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Can you cross-compile Go code for different platforms?

Yes, Go makes it easy to cross-compile code for different platforms and architectures using the built-in support for cross-compilation. Cross-compilation allows you to compile Go code on one platform and generate executable binaries that can run on different target platforms and architectures.


To cross-compile Go code, you can use the GOOS and GOARCH environment variables to specify the target operating system and architecture, respectively. For example, to cross-compile code for Linux on an ARM architecture, you can set the following environment variables:



You can then use the go build or go install commands with these environment variables to cross-compile your Go code for the specified target platform and architecture.


Cross-compilation is a powerful feature of Go that enables developers to build and distribute Go applications for multiple platforms without needing access to those platforms directly. It simplifies the process of deploying and distributing Go applications across diverse environments, making it easier to reach a wider audience of users.

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