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Want to Know What an iOS Developer Makes? Here’s the Ultimate Salary Guide!

The average annual salary for an iOS Developer in the United States is $125,946. However, there’s a variation in what iOS Developers earn, with the lower 25th percentile making approximately $105,500 and those in the higher 75th percentile earning up to $143,000. This indicates a significant spread in the salary distribution for this profession.

An Insight into the Average Annual Salary of iOS Developers

When comparing average annual salaries for iOS Developers across platforms, we observe noticeable variations. ZipRecruiter tends to offer competitive rates for Junior and Mid-Level Developers, closely aligning with Glassdoor’s figures. Indeed, while on the lower end for Junior Developers, quotes have a notably higher rate for Senior Developers than any other platform. stands out with the highest estimates for Junior Developers and maintains a competitive stance for Mid-Level and Senior roles.

A Comprehensive Look at iOS Developer Annual Salaries by Country

CountryAverage Annual Salary (USD)
United States$125,946
United Kingdom$106,000

iOS Developer salaries vary considerably across countries. The United States possesses the highest average salary, closely followed by Australia. European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands present competitive figures, while salaries in Eastern Europe, like Ukraine and Poland, are comparatively lower. 

In Asia, Japan leads in remuneration, while China and India offer more affordable rates. The Latin American region, represented by Brazil and Mexico, showcases lower-end salary averages. Canada and Israel also have competitive earnings, slightly below the U.S but above many other countries.

Comparing iOS Developer Salaries Across Leading Programming Languages

Swift and Objective-C are integral languages for iOS development. Swift, a modern programming language introduced by Apple, offers powerful and intuitive features, making it a preferred choice for many new iOS applications. On the other hand, Objective-C has been around longer, serving as the original language for Apple app development before Swift’s inception. Given their central roles in the iOS ecosystem, both Swift and Objective-C developers command competitive salaries.

For iOS app development, the primary programming languages used are Swift and Objective-C. While Swift has gained popularity due to its modern syntax and features, many legacy applications written in Objective-C are still in use and maintenance.

Programming LanguageAverage Annual Salary (USD)
Swift$105,500 - $143,000
Objective-C$101,500 - $144,000
Kotlin$105,000 - $143,000
Golang$104,000 - $147,000
Java$99,000 - $131,000
C#$76,500 - $122,500
JavaScript$94,000 - $140,000
Dart$79,500 - $127,000
React Native$106,000 - $157,000
HTML/CSS$122,500 - $127,500

In terms of average annual salaries across different programming languages, Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, Golang, and React Native developers tend to be in the higher bracket, reflecting their demand and versatility in the tech industry. Java and JavaScript offer mid-tier salaries, with Dart and C# leaning towards the lower to mid-range. Interestingly, HTML/CSS specialists have a narrow salary range, indicating less variability for those professionals.

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