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Your Earnings Potential as a Magneto Developer: A Comprehensive Guide

According to ZipRecruiter in the United States, the average yearly pay for Magento developers is $114,160.  This amount is representative of the middle value in a continuum where Magento developers’ wages are placed.  In particular, the upper 75th percentile goes up to $132,500, while the lower 25th percentile is standing at $94,500. 

It is important to be aware of the current rates for the skill before you start to hire Magento developers for your project. Whether you are an experienced Magento developer or considering a career in this field, this guide aims to offer a comprehensive view of the potential financial rewards. Join us as we explore the salary landscape of Magento development.

A Break Down of Magneto Developers’ Annual Average Salary

Across almost all the developer levels, is seen to estimate higher salaries, closely followed by  Especially for Junior level and Mid-level developers, estimates higher salaries when compared to other platforms, however, estimates the higher salary when it comes to Senior developers.  Further, in contrast to all other platforms, Glassdoor reports a lower salary for Magneto developers across all developer levels.  These discrepancies evidence variations existing between the different websites reporting salary, implying that the actual levels of pay could have a significant difference from these estimates.

The following chart illustrates the salary distribution for Magento developers according to ZipRecruiter:

Magento dev annual salary ziprecruiter

Magneto Developer Annual Salary in Various Countries

CountryJunior DeveloperMid-level DeveloperSenior Developer
United States$95,000$111,289$143,750
Costa Rica$7,000$10,000$15,000

Geographic location plays a significant role in determining the earnings potential of Magento developers. The United States emerges as the highest payer, offering lucrative salary packages. Following closely are Western European regions, including the UK and Germany, which also offer competitive compensation to developers. However, when it comes to Eastern European nations such as Poland, the average annual salaries for Magento developers tend to be slightly lower. On the other end of the spectrum, developing countries like India and Vietnam offer the lowest average annual salaries for Magento developers, irrespective of their level of expertise. This disparity in earnings potential across different geographic locations reflects the varying economic conditions and cost of living in these regions.

Statistics from suggest that even in the United States, the salary obtained by a Magento developer varies according to the state. The highest salary is obtained by developers in Colorado followed by developers in New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, Ohio, Georgia, and Iowa coming in tenth place.

Further, details that in the United States, the average annual salary for a Magento developer is $117,000 per year. Entry-level positions start at $95,875 per year, while the most experienced workers can earn up to $143,750 per year.

Magento dev annual salary

Comparing Magento developer salaries against other frameworks

FrameworkAverage Annual Salary (USD)
WordPress Developer$65,000 - $130,000
Magento Developer$90,000 - $135,000
React.js Developer$80,000 - $150,000
Express.js Developer$70,000 - $130,000
Gatsby Developer$75,000 - $140,000
Spring Developer$80,000 - $150,000
Django Developer$70,000 - $130,000
Laravel Developer$80,000 - $120,000
Ruby on Rails Developer$90,000 - $150,000
Symfony Developer$65,000 - $130,000
jQuery Developer$60,000 - $115,000

WordPress developers typically earn an average salary of $65,000 per year. This salary range is influenced by the popularity and demand for WordPress development, as well as the level of expertise and specialization. Magento developers typically earn an average salary of $90,000 per year. Laravel and Ruby on Rails are dynamic frameworks that are known for their flexibility and performance. Laravel developers typically earn an average salary of $80,000 per year, while Ruby on Rails developers earn a slightly higher average of $90,000 per year. These salaries are influenced by the demand for developers with these frameworks, as well as the level of expertise and experience they possess. Ruby on Rails developers’ salaries are lucratively positioned, implying this to be a high-worth specialization.  The variation in earnings potential across different technology stacks is evident from these figures, fuelled by market demand and availability of specialization. 

According to Glassdoor in the United States, a Magento Developer’s estimated total annual earnings amount to approximately $103,314. This sum consists of a median salary of $96,277 per year. Additionally, Magento Developers are expected to earn an average of $7,037 annually in supplementary income. This extra pay may include elements such as cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit sharing.

Magento dev annual salary glassdoor


This blog post provides a thorough overview of the annual compensation for developers skilled in Magento. It underscores how factors like experience, geographic location, and demand in the eCommerce sector influence these salaries. This guide is invaluable for Magento developers looking to understand their earning potential and for employers who aim to offer competitive compensation in the ever-growing field of eCommerce development. It highlights the importance of staying informed about industry trends to ensure fair and rewarding remuneration.

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