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How do I create custom animations?

Creating custom animations in iOS allows developers to add unique and engaging visual effects to their apps, enhancing the user experience and making their apps stand out. Here’s how you can create custom animations in iOS:


  • Core Animation: Utilize Core Animation to create custom animations for individual layers or views. You can animate properties such as position, size, rotation, opacity, and more using implicit or explicit animations.
  • UIView Animations: Use UIView animations to animate changes to UIView properties. Define animation blocks using the animate(withDuration:animations:) method or its variations to animate changes to view properties over a specified duration.
  • Keyframe Animations: Use keyframe animations to create complex animations with multiple intermediate steps. Define keyframe values and durations to specify the animation’s trajectory and timing.
  • CAAnimation and CABasicAnimation: Utilize CAAnimation and its subclasses, such as CABasicAnimation and CAKeyframeAnimation, to create custom animations with fine-grained control over timing, values, and interpolation.
  • UIViewPropertyAnimator: Use UIViewPropertyAnimator for interactive animations and to control animation timing, reversibility, and completion. You can pause, resume, or reverse animations based on user interactions.
  • Core Graphics: For more advanced and custom animations, leverage Core Graphics to draw and animate custom shapes, paths, and gradients directly on the screen.
  • Third-Party Libraries: Explore third-party animation libraries and frameworks, such as Lottie, TweenKit, or Pop, to simplify the creation of complex animations and add advanced effects to your app.


By combining these techniques and experimenting with different animation types, durations, and easing functions, you can create custom animations tailored to your app’s design and user experience goals.

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