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What is TestFlight?

TestFlight is a platform provided by Apple for beta testing iOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps before they are released on the App Store. It allows developers to distribute pre-release versions of their apps to a selected group of testers for testing and feedback. TestFlight makes it easier for developers to gather feedback, identify bugs, and improve the quality of their apps before making them available to a wider audience.


Key features of TestFlight include:


  • Beta Testing: Developers can invite external testers to download and install beta versions of their apps directly from the TestFlight app on iOS devices. Testers can provide feedback, report bugs, and submit crash reports to help improve the app’s quality.
  • Multiple Builds: Developers can upload multiple builds of their app to TestFlight, allowing testers to try different versions and provide feedback on specific features or changes.
  • App Store Connect Integration: TestFlight is integrated with App Store Connect, Apple’s platform for managing apps on the App Store. Developers can upload beta builds, manage testers, and view feedback and analytics directly from the App Store Connect dashboard.
  • Automatic Updates: TestFlight automatically notifies testers when new beta builds are available, making it easy to keep testers up-to-date with the latest changes and improvements.
  • App Review Process: Beta builds distributed through TestFlight do not undergo the same review process as apps submitted to the App Store. This allows developers to iterate quickly and gather feedback without waiting for app store approval.


TestFlight is a valuable tool for iOS developers to gather feedback, test new features, and ensure the quality and stability of their apps before releasing them to the App Store.

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