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Dive into the Ultimate Annual Salary Guide for PHP Developers

In the United States, the average annual salary for a PHP Developer stands at $107,205. Most PHP Developers earn between $91,500 and $120,500, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles. However, those in the top 10% of the earning bracket make as much as $136,000 per year.

The Latest Stats on PHP Developers’ Average Annual Salaries

When comparing annual salaries for PHP developers across ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor,, and Indeed, discrepancies are evident. ZipRecruiter consistently presents higher salaries for Junior and Mid-Level Developers than the other platforms, but falls behind Glassdoor when it comes to Senior Developer compensation. 

Glassdoor offers the highest salary for Senior Developers, surpassing all platforms.’s figures tend to lean towards the higher end of the spectrum, but it remains middle-ground for Mid-Level Developers. Indeed, on the other hand, consistently posts the lowest salaries across all experience levels.

Where Do PHP Developers Earn the Most and Least?

CountryAverage Annual Salary (USD)
United States$107,205
United Kingdom$80,000

The United States leads in average annual salaries for PHP developers, followed closely by Australia and Canada. European nations like the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, and Poland offer competitive salaries, with the UK on the higher end, while others, such as Germany and Sweden, lean towards the mid-range. 

Asian countries present a varied spectrum, with Japan’s compensation rivalling European standards, China in the mid-tier, and India at the lower end. Latin American figures, as seen in Brazil and Mexico, are significantly lower, with Eastern European countries like Ukraine and Poland offering salaries that are higher than those in Asia but below Western European standards.

How PHP Frameworks Influence Developer Salaries

PHP FrameworkAverage Annual Salary (USD)
Laravel$103,000 - $143,500
CodeIgniter$60,000 - $131,000
Symfony$106,000 - $157,000
CakePHP$79,500 - $127,000
Phalcon$105,000 - $138,000
Yii$91,500 - $120,500

Developers specializing in the Symfony framework generally command the highest salaries, closely followed by those proficient in Laravel and Phalcon. Yii framework specialists fall within the mid-range salary spectrum, slightly above those skilled in CakePHP. CodeIgniter, despite having a broad salary range, can sometimes offer compensation on the lower end, closer to CakePHP.

Comparing PHP Developer Salaries Across Other Programming Languages

Programming LanguageAverage Annual Salary (USD)
Python$97,500 - $139,000
JavaScript$94,000 - $140,000
Java$99,000 - $131,000
C#$76,500 - $122,500
Swift$105,500 - $143,000
Golang$104,000 - $147,000
HTML/CSS$122,500 - $127,500
TypeScript$110,000 - $133,700
Kotlin$105,000 - $142,000
SQL$76,000 - $116,000
Rust$79,500 - $127,000

When comparing PHP developers’ average annual salaries to other programming languages, Golang developers tend to be among the highest earners, closely trailed by Swift, Kotlin, and TypeScript experts. Python, JavaScript, and Java also have competitive salary ranges that position them in the upper tier. 

HTML/CSS specialists, while having a narrower salary range, fall on the middle range of the compensation spectrum. On the other hand, PHP, C#, SQL, and Rust developers typically command salaries on the lower end, with PHP, C#, and SQL being closer to the bottom range among the programming languages. 

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