshots, icons, and other required assets.
  • Generate App Bundle ID and Provisioning Profile: Create an App ID and provisioning profile for your app in the Apple Developer portal. Configure app capabilities, entitlements, and distribution settings based on your app’s requirements.
  • Build and Archive Your App: Build your app using Xcode and create an archived version of your app for distribution. Ensure that your app is built with the correct provisioning profile and code signing settings.
  • Submit Your App for Review: In App Store Connect, navigate to the “My Apps” section and select your app. Click on the “Prepare for Submission” button and follow the prompts to submit your app for review. Provide all required information, including app details, screenshots, pricing, and contact information.
  • Review Process: Once your app is submitted, it will undergo review by Apple’s App Review team. The review process typically takes a few days, during which Apple evaluates your app for compliance with App Store guidelines, quality standards, and technical requirements.
  • App Approval: If your app passes the review process, it will be approved for listing on the App Store. You will receive a notification email confirming the approval, and your app will become available for download on the App Store.
  • App Release: After approval, you can choose to release your app immediately or schedule a release date. Once released, your app will be accessible to users on the App Store, and you can monitor its performance using App Store Connect’s analytics and reporting tools.
  • App Updates: As you make updates and improvements to your app, follow a similar process to submit new versions for review and release on the App Store.


By following these steps, you can successfully submit your app to the App Store and make it available to millions of iOS users worldwide.

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