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Top 12 Websites Offering Free Illustrations in 2023

The right illustration can say a thousand words. In fact, a well-crafted illustration can produce an entire story. One that can be used to complement text on a website, to make it pop, create MVPs, introduce colorful imagery to an app you’re building or make the next big marketing presentation one that’s truly memorable.

Maybe you’ve been looking high and low for the ideal visuals, but all you seem to find are the same old cheesy stock photos. Maybe you’ve even considered taking your own pictures.

However, finding the right free illustrations isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It can be both pricey and exhausting to find the perfect illustrations on the web. Hence we have compiled a list of the 12 best websites that offer free illustrations for your design projects. Some of them have premium packages that come at a price but all of the below have quite a number of free-to-use illustrations to pick from.

1. 3D Bay

3D Bay

What is 3D Bay?3D Bay is a royalty-free collection of free 3D illustrations that allows you to add a sense of depth to your designs and creative projects. Aptly named the world’s largest library of 3D images, the site offers well over 42 collections relating to trending topics. Whether it’s Crypto, Finance, Startups, Space Exploration, or Science and Technology whatever category of images you’re in search of, you can find it here.

New collections are released every week, so you don’t have to look far when searching for 3D illustrations.  The thousands of high-quality 3D illustrations are available for both personal and commercial use without the need for attribution. You can simply download them in various sizes while maintaining the quality of the image.   

Pricing:3D Bay provides this service at no cost. All illustrations are entirely free!

2. unDraw


What is unDraw?unDraw has an endless selection of free illustrations that may be used for a variety of things like branding, podcasting, online transactions, app development, and many more. It is straightforward and easy to use so you’re sure to find it easy to navigate your way about You can select colors and customize your illustrations to make seamless designs. 

Most of the time when you adjust the size of an image or illustration the quality seems to degrade but with unDraw, you can resize and not have to worry about quality degradation. 


3. The Noun Project

the noun project

What is The Noun Project?The Noun Project offers various free illustrations, minimalistic icons, vectors, and colorful stock images. These are freely available and you can include them in your designs to make them stand out. The Noun Project has its own API ( Application Programming Interface) that allows you to use its symbols on anything you create, whether it is to relate visual stories or develop interactive games. Simply drag and drop vectors onto any app on your desktop.

Pricing:Basic plan – Free  

Pro Icon Downloads – $2.99/icon

NounPro Unlimited – $3.33/month

4. Vox Illustration

vox illustrations

What is Vox Illustration?Vox Illustration offers custom illustrations that can be created at very reasonable prices. Their expert team is able to deliver customized illustration packages to cover a range of topics, from contemporary illustration to niche-specific graphics that can be used for a variety of projects. You can change the colors and alter the illustrations to make them more appealing to your specific requirements. 

Pricing:Basic- $123

Silver- $511

Gold- $1093

Platinum- $3196 

5. Iconscout


What is Iconscout?Iconscout has a selection of crowdsourced illustrations for commercial use. As a result, you are exposed to greater diversity and these may be utilized to create professional websites, landing pages, mobile apps, and a variety of other graphic design projects.  

Premium and free subscriptions are both available, each with its own set of integrated tools and plugins for you to experiment with. Choose an illustration and save it in various formats, including PNG, SVG. EPS and others.


6. Handz-Design

handz design

What is Hands-Design?Illustrations of hand and gestures are highly in demand for. It aids in the clear communication of emotions and messages. Handz-Design is the perfect tool for adding hand gestures. You may use a CCO-licensed library of 3D illustrations of diverse hand gestures in apps, websites, posts on social networks, and even newsletters.   

Handz-Design takes variation to a whole new level with 320 potential combinations of 8 different skin colors, 3 different sleeves, and 12 different gestures. You can give it your own unique by customizing the colors. 

Pricing:Basic – Free

Premium – $19

7. Drawkit


What is Drawkit?

Drawkit was created with the intention of assisting designers and start-up owners in the creation of various designs. You can use over 50 free illustrations in two different styles for commercial and personal use. Premium packs are available to add unique illustrations to your creations. You can get them in fully editable SVG and PNG files.


Basic – Free

Pro – $79/year

Pro Lifetime – $295

8. Smash Illustrations

smash illustrations

What is Smash Illustrations?

Smash Illustrations help construct various colorful and trendy illustrations for commercial and personal use. You can create unique stories with over 250 illustrations and tweak them with additional creative features and styles. These illustrations are adaptable and suitable for use on both web and mobile platforms. Its user-friendly sign-in, sign up and walk-through screens make it simple to use.   


Basic Plan – Free

Pro Individual- $99/quarter

Unlimited Acess – $149/year

9. Pixabay


What is Pixabay?

Using its significant illustration search engine, you can browse through an array of illustrations using keywords. Pixabay hosts images from other sites to add variety. It’s simple to use and no licensing or purchasing is required to use these images.



10. Freepik


What is Freepik?

Now you can use its search feature to find quality photos, illustrations as well as photoshop files. Some of its exciting tools are Flaticon, Slidesgo and Story set. You can bring your ideas to life using these tools. 

You can download free icons, such as interface icons and stickers using Flaticon. These features may be used to generate snazzy social media posts. If you’re a person who is invested in making presentations, then you need to check out Slidesgo. With an extensive collection of templates and Google slides, you can make impressive presentations and draw in the engagement you require.

Another one of its most exciting tools is Story set, which offers free illustrations and depth to your content. You can customize by adding layers and different backgrounds to suit the purpose of your project.   


Yearly Plan – – 9EUR/month

Monthly Plan – 15EUR/month

11. Flaticon


What is Flaticon?

Flaticon offers over 2 million vector icons on its site for those searching for free illustrations online. All the vector illustrations on Flaticon are organized into illustration packs that can be easily sorted through.

The site offers 8.4M+ free icon illustrations available for free download in PNG format. However, with the premium plan, you may download multiple formats and there are no restrictions on the number of downloads. 


Basic Plan – Free

Premium Plan – 1 month: 9.99 EUR/month

12 Months 7.50 EUR/month

12. Vecteezy


What is Vecteezy?Vecteezy offers a range of free illustrations amounting to over 650,000 in their database. Their entire collection is royalty-free. The site offers over 650,000 vector illustrations and is one of the largest vector graphic libraries online.

Pricing:Basic Plan – Free

Pro License – Yearly: $6/month

                         Monthly: $9.25/year

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