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How do I pass data between Activities using Intents?

Passing data between Activities using Intents is a foundational concept in Android development, enabling seamless communication and interaction between different screens within your app. To achieve this, you start by preparing the sending Activity, where you create an Intent object to carry the data you want to transmit. 


First, you instantiate an Intent, specifying the current context and the target Activity class you want to launch. Then, you use the `putExtra()` method of the Intent object to add the data you want to pass as extras. These extras can be simple data types like integers or strings, or more complex objects serialized using Parcelable or Serializable interfaces.


Once you’ve added the necessary data to the Intent, you start the target Activity by calling the `startActivity()` method and passing the Intent object as a parameter. This action launches the target Activity and delivers the Intent along with the data you’ve attached to it.


In the receiving Activity, you retrieve the data passed from the sending Activity using the `getIntent()` method to obtain the Intent object. From there, you can extract the data from the extras using the `getXXXExtra()` methods, where “XXX” corresponds to the data type you’re retrieving (e.g., `getStringExtra()`, `getIntExtra()`, `getBooleanExtra()`).


It’s essential to use unique keys when adding and retrieving data from extras to ensure consistency and avoid conflicts. Keys serve as identifiers for the data you’re passing, allowing you to retrieve the correct information in the receiving Activity.


By leveraging Intents to pass data between Activities, you can create dynamic and interactive user experiences within your Android app. This mechanism enables smooth navigation and seamless communication between different screens and components, enhancing the overall usability and functionality of your application.

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