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Top 15 Sites to Hire React Developers in 2024

React stands tall as a beacon of flexibility, interactivity, and user-friendliness. This JavaScript library has become the go-to choice for businesses aiming to create seamless and engaging user interfaces. The demand for skilled React developers is palpable, reflecting the library’s prowess in delivering exceptional digital experiences. However, finding the right talent, and navigating the vast sea of options can be overwhelming. With promises of expertise, not all platforms deliver, leaving businesses in a cycle of portfolio reviews and unsatisfactory outcomes.


Top 15 Platforms to Hire React Developers in 2024


Today, our guide unveils a curated review of the top 15 sites to hire React developers in 2024. Whether you are exploring seasoned platforms or newer, more specialized ones, software companies, or just platforms to hire freelancers, our comprehensive guide empowers you to navigate the hiring landscape with confidence. By the end of this guide, you will be well-versed in where to find and hire React developers and equipped with insights to streamline the hiring process.


1. CloudDevs – Top Pick – Hire Senior ReactJS Developers with Massive Expertise 


CloudDevs is a pioneering platform bringing over 8000+ developers from Latin America, prevetted under a three-step vetting process, for the best software development experience. Developers match your timezone, and CloudDevs offers a week’s trial to let you see whether you are satisfied with the developers assigned to you. Otherwise, you can get a refund or get assigned another developer. CloudDevs has some of the best React Developers across Latin America. 

Pricing: Developers charge an hourly rate of $45 – $75 and developers can be hired within 24 hours. 


2. Gigster – Hire ReactJS Devs With Ease 



Gigster excels in assembling versatile project teams, equipped with a product manager, solution architect, designers, and skilled software engineers. The service is known for its intelligent approach to software development, seamlessly integrating top-notch developers, designers, and product managers with artificial intelligence to bring your project to life. For those looking to hire developers, Gigster’s teams showcase exceptional expertise, ensuring a high level of skill and proficiency in crafting robust and effective applications.

Pricing: Price depends on the project scope and you can hire developers within 32 hours. 


3. Andela – Find the Best ReactJS Devs 



Andela was founded on the belief that brilliance is widespread, but opportunities are not. Their platform serves as a bridge, connecting a highly skilled global technology talent community in emerging markets with leading companies such as InVision, Cloudflare, and ViacomCBS. With a focus on helping companies scale their technology teams rapidly and cost-effectively, Andela’s talent spans six continents. Investors like Generation Investment Management, SoftBank, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Spark Capital, and Google Ventures support Andela in its mission to ensure equal access to skilled talent. Employers looking to expand their tech teams can hire React developers through Andela, benefiting from their expertise.

Pricing: You can get a quote from the company, and developers can be hired within two to four business days.


4. Procoders – Hire ReactJS Developers and Get Your Rockstar Team 



ProCoders operates as an IT Staff Augmentation company, boasting a team of over 100 skilled software engineers. In their collaborative environment, these professionals share a singular goal – to provide top-tier talent to the IT teams of their partners. Since 2015, ProCoders has successfully extended over 150 engineering teams across North America and globally. Their commitment involves personal investment in selecting the finest IT talent, and crafting custom engineering teams for partner organizations. Known for transparency and honesty, ProCoders attracts business partners through referrals, ensuring they fulfill commitments and never overpromise. 

Pricing: You can consult with the company for hiring details, and their website provides a cost calculator to calculate the price according to your project scope. 


5. MobilUnity – Find Talented ReactJS Developers



MobilUnity, a Ukrainian company with a team of over a hundred hiring experts, provides a unique approach for those looking to hire React developers. Instead of developers signing up, MobilUnity takes charge of the entire process once you submit your application. They handle the search, vetting, and recruitment, leaving you with the simple task of interviewing and selecting the best-fit React developers. Easily expand your development team by choosing from their shortlist, and with fixed-rate outstaffing services, you will never overpay. MobilUnity ensures you have control over your projects, with a streamlined process and no intermediaries once your team is hired.

Pricing: You can request a quote from the company for the pricing and hiring details. 

Here is a React Developers hiring guide to simplify the hiring for you. 


6. Toptal 


For those seeking top-notch React developers, Toptal is the go-to platform. With a stringent selection process allowing only 3% of applicants to showcase their skills, you’re assured of raw talent and refined expertise. Toptal aims to connect you with the ideal freelancer for your project, at a more budget-friendly rate compared to similar platforms. You get the opportunity to collaborate with your React.js developer before making a permanent commitment. With a global talent pool, you can access diverse skills and easily adjust your team size based on project requirements. It’s a risk-free approach, allowing you to replace developers who don’t quite fit during a trial period.

Pricing: Developers charge an hourly rate, and developers can be hired within 48 hours.


7. Arc.Dev – Hire Top React Developers



Arc.Dev is a global platform connecting developers with companies offering remote positions. Developers experience a unique job search approach where tech companies actively seek them out. With the opportunity to feature their profiles, developers can secure remote jobs within 14 days. On the other hand, companies benefit from Arc as an efficient remote recruiting tool, expediting the process of hiring skilled tech talent. The platform showcases a curated list of remote developers globally, vetted and ready for immediate job opportunities. Arc introduces new developers every two weeks, ensuring a continuous pool of qualified candidates for companies looking to hire React developers.

Pricing: You can request a direct quote from the company and developers are assigned within 72 hours.


8. – Outsource Vetted React JS developers



Wellfound, previously known as AngelList Talent, serves as a job board catering to startups and remote workers. Employers can utilize Wellfound to post job openings and discover candidates from a vast database of over 8 million profiles. The platform simplifies remote hiring through features like advanced search filters, messaging tools for candidate communication, and an applicant tracking system. For those looking to hire React developers, Wellfound provides a valuable resource to connect with skilled professionals in the field.

Pricing: You can request a direct quote from the company for pricing and hiring information.


9. – Find Top-notch React.JS Devs, a twelve-time Webby award winner, stands as the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace. With over 58 million registered users and 21 million projects across diverse fields, it’s a go-to platform for various needs, from website development to astrophysics. Freelancer simplifies the hiring process, offering managed services to handle recruitment effortlessly. Their skilled React developers are sourced by expert recruiters through the Freelancer Recruiter service, streamlining the search for the right candidate. Posting ads on Freelancer is free, with charges limited to client commissions and upgrade fees, making it a cost-effective platform to hire React developers.

Pricing: React developers set their hourly rates, and developers can be hired immediately according to availability. 

Read this React developer job description to learn more about their roles and responsibilities. 


10. Upwork – Best Freelance React.js Developers For Hire



Upwork stands as the global marketplace for work, catering to a diverse range of users, from individual startups to over 30% of the Fortune 100. With a robust and trustworthy platform, Upwork facilitates collaboration between companies and talent, unlocking their full potential. In 2021, the talented community on Upwork earned over $3.3 billion across 10,000 skills, spanning categories like website & app development, creative & design, customer support, finance & accounting, consulting, and operations. For those looking to enhance their team, Upwork provides the opportunity to hire React developers skilled in various fields.

Pricing: The Developer’s charges depend on the project’s scope, and the seniority of the developer, and developers can be hired immediately according to availability.


11. Fiverr – Freelance React experts for Hire



Fiverr operates as an online marketplace linking freelancers offering services with clients seeking project assistance. The platform, established in 2010, has amassed over 4 million users. It accommodates freelancers spanning various industries, including creative design, graphic arts, web development, and freelance writing. Setting up an account on Fiverr is free and user-friendly. Freelancers showcase their services, determining their rates, while clients browse through 500+ service categories to find the right match. Whether you possess a sellable skill or require a freelancer for your project, Fiverr is a go-to platform. Explore it to hire React developers for your next endeavor.

Pricing: React developers set their prices which can range from $5 per hour to over a thousand dollars depending on the project’s scope, and developers can be hired immediately.


12. – Find  Top ReactJS Developers and Specialists Online



Guru has been facilitating connections between businesses and top freelancers. Boasting a pool of over 2 million freelancers, Guru is a reliable platform for hiring React Javascript developers. The noteworthy aspect is the ability to post job openings for React developers without any cost. With an impressive 99% customer satisfaction rate from 800,000 clients, Guru ensures you’re in capable hands. Utilizing Guru’s straightforward search functionality grants you access to numerous Javascript developers proficient in React Native. The SafePay system guarantees secure payments, providing both you and the freelancer peace of mind. Additionally, Guru offers one of the industry’s lowest fees, ensuring you won’t overspend in your quest to find the perfect React developer.

Pricing: The developer’s hourly rates depend on the project scope and developers can be hired. 

Here is a list of React developer interview questions to help you screen your candidates within your React talent hiring process. 


12. HubStaff Talent – Hire Freelance Developers and Development Companies



Hubstaff aids businesses in elevating productivity through improved team, project, and time management. With over 10,000 teams globally, Hubstaff’s time tracking software at supports enhanced work hours tracking, team payments, client invoicing, detailed reporting, and more via web, desktop, and mobile apps. Through, Hubstaff Talent, a free platform, facilitates freelancers and businesses in discovering top-tier remote work and talent. Additionally, offers Hubstaff Tasks, a versatile project management tool enabling seamless team collaboration towards common objectives. Employers seeking to hire React developers can trust Hubstaff’s skilled React developers for quality outcomes.

Pricing: You can hire developers free of charge, and developers can be hired immediately according to availability. 

Here is a guide on React developer annual salaries to help you budget for your talent-hiring costs.


13. Turing – Find and Hire ReactJS Developers Online



Turing is a pioneer in deeply vetted developers and teams, intelligently matched by AI. Turing revolutionizes hiring, connecting top-tier engineers with companies seamlessly. The Talent Cloud, where traditional recruiting becomes obsolete, empowers companies to effortlessly discover vetted remote talent and developers to attain elite career goals worldwide. Trusted by 900+ companies like Pepsi and Dell, Turing’s AI-driven approach ensures tailored, high-quality remote developers. For those seeking exceptional remote opportunities, Turing accelerates career growth. To hire React developers efficiently, explore the transformative capabilities of Turing’s Talent Cloud.

Pricing: You can request a custom quote from Turing and developers can be hired in 4 days.


14. Freeup – Hire Talented React Developers 



FreeUp is the go-to solution for hiring top-notch freelancers online, specifically offering a streamlined process for those looking to hire skilled React developers. With a meticulous selection process, only the top 1% of freelancers are accepted. Clients can submit a request and connect with pre-vetted talent within 24 hours, spanning various fields like eCommerce, digital marketing, and web development. Freelancers set rates from $5 to $75+ per hour, ensuring a quick and efficient matching process. FreeUp prioritizes 24/7 support for both freelancers and clients, with added protection against turnover, providing replacements and covering applicable costs in case of freelancer departure.

Pricing: You can get free project estimates and developers can be hired within 24 hours. 




In conclusion, the demand for React developers is skyrocketing, with no signs of slowing down. As these sought-after professionals become harder to find, our guide on the top 15 sites to hire React developers provides valuable leads for businesses in need of skilled talent. For efficient access to top-tier React developers, this concise guide is your roadmap to success

With Clouddevs, you get access to a large collection of resources including comprehensive guides for hourly rates of React developers which will help you make sound decisions when hiring React.js developers for your software projects.

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