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Scala Courses and Certifications to Level Up Your Skills This Year

Scala, a versatile and powerful, and mostly known as one of the best general purpose programming languages, has gained prominence in various domains such as data processing, distributed computing, and microservices. Renowned for its ability to seamlessly blend object-oriented and functional programming paradigms, Scala has become a go-to choice for developers seeking a robust and expressive language.

For those looking to enhance their Scala programming skills or embark on a career in Scala development, certification programs and relevant courses can provide valuable insights and expertise. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top Scala certification options and courses available in 2024. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started quickly or an experienced developer aiming to deepen your Scala knowledge, these recommendations cater to a range of learning needs and skill levels.


1. Scala and Functional Programming Essentials | Rock the JVM by Udemy


Scala and Functional Programming Essentials is a comprehensive course designed for beginners and those familiar with programming. Led by expert instructors, it provides a hands-on approach to Scala and functional programming concepts with over 100 examples and exercises.

This course unlocks the potential of Scala, a highly sought-after language in the software industry. It offers practical insights and strategic deconstruction of Scala and functional programming, focusing on simplicity and power. This course teaches you to understand Scala 

code in production environments or open source projects, how to write applications in Scala from Scratch, skills to start developing powerful tools using Scala such as Akka, Play, and Spark, and how to contribute to products and open source projections.

For established programmers seeking to delve into Scala and functional programming, “Basics for Scala and Functional Programming” is your gateway to mastering these in-demand skills. This course includes 6 sections with 40 lectures. 


Course Content:


  1. Getting Started: Initiates learners into their Scala journey with an introduction to the course, offering a foundational overview of Scala and the essential concepts to be explored.


  1. Absolute Scala Basics: This section delves into the fundamental building blocks of Scala, covering values, variables, types, expressions, functions, recursion, and key concepts like type inference, call-by-name, call-by-value, default, and named arguments. Students learn how to perform smart operations on strings.


  1. Object-Oriented Programming in Scala: This section explores the object-oriented aspects of Scala, including basics, syntactic sugar, method notations, Scala objects, inheritance, abstract classes, traits, generics, anonymous classes, case classes, and Scala 3 features like enums, expectations, packaging, and imports.


  1. Functional Programming in Scala: This section engages learners with the functional programming paradigm in Scala. The course covers anonymous functions, higher-order functions, Curries and Map, flatMap, filter, and provides an overview of Scala collections. Students explore sequences like List, array, vector, tuples, maps, options, and handling failure.


  1. Pattern Matching: Guides learners to master the art of pattern matching in Scala, including an exploration of Scala 3’s braceless syntax. The section provides practical examples and insights into this powerful language feature.


This structured content breakdown ensures a step-by-step exploration of Scala, covering foundational principles, object-oriented programming, functional programming, and advanced topics. The course costs $99.99.


2. Functional Programming in Scala Specialization by Coursera


Introducing the “Functional Programming in Scala Specialization” by Coursera—a transformative learning experience focused on mastering functional programming with Scala. This specialized program teaches key concepts such as recursion, pattern matching, and higher-order functions to enable participants to write purely functional programs. This course also provides an emphasis on designing immutable data structures and effectively using parallel collections for enhanced performance. 

The course also covers data manipulation with Spark and Scala, making it a practical and comprehensive learning journey for both seasoned developers and newcomers. You can elevate your coding skills and explore the world of functional programming with this dynamic specialization.


Course Content:


Functional Programming Principles in Scala: You will  learn yo master the essentials of functional programming, creating purely functional programs using recursion, pattern matching, and higher-order functions. Learn to design immutable data structures and seamlessly integrate functional programming with objects and classes.


Functional Program Design in Scala: You will learn to apply design principles to craft functional libraries and APIs. Develop skills in writing simple functional reactive applications and understand reasoning techniques for programs that combine functions and state.


Parallel Programming: You will gain proficiency in reasoning about task and data parallel programs, expressing common algorithms in a functional style. Learn to microbenchmark parallel code and write programs that effectively utilize parallel collections for optimal performance.


Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark: You will learn to delve into big data analysis using Scala and Spark, applying functional concepts to manipulate distributed data. Understand Spark’s programming model and address distribution issues for improved performance through hands-on examples in Spark and Scala.


This specialization provides a concise yet comprehensive exploration of functional programming principles, design, parallel programming, and big data analysis with Scala and Spark. Whether you’re honing your programming skills or diving into practical applications, this program offers a well-rounded learning experience.


3. Advanced Scala and Functional Programming by Udemy


“Advanced Scala and Functional Programming” is a comprehensive Scala programming language course by Udemy—a course designed for experienced Scala users, whether at an intermediate or advanced level. You can elevate your skills to the top tier of Scala developers through advanced programming, high-level functional techniques, and in-depth exploration of Scala tools. From advanced pattern matching to functional concurrent programming, this course offers a concise yet comprehensive journey for those aiming to excel in the functional programming language. 


Course Content:


Welcome: This section this begin your journey into advanced Scala with administrative setup guidance and tips on maximizing your learning experience.


A Taste of Advanced Scala: Recap the essentials, from Scala basics to dark syntax sugar, and dive into advanced pattern matching, providing a flavorful introduction to the course.


Advanced Functional Programming: You will explore particle functions, functional collections, enhancing functional set operations, and delving into more advanced functional collections. Cover key topics such as currying, partially applied functions, lazy evaluations, infinite streams proficiency, and an insightful exploration of monads.


Functional Concurrent Programming: This section will get you introduced to parallel programming on the JVM, tackle concurrency problems, and navigate JVM thread communication. Progress to advanced topics like producer-consumer scenarios at level 2, and gain expertise in working with futures and promises.


Implicit: You will learn about implicits, understanding their role and organization. Explore type classes, the pimp library, and a glimpse into Scala 3’s advancements.


Mastering the Type Stream: This section will enhance your understanding of advanced inheritance, variance, and participate in variance exercises. Delve into type members, inner types, and path-dependent types, gaining proficiency in self types, recursive types, and f-bounded polymorphism. Conclude with higher-kinded types to master the intricate type stream.


This course promises an immersive journey through advanced Scala, equipping you with a comprehensive skill set for tackling intricate programming challenges. Get ready to elevate your Scala proficiency to new heights.


4. Scala and Spark for Big Data and ML by Udemy


If you are eager to learn about of Big Data and Machine Learning using the modern programming language Scala, the “Scala and Spark for Big Data and ML” course by Udemy is the perfect learning journey for you. This comprehensive course is tailored to guide learners from beginner to advanced levels, offering a seamless exploration of coding in Scala, its applications in Big Data, and its role in machine learning.

In this course, participants will embark on a hands-on experience, starting with the installation of Scala environments on various machines, including Linux. The curriculum progresses to cover the basics of Scala coding, encompassing variables, data types, and practical projects designed to reinforce fundamental concepts. As learners advance, the course seamlessly transitions into the realms of Big Data and Machine Learning, providing practical insights and skills necessary to create machine learning models. 


Course Content:


Course Introduction: Scala and Spark Overview: You will gain a comprehensive understanding of Scala and Spark, laying the foundation for your exploration into Big Data and Machine Learning.


Scala IDE Options and Overview: You will explore ScalaIDE options and set up your development environment, ensuring you are well-equipped to dive into the practical aspects of the course.


Windows Scala and Spark Setup Installation: You will navigate the intricacies of Scala and Spark setup on Windows, covering the introduction, installation process, and Atom installation for Windows users.


Mac OS Setup and Installation: This section will ensure seamless installation on Mac OS, providing a step-by-step guide for learners on Apple platforms.


Linux (Ubuntu) Setup and Installation: This section will dive into the Linux environment, particularly Ubuntu, as you install Scala and Spark, setting the stage for hands-on experience in a Linux environment.


Scala Programming: Level One: This section will start your coding journey in Scala with Level One programming, covering the basics that form the building blocks of this powerful language.


Collections: This section helps to look at collections, including lists, arrays, sets, maps, and other essential data structures. Develop a solid foundation for handling data effectively in Scala and Spark.


This course content is designed to provide a structured and hands-on approach, ensuring learners master the essentials of Scala and Spark for Big Data and Machine Learning. Whether you’re setting up your environment, delving into Scala programming, or exploring fundamental collections, each module builds upon the previous, creating a comprehensive learning experience.


5. Learn Scala From Scratch by


Introducing “Learn Scala From Scratch” by, an innovative text-based, interactive course designed for beginners in 2024. This course stands out for its unique feature—it allows learners to execute Scala programs directly from their browser, eliminating the need for installing or setting up an environment.

Stay ahead of the curve and master Scala, a highly sought-after programming language known for building awesome and scalable applications. With the ability to run code seamlessly within the browser, learners can experience hands-on learning without any barriers. Moreover, the course offers the flexibility to audit for free, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a no-cost Scala programming course. 


Course Content:


  1. Getting to Know Scala: This section will embark on your Scala journey by understanding who should take this course and exploring Scala’s history and unique features. Discover its scalability and learn about the prominent industries utilizing Scala.


  1. Variables and Types: This section will master variables and types in Scala, covering declaration, printing techniques, and the distinction between immutable and mutable variables. Gain practical insights into Scala’s diverse data types.


  1. Operating with Operators: This section will explore operators in Scala and understand how they perform various operations on data, enhancing your programming skills.


  1. Strings and How to Use Them: In this section, you will unlock the power of strings in Scala, learning effective manipulation techniques to enhance your programming proficiency.


  1. Scala’s Collection Library: Here, you will discover Scala’s rich collection library, including lists, arrays, sets, and maps, to efficiently manage and manipulate data.


  1. Control Structures: You will master Scala’s control structures, including conditional statements and loops, to effectively control your program’s flow.


  1. Getting Started with Functions: Begin functional programming in Scala, learning about function declaration, parameter passing, and return types.


  1. Higher-Order Functions: You will advance your functional programming skills with higher-order functions, exploring their usage and techniques.


  1. Classes and Objects: This section will delve into object-oriented programming in Scala, covering class declaration, object instantiation, and inheritance.


  1. Conclusion: This section will wrap up your Scala learning journey, summarizing key concepts and reflecting on your achievements.


This source covers 12 hours of course content with 121 lectures. You can receive a free certificate at the end of this course.

In the following table, you will find a detailed comparison of the five courses we’ve discussed, providing a comprehensive overview of their cost, skill level prerequisites, duration, and the mode of study they offer.


Course/ programCostLevelDurationStudy mode
Scala and Functional Programming Essentials$99.99Beginner / Intermediate11.5 HoursOnline
Functional Programming in Scala SpecializationFreeIntermediate5 monthsOnline
Advanced Scala and Functional Programming$64.99Intermediate / Advanced13.5 hoursOnline
Scala and Spark for Big Data and Machine Learning$13.99Beginner / Intermediate10 hoursOnline
Learn Scala From ScratchFreeBeginner12 hoursOnline


As demonstrated in the presented table, there are discrepancies in duration, costs, and skill prerequisites across various Scala programming courses. Some courses may be priced higher, while others target learners with intermediate to advanced expertise, assuming they already possess foundational knowledge. When choosing Scala programming courses, it is imperative to carefully assess your skill level, financial limitations, and specific goals to determine the most suitable option.




In conclusion, opting for a Scala certification or course in 2024 could be a game-changer for your career trajectory. By investing in the appropriate training, you can elevate your expertise as a Scala developer and take on challenging endeavors confidently. Regardless of your current proficiency level, whether you’re a novice or seasoned coder, there exists a course or certification program tailored to enhance your capabilities. Take the time to explore the offerings outlined here and select the one that aligns best with your objectives and skill set.

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