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What is App Store Connect?

App Store Connect is a web-based platform provided by Apple that allows developers to manage their apps, distribute them on the App Store, and monitor their performance. App Store Connect provides a suite of tools and resources for app developers to prepare, submit, and manage their apps throughout the app lifecycle.


Key features of App Store Connect include:


  • App Submission: Developers use App Store Connect to submit their apps for review to be listed on the App Store. They can provide app metadata, screenshots, descriptions, and other assets required for app submission.
  • App Management: App Store Connect allows developers to manage their app listings, including app versions, pricing, availability, and supported devices. Developers can create and manage app bundles, pre-orders, and promotions.
  • App Analytics: App Store Connect provides detailed analytics and insights into app performance, user engagement, and revenue metrics. Developers can view app download and installation data, track user retention and engagement, and analyze sales and financial reports.
  • App Review: Developers can monitor the status of their app submissions and communicate with App Review teams through App Store Connect. They can respond to App Review feedback, address issues, and expedite the review process.
  • In-App Purchases: App Store Connect allows developers to create and manage in-app purchases (IAPs) for their apps. They can configure IAP products, set pricing, and manage subscriptions, consumables, and non-consumables.
  • TestFlight: App Store Connect integrates with TestFlight, Apple’s beta testing platform, allowing developers to distribute pre-release versions of their apps to external testers for testing and feedback.
  • App Store Optimization (ASO): Developers can optimize their app listings for search and discovery on the App Store through App Store Connect. They can update keywords, app descriptions, and promotional text to improve app visibility and discoverability.


App Store Connect is a central hub for app developers to manage their apps’ presence on the App Store, monitor performance, and engage with users. By leveraging App Store Connect’s features and resources, developers can maximize their apps’ success and reach a global audience of iOS users.

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