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What can a Web developer do for my business?

Looking into building a new web app? There’s a good chance you’ll need to use Web. It’s a development framework used to build web apps, and makes it easier to collaborate and maintain code. Web is mainly used to create web apps, by combining Ruby with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It’s been used to create some of the world’s biggest apps, like Twitter, Shopify, Groupon, and Airbnb. Here’s why.

Rapid Development within Budget

A start up needs to carry out tremendous amount of development with limited resource. Web is meant for speed and simplicity. Guided by principles, this framework allows starups to build application with limited budget while maintaining high quality. All rails have a common structure and when a startup hires an experienced developer, she immediately knows where to find what. Initializers, configs, modules-everything will be at her fingertips immediately. This is very much consistent with the lean structure of a startup.

Strong Ecosystem and High Compatibility

Development speed depends on compatibility with the existing ecosystem. RoR is an open source framework that is free and widely available. It has lots of free plugins (gems) that adds great benefits to the application. Many startups prefer to deploy their apps on a PaaS (Platform as a Service) provider as PaaS significantly lowers initial software adoption cost. Nearly all of these support Web out of the box (Heroku, Engine yard etc). REST API is another buzzword today in web development. Rails incorporates “RESTful Architecture” out of the box. This means startups do not need to hire someone to implement RESTful code. Rails would ensure that anyway.

Symbol of Startup Culture

Web development gives you a hint of a company’s work style and culture. A rails developer needs to be stay up to date with the web and new technologies. It is the nature of the framework to change and evolve rapidly and a RoR developer must keep up with the pace. Facing continues change and development suits with the very essence of a startup.  

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