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Why BigCommerce is the B2B E-commerce Solution You’ve Been Seeking

E-commerce platforms have become pivotal in the ever-evolving world of business. They offer seamless user experiences, expand market reach, and cater to a diverse range of customers, from individuals to large enterprises. For businesses targeting other businesses (B2B), the choice of an e-commerce platform can be the defining factor in their online success. This is where BigCommerce shines. This platform has established itself as a front-runner in the B2B e-commerce space, with its flexibility, scalability, and powerful features. Let’s explore how BigCommerce can be leveraged for B2B e-commerce, illustrated with compelling examples.

Why BigCommerce is the B2B E-commerce Solution You've Been Seeking

1. Custom Price Lists

Feature Overview: B2B sales often involve tailored pricing models for different customers. BigCommerce allows businesses to create custom price lists to offer exclusive pricing to particular customer groups.

Example: Imagine a hardware manufacturing company, “HardwareTech.” They have a diverse clientele, from small retailers to multinational corporations. By using BigCommerce’s custom price lists, HardwareTech can offer competitive prices to large corporations buying in bulk, while setting different prices for smaller businesses with lower purchase volumes.

2. Quick Order Functionality

Feature Overview: Time is crucial in the B2B world. BigCommerce offers a Quick Order feature where customers can rapidly input product SKUs and quantities without navigating through the entire site.

Example: “ProMed Supplies,” a medical equipment distributor, implemented the Quick Order feature. Hospitals and clinics, knowing exactly what they need, can quickly input product codes and quantities, making the ordering process efficient and reducing the time from selection to checkout.

3. Net Terms & PO (Purchase Orders)

Feature Overview: BigCommerce allows businesses to offer net payment terms and accept purchase orders. This is often essential for B2B transactions, where immediate payments aren’t always feasible.

Example: An industrial machinery company, “MachinaCorp,” has a clientele that operates on net-30 or net-60 terms. By leveraging BigCommerce’s net terms feature, MachinaCorp can provide flexible payment options, fostering trust and long-term relationships with its clients.

4. Bulk Ordering & Tiered Pricing

Feature Overview: B2B orders can be massive. BigCommerce accommodates bulk orders and even enables tiered pricing, providing discounts based on order volume.

Example: “BulkBeauty,” a cosmetics wholesaler, employs tiered pricing to incentivize bulk purchases. Retailers buying 1,000 units might get a 10% discount, but those buying 5,000 units receive a 20% discount, encouraging larger orders.

5. B2B-Focused Themes & Customization

Feature Overview: Presentation matters. BigCommerce provides themes tailored for B2B businesses, ensuring a professional look. Moreover, the platform allows extensive customization to fit the unique needs of each business.

Example: “TechTrade,” a B2B tech marketplace, employs a BigCommerce theme that highlights product categories, top suppliers, and industry news, creating an engaging and user-friendly platform for its clientele.

6. Seamless Integrations

Feature Overview: BigCommerce supports integrations with various ERP, CRM, and other software solutions. This means B2B businesses can ensure their e-commerce platform communicates efficiently with their other business systems.

Example: “AutoParts Central,” an auto parts distributor, integrates its BigCommerce store with its ERP system. This allows real-time inventory updates, ensuring that customers always have accurate stock information.

7. Robust Security Features

Feature Overview: B2B transactions often involve significant amounts, necessitating robust security features. BigCommerce offers advanced security measures, including DDOS protection and PCI DSS compliance.

Example: “FinTech Solutions,” a provider of financial software, can assure its clients of a secure purchasing experience, thanks to BigCommerce’s stringent security protocols.

8. Dedicated B2B Support

Feature Overview: BigCommerce offers dedicated support for B2B businesses, ensuring that they receive guidance tailored to their unique needs.

Example: “GreenFarm Supplies,” an agribusiness B2B store, regularly liaises with BigCommerce’s dedicated B2B support team to optimize its platform, address issues, and implement best practices.


BigCommerce isn’t just another e-commerce platform; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored for the unique needs and challenges of B2B e-commerce. From pricing flexibility to bulk ordering, and from integrations to dedicated support, BigCommerce empowers B2B businesses to thrive in the digital space. If you’re in the B2B sector, leveraging BigCommerce can be your ticket to e-commerce success.