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Top Sites to Hire .Net Developers

If you are thinking about hiring .NET developers in 2023, it’s smart to focus on what they can do. .NET is a free and open platform that helps you build all kinds of applications. It’s more like a toolbox that lets you create cool applications for the web, mobile, desktop, and games. You can use it for web, mobile, desktop, gaming, machine learning, and more. 

Here’s a breakdown of what .NET is capable of;

  1. .NET Core: Great for console apps, servers, and websites on Linux, macOS, and Windows.
  2. .NET Framework: Supports websites, services, desktop apps, and other applications on Windows.
  3. Xamarin/Mono: Perfect for running apps on major mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

This is mainly why you should consider hiring .NET developers in 2024.


Top 15 Places to Hire .NET Developers in 2024


This guide will show you 15 fantastic websites where businesses can easily find and connect with great .NET developers. These sites make hiring easy, so you can bring on board people who really know their way around .NET software development. Whether you are new to .NET growing your team or looking for a developer for your project, you can explore these best spots for finding and hiring fantastic .NET developers.


1. CloudDevs – Top Pick – Find the Best .NET Developers from Your Timezone 



CloudDevs, a tech talent platform, provides a curated pool of freelance developers and designers for hire specifically from Latin America. Their rigorously vetted senior talent aligns with the client’s requirements and is promptly assigned from the same time zone within 24 hours. What’s special about ClouDevs is that if you are not satisfied with the developer you get, CloudDevs will replace the developer or give you a refund.  For those seeking to hire .NET developers, CloudDevs offers a seamless process to connect with skilled professionals, and developers are assigned within 24 hours. Check out this guide to learn more about a.NET Developers Job Description.

Pricing: Developers can be hired within 24 hours and .NET developers charge a flat hourly rate of $45 to $70.


2. Toptal – Best Freelance .NET Developers


Toptal serves companies seeking Software Developers, offering a network of freelance candidates who undergo a rigorous 5-stage recruitment process. Starting with language and personality tests, the process concludes with practical projects, ensuring only the most qualified programmers and managers make the cut. Within 48 hours of an initial consultation, companies are connected with a developer. Depending on specific needs, hiring can be on an as-needed basis, with payment options including hourly or full-time salary. Toptal emphasizes client satisfaction, enabling payment release only upon task completion, and provides the flexibility to request a replacement freelancer if needed. If your company is looking to hire .NET developers, Toptal offers a streamlined and reliable process and their vetting process ensures top-notch talent for software development needs.

Pricing: Topal offers personalized pricing for projects, tailored to each client’s specific needs and the scope of the project. 


3. Sciencesoft – .NET Programmers for Hire 



ScienceSoft is a provider of IT consulting and software development services, focusing its operations in the US while extending services globally through offices in the Gulf Cooperation Council and Europe. ScienceSoft has collaborated with more than 1,200 customers from over 75 countries. Businesses seeking expertise in software development can hire .NET developers from ScienceSoft to benefit from their comprehensive IT solutions and experience in serving a diverse international clientele.

Pricing: You can get a direct cost estimate from the company and developers are assigned after direct consultation. 


4. Turing – Top-notch .NET Developers for Hire



Turing operates as a platform connecting businesses with remote developers. The platform is dedicated to simplifying the hiring process, ensuring speed, retention, and efficient time management. Their developers undergo automated tests and are matched with clients through an AI Matching Engine. Turing asserts that their rigorous vetting process identifies the top 1% of software engineers globally. The platform provides a straightforward solution to hire .NET developers with proven skills, contributing to efficient and quality-driven development projects.

Pricing: Turing has no upfront cost, and the developers negotiate their fees, and you can hire developers according to availability. Here is an Interview Question Guide to help you with hiring. 


5. Esparkinfo – Dot Net Developers for Hire


eSparkBiz serves as a one-stop-shop for diverse IT services, propelling digital growth for clients. Rapidly emerging as a leader in the digital domain, the company has catered to over 500 customers across 20+ countries. With a team of skilled developers proficient in various tech stacks, eSparkBiz excels in back-end and front-end development, iOS and Android development, software development, and eCommerce solutions. Those seeking to elevate their digital presence can hire .NET developers from eSparkBiz for comprehensive and tailored 


Pricing: You have the option to ask the company for a cost estimate.


6. Freelancer – Remotely Hire .NET Developers boasts a vast community of over 45 million freelancers and companies across 247 countries, making it a hub for millions of job postings spanning various categories like data entry, sales, accounting, legal services, and software development. Established in 2009, Freelancer has garnered credibility with over 2 million Facebook followers, 14,000 on Instagram, and 200,000 on Twitter. Amidst the Toptal vs Upwork vs Freelancer debate, Freelancer emerges as a secure platform for those looking to hire .NET developers. With a focus on security, the platform ensures safe transactions and offers 24/7 support for users.

Pricing: You only pay for the project once it’s finished and meets your satisfaction. You can hire any freelance developer who bids on your project.


7. Forbytes – Find .NET Developer for Hire


Forbytes operates as a worldwide software engineering and product development partner, maintaining offices in the EU and US, along with robust software development centers in Central and Eastern Europe. Over time, their team has steered businesses through digital transformation, facilitating scalable growth. The company takes pride in the satisfaction of its clients, considering it the ultimate affirmation of their consistently high-quality work. Businesses looking to elevate their software development can confidently hire .NET developers from Forbytes, benefiting from their global expertise and dedication to client satisfaction.

Pricing:   You can get in touch with Forbytes for more information about hiring and pricing.


8. Epam – Outsource Your .NET Developers


EPAM Systems offers top-notch digital and physical product development, along with digital platform engineering. EPAM follows an innovative approach and brings hybrid developer teams from worldwide. Recognized in the S&P 500 and Forbes Global 2000, EPAM is a go-to for transformative digital solutions. Named a Most Loved Workplace, their global teams in 50+ countries deliver some of the coolest software projects. Listed among Fortune’s top 15 in IT Services or among Ad Age’s largest agencies, EPAM’s commitment to growth and expertise is evident. For those seeking to elevate projects, hiring .NET developers from EPAM ensures unparalleled skill and dedication.

Pricing: You can share your project requirements with EPAM and they will get in touch with you. 


9. Positiwise – Best .NET Developer for Hire


Positiwise Software has built a strong reputation in the software development sector, offering innovative services for over a decade. Their dedicated team, consisting of skilled designers, developers, marketers, testers, and project managers, consistently delivers high-quality solutions that align seamlessly with client requirements and industry standards. If you are seeking top-notch software development, Positiwise Software is the go-to choice for a site to hire .NET developers, ensuring expertise and reliability in every project.

Pricing: You can hire developers within 24 hours, and developers can be hired on an hourly basis of $24, or a monthly basis of $3250, or a team of developers for $12000 per month.


10. Fireart Studio – Hire Dedicated .Net Developers 


With over 50 experienced designers and JS developers, Fireart Studio constructs personalized digital solutions for progressive enterprises and startups. Situated in Warsaw, Poland, with additional operations in the United States and the United Kingdom, their software development studio is well-equipped to cater to diverse client needs. Boasting six-plus years of experience, the team at Fireart Studio is ready to tackle projects ranging from the ground up to revitalizing existing ones. 

Pricing: You can contact Fireart for hiring information and developer pricing.


11. DOIT – Find the Best .NET Developer


DoiT supports fast-growing, digital native companies worldwide in leveraging public cloud tech for business growth. As a full-service provider of multi-cloud tech and expertise, DoiT merges intelligent software with deep knowledge of Kubernetes, and AI to realize the cloud’s true potential with ease, not cost. Recognized by AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, managing $2B in cloud spend, DoiT collaborates with 3,000+ customers in 70 countries. For businesses looking to excel in the cloud, hiring .NET developers through DoiT is a strategic move. 

Pricing: Developers are paid for the number of hours they spend on your project, and you can request developers’ CVs. Check out this NET Developer Hiring Guide for more information.


12. Hidden Brains – Hire ASP.Net Developers & Programmers for Hire


Hidden Brains stands as a CMMI Level 3 Enterprise Software Development and IT Consulting Company started back in 2003. With over 2400 clients across 107 countries, Hidden Brains specializes in aiding startups, digital agencies, and large enterprises. They deliver unique solutions to foster growth, and their specialty lies in crafting technology solutions to establish intelligent enterprises, with a commitment to innovation and acceleration. Consider Hidden Brains when looking for sites to hire .NET developers for your transformative projects. 

Pricing: You can hire a developer either on a full-time basis, part-time basis, or on an hourly basis, and prices depend accordingly.


13. Scalable Path – Top Featured .NET Developers for Hire 


Scalable Path operates as a marketplace linking a network of skilled software developers with leading companies and startups. Their mission is to identify the most fitting technical talent, increasing the likelihood of success for clients’ projects. Businesses seeking specialized software expertise can confidently explore and hire .NET developers through Scalable Path, ensuring a tailored approach to their unique project requirements.

Pricing: .NET developers charge an hourly rate of $50 – $75, and developers can be hired accordingly.


14. Guru – .Net Developers for Remote Hiring


Guru stands out as a freelancer marketplace hosting over 2 million freelancers offering services. Signing up and posting jobs on Guru is free, with secure transactions through SafePay. For those aiming to hire multiple freelance software developers, Guru’s platform simplifies management with integrated WorkRooms. If one seeks to hire .NET developers, Guru provides a user-friendly platform for seamless collaboration and project execution.

Pricing: Developers set their own prices and you can hire developers right away after requesting a quote.


15. Matellio – Outsource Dot NET Developers in USA


Matellio functions as a software engineering studio helping start-ups, entrepreneurs, and large enterprises, extending a digital hand to those with innovative ideas. With a global clientele spanning various industries, Matellio endeavors to propel its clients into the digital forefront, ensuring their products reach global markets. 

The studio’s skills have garnered recognition from the industry’s biggest hands including, App Futura, DesignRush, and Scrum Alliance. Matellio partners with leading organizations, including Siemens MindSphere, Arizona Technology Council, GE Digital Alliance, Google Cloud, and HPE, showcasing its commitment to digital innovation. Matellio stands as a reliable choice when looking for sites to hire .NET developers.

Pricing: You can request a free quote from Matellio.



In conclusion, the key challenge in hiring freelance .NET developers lies in identifying individuals equipped with essential attributes for project success. Prioritizing factors like technical prowess, hands-on experience, problem-solving abilities, and adaptable soft skills is crucial for making the right selection. However, this challenge is tackled when you are hiring from a developer platform like the one mentioned above.

If you are ready to hire .Net developers, then you should check out Clouddevs. Here are a few comprehensive guides provided in CloudDevs including resources like the, and insights into hourly rates and annual salaries to make your search foe developers a little easier. 

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