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What is Razor syntax?

Razor syntax is a markup syntax used in ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET MVC for creating dynamic web pages with server-side code seamlessly integrated with HTML markup. Developed by Microsoft, Razor syntax provides a concise and intuitive way to write server-side code within HTML files, making it easier for developers to build dynamic and data-driven web applications.


Mixing Code with HTML:

Razor syntax allows developers to embed C# or Visual Basic code directly into HTML markup, enabling the creation of dynamic web pages that can generate content dynamically based on user input, database queries, or application logic.


Concise and Readable Syntax:

Razor syntax is designed to be concise and readable, with minimal syntax overhead compared to traditional server-side scripting languages such as PHP. The syntax uses familiar constructs like @ symbols to indicate code blocks and expressions, making it easy for developers to understand and maintain.


Seamless Integration with HTML:

One of the key features of Razor syntax is its seamless integration with HTML markup. Developers can intersperse server-side code blocks and expressions directly within HTML elements, allowing for a clean and cohesive development experience.


Code Blocks and Expressions:

Razor syntax supports two main types of code constructs:


Code Blocks: Enclosed within @{ … } tags, code blocks are used for writing executable server-side code, such as conditional statements, loops, variable declarations, and method calls.

Expressions: Enclosed within @(…), expressions are used for evaluating and rendering dynamic content within HTML markup. Expressions can include variables, method calls, and inline C# or Visual Basic code.

IntelliSense and Syntax Highlighting:

Most modern Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) provide IntelliSense support and syntax highlighting for Razor syntax, helping developers write code more efficiently and identify errors and inconsistencies in real-time.


Extensibility and Customization:

Razor syntax is highly extensible and customizable, allowing developers to create custom Razor directives, helpers, and extensions to streamline common tasks and enhance productivity.


Razor syntax is a powerful and intuitive markup language for building dynamic web applications with ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET MVC. Its seamless integration with HTML markup, concise syntax, and familiarity with C# and Visual Basic make it a popular choice among web developers for creating modern and interactive web experiences.

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