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What is Codable in Swift?

Codable is a protocol provided by Swift for encoding and decoding data between JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and native Swift types. Codable enables seamless conversion between JSON data and Swift objects or structures, allowing developers to serialize and deserialize data for communication with external systems, such as web services, APIs, or file storage.


Codable defines two sub-protocols: Encodable and Decodable. Types that conform to the Encodable protocol can encode themselves into JSON data, while types that conform to the Decodable protocol can decode JSON data into themselves. By conforming to both Encodable and Decodable, a type becomes Codable and gains the ability to encode and decode data bidirectionally.


Key features and benefits of Codable in Swift include:


  • Type Safety: Codable provides a type-safe mechanism for serializing and deserializing data between JSON and Swift types. Codable leverages Swift’s static type system to ensure that encoded and decoded data matches the structure and types defined by the Codable data models, reducing the risk of runtime errors and type mismatches.
  • Automatic Synthesis: Codable supports automatic synthesis of encoding and decoding implementations for types that conform to Codable. Swift’s compiler can automatically generate encoding and decoding logic based on the structure and properties of Codable data models, eliminating the need for manual implementation of encoding and decoding methods.
  • Customization and Control: Codable allows developers to customize the encoding and decoding process by providing custom implementations for encoding and decoding methods. Developers can implement custom encoding and decoding logic to handle complex data structures, transform data formats, or handle special cases during serialization and deserialization.
  • Integration with Foundation Types: Codable seamlessly integrates with Foundation types such as Data, Date, URL, and NSNumber, allowing developers to encode and decode Swift types containing Foundation types without additional configuration. Codable provides built-in support for encoding and decoding Foundation types, ensuring interoperability and compatibility with external data sources and formats.
  • JSON and Property Mapping: Codable automatically maps JSON keys to Swift properties based on naming conventions and coding keys specified by the Codable data models. Developers can customize the mapping between JSON keys and Swift properties by providing custom coding keys or implementing coding key protocols. Codable supports snake case, camel case, and custom key mapping strategies for encoding and decoding JSON data.
  • Error Handling: Codable includes built-in support for error handling during the encoding and decoding process. Codable throws errors if it encounters invalid data, missing keys, or type mismatches during serialization or deserialization. Developers can handle decoding errors using error handling mechanisms such as do-catch statements or try? and try! expressions, ensuring robustness and reliability in data processing.
  • Performance and Efficiency: Codable offers efficient encoding and decoding performance by leveraging Swift’s optimized runtime and compiler optimizations
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