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Elixir Developers’ Hourly Rates Guide 2023: What You Need to Know

Based on information from Talent.com, the average hourly salary for an Elixir developer in the USA stands at $60.94. Those new to the field, or in entry-level positions, can expect earnings starting at $54 per hour. On the other hand, highly experienced Elixir developers can command rates of up to $80 per hour, showcasing the potential growth in earnings as one gains expertise in the field.

This blog post provides information on the various factors that can influence these rates and provides a comprehensive view of the global rate range for Elixir developers.

Unraveling the Average Hourly Rate for Elixir Developers

In 2023, the US market for Elixir developers remained competitive. On average, an Elixir developer earns $56.13 per hour, a rate that takes into account a broad variety of skill levels and experience. 

The rates of the majority of Elixir developers fall in the range of $49.28 to $63.46 per hour, demonstrating the strong demand for these professionals. However, for those with extensive experience, specialist knowledge, or proven track records, rates can climb even higher. These top-tier developers, representing the upper 10%, can command an hourly rate of up to $69.95.

Average Hourly Rate: 

Average Hourly Rate

Elixir Developers Hourly Rate Comparison Based on Experience and Location

In 2023, the hourly rates of Elixir developers vary greatly based on their experience and location. In North America, the rates range from $45 to $70+ per hour, reflecting the high demand and living standards. On the other hand, South American rates are lower, with senior developers earning around $50 per hour. 

Australia follows a similar trend to North America, with senior developers earning $70+ per hour, while in Western Europe, they can earn up to $90 per hour. Eastern Europe offers more economical rates, with senior developers charging up to $50 per hour. In Asia and Africa, the rates are even more affordable due to the lower cost of living, ranging from $10 to $40 per hour for entry to senior-level developers. These variations highlight the global diversity in the demand and valuation of Elixir developers, influenced by factors like living costs, economic conditions, and local market demand.

Refer below table to see how Elixir developers’ hourly rate range in different regions according to their expertise level.

North America$45 - $55$56 - $65$66 - $70
South America$20 - $30$31 - $40$41 - $50
Western Europe$35 - $45$46 - $55$56 - $90
Eastern Europe$15 - $25$26 - $35$36 - $50
Australia$40 - $50$51 - $60$61 - $70
Asia$10 - $20$21 - $30$31 - $40
Africa$10 - $20$21 - $30$31 - $40

The Highest Paying Jobs for Elixir Developers

In the world of Elixir development, a shift towards remote work is making a notable impact on earning potential. A careful analysis finds that Remote Elixir Developer jobs offer higher average salaries compared to traditional Elixir Developer roles. 

More specifically, remote positions pay approximately 6.4% more than the average Elixir Developer salary. This difference suggests that Elixir developers might significantly increase their earnings by opting for remote opportunities, given they possess the necessary qualifications. As the remote work trend continues to grow, it is expected to further redefine earning dynamics within the Elixir Developer job category.

Job TitleHourly Rate
Remote Elixir Developer$59.72
Remote Elixir Programmer$54.47
On-site Elixir Programmer$52.76
Erlang Developer$51.88
Elixir Solutions$48.63

Comparing Elixir Developers’ Hourly Rates with Other Programming Languages

The programming landscape of 2023 presents a varied range of earning potentials for different languages. While Elixir developers in the United States command an average hourly rate of $56.13, developers proficient in other languages also find competitive remuneration. Rust and Go, developers, known for their system-level programming skills, typically earn between $55-$85 and $50-$90 per hour. 

Developers proficient in JVM languages like Erlang, Clojure, Kotlin, and Scala see a wide hourly rate range, from $45 to $90, depending on the language and specific expertise. Data science-oriented language Julia garners an average hourly rate of $40-$70. Traditional, yet powerful languages like C++, Swift, Ruby, and Java continue to offer competitive rates between $45 and $85 per hour. These variations underscore the importance of language choice and specialization in influencing a developer’s income potential. The rates, however, depend on factors such as experience, project complexity, and geographical location.

Programming LanguageAverage Hourly Rate
Rust$55 - $85
Erlang$50 - $80
Clojure$45 - $75
Go$50 - $90
Kotlin$45 - $85
Scala$50 - $90
Julia$40 - $70
C++$45 - $80
Swift$45 - $85
Ruby$45 - $75
Java$55 - $85

Elixir Developers’ Hourly Rate vs. Other Tech Stacks

The hourly rates for developers specializing in various technologies will see fluctuations based on the complexity and demand surrounding those technologies. As businesses scout the global market to hire dedicated professionals, understanding these rates becomes important. Here’s how the landscape looks when you’re looking to hire Elixir developers in comparison to developers proficient in several other technologies.

TechnologyHourly Rate
Node.js$40 - $80
React.js$40 - $85
Angular$40 - $75
Django$45 - $85
SpringBoot$50 - $90
Ruby on Rails$45 - $75
ASP.NET$45 - $85
Flutter$40 - $80
Laravel$35 - $75

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