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How do I create custom transitions between view controllers?

Creating custom transitions between view controllers in iOS allows developers to add unique and visually appealing animations when transitioning between different screens or views within their apps. Here’s how you can create custom transitions between view controllers:


  • Custom Transition Delegate:
    • Implement the UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate protocol to define custom transition animations for presenting and dismissing view controllers.


  • Transition Animation Controller:
    • Create a custom subclass of NSObject conforming to the UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning protocol. Implement the animateTransition(using:) method to define the transition animation.


  • Presenting View Controller:
    • Set the transitioningDelegate property of the presenting view controller to an instance of the custom transition delegate.


  • Implement Transitioning Delegate Methods:
    • Implement the animationController(forPresented:presenting:source:) and animationController(forDismissed:) methods in the transition delegate to return the appropriate animation controller instances for presenting and dismissing the view controller.

Define Animation Logic:

    • Inside the animation controller, define the transition animation logic using Core Animation, UIView animations, or custom drawing code.
    • Customize the animation duration, timing, and easing functions to achieve the desired visual effect.


  • Interactive Transitions (Optional):
    • Implement interactive transitions by subclassing UIPercentDrivenInteractiveTransition and handling user interactions to drive the transition animation interactively.


  • Testing and Refinement:
    • Test the custom transition animations on various devices and screen sizes to ensure smooth performance and visual fidelity.
    • Refine the animation logic and timing as needed to improve the user experience and visual appeal.


By following these steps and leveraging the UIKit animation APIs, developers can create custom transitions between view controllers to enhance the navigation and user experience in their iOS apps.

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