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How is internationalization handled in Flutter applications?

Internationalization (i18n) in Flutter is the process of adapting an application to support multiple languages and cultural conventions, providing a seamless experience for users worldwide. Flutter simplifies this with the `intl` package and the use of `arb` (Application Resource Bundle) files.


To enable internationalization, developers typically follow these key steps:

  • Import the `intl` package:

   In your `pubspec.yaml` file, include the `intl` package. This package provides localization and internationalization support.

    sdk: flutter
  intl: ^0.17.0
  • Define localization delegate:

   Create a `LocalizationsDelegate` that loads translated messages. Flutter’s `Intl` library includes the `IntlDelegate` for this purpose.

class MyLocalizationsDelegate extends LocalizationsDelegate<MyLocalizations> {
  // ...

  • Create arb files:

   For each supported language, create an arb file containing translated messages. For example, `strings_en.arb` for English and `strings_fr.arb` for French.

  "greet": "Hello, world!",
  "welcome": "Welcome, {name}!",
  • Load and display localized messages:

   In your app, load and display messages based on the user’s locale.

String greeting = MyLocalizations.of(context).greet;

   You can also interpolate values dynamically, such as the user’s name in the welcome message.

String welcomeMessage = MyLocalizations.of(context).welcome(name: 'John');
  • Change app locale:

   Allow users to switch between supported languages by changing the app’s locale.

MyApp.setLocale(BuildContext context, Locale newLocale) {
  setState(() {
    _locale = newLocale;

By following these steps, Flutter applications can seamlessly adapt to different languages, fostering a more inclusive and accessible user experience on a global scale. Internationalization in Flutter is a crucial aspect of creating applications that resonate with diverse audiences.


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