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How to handle API authentication with Laravel Sanctum?

Handling API authentication with Laravel Sanctum is like giving your API a secure entrance—it’s a straightforward process that allows you to authenticate users and protect your API routes with ease. Here’s how you can handle API authentication with Laravel Sanctum in a user-friendly way:


Install Laravel Sanctum: The first step is to install Laravel Sanctum into your Laravel application. You can do this using Composer by running the following command in your terminal:


composer require laravel/sanctum

Run Migration: After installing Sanctum, you need to run the migration to create the necessary tables in your database. Run the following artisan command in your terminal:

php artisan migrate

Configuration: Laravel Sanctum provides sensible defaults out of the box, but you can customize its configuration based on your application’s needs. You can configure Sanctum settings in the config/sanctum.php configuration file.


API Token Generation: Laravel Sanctum uses API tokens for authentication. To generate API tokens for users, you can use Sanctum’s HasApiTokens trait in your User model. This trait provides methods for managing API tokens associated with users.


Authentication Middleware: Laravel Sanctum provides middleware for authenticating API requests. You can apply the auth:sanctum middleware to your API routes to ensure that only authenticated users can access protected resources.


Token Generation Endpoint: To generate an API token for a user, you can create a token generation endpoint in your application. This endpoint should receive a valid user credentials (e.g., email and password) and return a token upon successful authentication.


Token Usage: Once a user has a valid API token, they can include it in the Authorization header of their API requests. Laravel Sanctum automatically validates the token and authenticates the user, allowing them to access protected API routes.


Revoking Tokens: Laravel Sanctum provides methods for revoking API tokens if needed. You can revoke a token to invalidate it and prevent further access to your API resources. This can be useful for scenarios like logging out a user or revoking access for security reasons.


By following these steps, you can effectively handle API authentication with Laravel Sanctum in your Laravel application. Sanctum’s simplicity and seamless integration with Laravel make it a powerful tool for securing your API endpoints and protecting your application’s resources from unauthorized access.

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