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How do I implement dark mode in iOS apps?

Implementing dark mode in iOS apps involves adapting the app’s user interface to respond to the user’s system-wide preference for light or dark appearance. Here’s how you can implement dark mode in your iOS app:


  • Support Dark Mode: Ensure that your app’s UI elements and assets are compatible with both light and dark appearances. Use system-provided colors and dynamic asset catalogs to define adaptable color schemes for different interface elements.
  • Adopt Semantic Colors: Use semantic colors provided by UIKit, such as UIColor.label and UIColor.systemBackground, to define colors that automatically adapt to the current appearance mode. These semantic colors adjust their appearance based on the user’s selected appearance, ensuring consistency across light and dark modes.
  • Update UI Appearance: Dynamically adjust the appearance of UI elements based on the current interface style using the overrideUserInterfaceStyle property of view controllers or the traitCollectionDidChange(_:) method. Update colors, images, and other visual elements to provide a cohesive user experience in both light and dark modes.
  • Test in Different Environments: Test your app’s UI in both light and dark appearance modes using the iOS Simulator or physical devices. Ensure that all UI elements are visible and legible in both modes and that the app’s overall design remains visually appealing and functional.
  • Handle Customization: Provide options for users to customize the app’s appearance, such as toggling between light and dark modes manually or adjusting specific UI elements’ colors and styles. Use UserDefaults or other persistence mechanisms to store and apply user preferences across app sessions.


By following these guidelines, you can effectively implement dark mode in your iOS app, providing users with a visually pleasing and accessible experience that adapts to their preferred appearance mode.

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