NPM, or Node Package Manager, is the default package manager for Node.js. It is a command-line tool that allows developers to discover, install, and manage packages of reusable code modules. These packages can include libraries, frameworks, tools, and even entire applications.


NPM provides access to a vast ecosystem of open-source packages, which can significantly speed up development and reduce the need to reinvent the wheel. Developers can search for packages on the NPM registry, which hosts millions of packages contributed by the community.


In addition to package management, NPM also includes features for version management, dependency resolution, and script execution. Developers can define dependencies for their projects in a package.json file, specifying the required packages and their versions. NPM then installs these dependencies automatically, ensuring that the project can be easily shared and replicated.


NPM plays a crucial role in the Node.js ecosystem, facilitating collaboration, code reuse, and rapid development of Node.js applications.

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