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How does Go manage memory?

Go manages memory using a garbage collector (GC) that automatically allocates and deallocates memory as needed. The garbage collector in Go is a concurrent, tri-color, mark-sweep collector that operates in the background while the program is running. It is responsible for reclaiming memory that is no longer in use and returning it to the heap for reuse.

The garbage collector in Go uses a technique known as mark-sweep to identify and reclaim unreachable memory. During the mark phase, the garbage collector traverses the object graph starting from the roots (global variables, stack frames, etc.) and marks all reachable objects. Any objects that are not marked are considered unreachable and are eligible for garbage collection.
Once the mark phase is complete, the garbage collector performs a sweep phase where it reclaims memory from any unmarked objects and returns it to the heap. The sweep phase is responsible for compacting the heap and ensuring that memory fragmentation is minimized.

One of the key features of Go’s garbage collector is its concurrency. The garbage collector operates concurrently with the execution of Go programs, meaning that it does not pause the program’s execution for extended periods. This helps to minimize latency and ensures that the program remains responsive even during garbage collection cycles.

In addition to garbage collection, Go also provides mechanisms for managing memory manually when necessary. Developers can use the unsafe package to bypass the type system and perform low-level memory operations if required. However, manual memory management is generally discouraged in Go, and developers are encouraged to rely on the garbage collector for memory management whenever possible.

Go’s memory management system, with its concurrent garbage collector and support for manual memory management, provides developers with a balance of convenience, performance, and safety when managing memory in Go programs.

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