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What is Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)?

Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) is a memory management mechanism used in iOS and macOS development to automate the management of Objective-C and Swift objects’ lifetimes. ARC tracks and manages the number of references to objects at compile time and inserts memory management code (retain, release, and autorelease calls) into the compiled code.


Key features of Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) include:

  • Automatic Memory Management: With ARC, developers no longer need to manually manage memory by explicitly calling retain, release, and autorelease methods. ARC automatically inserts memory management code into the compiled binary based on the object’s lifetime.
  • Strong Reference Counting: ARC uses strong references to keep objects alive as long as there is at least one strong reference pointing to them. When the last strong reference to an object goes out of scope or is set to nil, ARC deallocates the object automatically.
  • Weak and Unowned References: ARC introduces weak and unowned references to prevent strong reference cycles (retain cycles) between objects. Weak references do not keep objects alive and automatically become nil when the referenced object is deallocated. Unowned references assume that the referenced object outlives the reference itself and do not keep objects alive.
  • Zeroing Weak References: ARC automatically zeroes out weak references when the referenced object is deallocated, preventing the use of dangling pointers and accessing invalid memory locations.
  • Performance Optimization: ARC optimizes memory management by minimizing the overhead associated with retaining and releasing objects. It inserts memory management code only where necessary, improving the performance of memory-intensive applications.


Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) simplifies memory management in iOS and macOS development, reducing the risk of memory leaks, crashes, and performance issues caused by manual memory management errors.

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