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What is Laravel Sanctum?

Laravel Sanctum is like a guardian for your API, providing a simple and secure way to handle authentication for your Laravel-powered applications. It’s designed to make API authentication a breeze, whether you’re building a single-page application, a mobile app, or any other frontend that interacts with your Laravel backend. Let’s explore what Laravel Sanctum is in a user-friendly way:


API Authentication Simplified: Laravel Sanctum is a package developed by the Laravel team to simplify API authentication in Laravel applications. It’s particularly useful when you need to handle authentication for applications that interact with your Laravel backend through APIs.


Token-Based Authentication: Sanctum uses token-based authentication, allowing users to authenticate with your API by providing a valid token. Tokens act as digital keys that grant access to protected resources, and Laravel Sanctum makes the process of generating, managing, and validating these tokens straightforward.


Support for SPA and Mobile Apps: One of the key features of Laravel Sanctum is its excellent support for Single Page Applications (SPAs) and mobile applications. It provides a lightweight and secure way to handle authentication for frontend frameworks like Vue.js, React, or mobile app development using technologies such as React Native or Flutter.


Session-Based Authentication for Web Routes: While Laravel Sanctum primarily focuses on API authentication, it also supports session-based authentication for web routes. This means you can use the same authentication system for both traditional web routes and API routes, providing a unified experience for your users.


Easy Integration with Laravel Jetstream: Laravel Jetstream, another Laravel package for scaffolding application UIs, is seamlessly integrated with Laravel Sanctum. This integration simplifies the process of setting up authentication, user registration, and other common features in your Laravel application.


Airlock for API Tokens: Laravel Sanctum was formerly known as Laravel Airlock. Airlock provides a lightweight authentication system specifically designed for SPAs and mobile apps. The transition to Laravel Sanctum reflects a broader focus on API authentication and a continuation of providing a smooth developer experience.


Security Features: Laravel Sanctum includes features like token revocation, allowing you to revoke access to a token if needed. It also supports token expiration, ensuring that tokens have a limited lifespan for enhanced security.


Laravel Sanctum is your go-to solution for handling API authentication in Laravel applications. Whether you’re building a modern SPA, a mobile app, or any frontend that communicates with your Laravel backend, Sanctum makes the authentication process secure, straightforward, and seamlessly integrated into the Laravel ecosystem.

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