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Tapping into E-commerce Earnings: A Guide to BigCommerce Developer Hourly Rates

The average hourly wage for a Bigcommerce Developer in the United States stands at $50.40. When examining the broader pay scale, most Bigcommerce Developers earn between $38.22, which is the 25th percentile, and $61.06, representing the 75th percentile. This suggests a moderate wage variation for Bigcommerce developers across the country.

A Look at Bigcommerce Developer’s Average Hourly Earnings

Across the three platforms – ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and – Glassdoor consistently offers the highest salary estimates for Junior, Mid-Level, and Senior Developers. ZipRecruiter’s estimates tend to be on the lower end, especially for Senior Developers, while’s figures generally fall in between the other two platforms.

Comparing Bigcommerce Developer Hourly Rates Across Departments

DepartmentAverage Hourly Rate (USD)
Business Development$53.73
Information Technology$44.55

Legal department employees have the highest average hourly rate among Bigcommerce developers, followed by those in Sales and Engineering. The Finance department has the lowest average rate, while Business Development, Marketing, and Information Technology rates are relatively close, falling in the mid-range.

The Geographic Breakdown of Bigcommerce Developer Hourly Pay

RegionAverage Hourly Rate (USD)
North America$30 - $65
South America$20 - $32
Western Europe$36 - $58
Eastern Europe$25 - $41
Australia$28 - $62
Asia$18 - $30
Africa$15 - $25

Among the regions, Bigcommerce Developers in North America and Australia command the highest hourly rates, with Western Europe closely following. Eastern Europe falls in the mid-range. South America, Asia, and Africa offer comparatively lower rates, with developers in Africa earning the least on average.

How Developer Hourly Rates Compare Across E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce PlatformAverage Annual Salary
Wix$25.96 - $56.73
Shopify$38.22 - $61.05
WooCommerce$37.50 - $60.57
Ecwid$55.56 - $63.60
Squarespace$61.29 - $70.91
Weebly$45.97 - $59.26
OpenCart$45.29 - $58.07

Bigcommerce developers tend to have hourly rates that are competitive with other e-commerce platforms. Squarespace developers command the highest rates on average, closely followed by Ecwid. Wix offers the widest range, starting with the lowest average, while Shopify, WooCommerce, Weebly, and OpenCart rates are relatively close, falling within the mid-range spectrum.

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