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How to integrate React with other frameworks/libraries?

React is designed to be flexible and can be integrated into various projects, whether it’s to add interactivity to an existing non-React application or to incorporate other libraries/frameworks into a React application. Here’s an overview of how React can be integrated with other popular frameworks and libraries:

  1. React with jQuery: While React aims to replace jQuery for many DOM manipulations and interactions, if you have legacy code or plugins that depend on jQuery, you can use them together. The key is to let either React or jQuery handle a specific part of the DOM exclusively to avoid conflicts.


  1. React with Angular: Though less common, combining React with Angular can be achieved by using React components within Angular directives. One might do this to incrementally migrate an application from Angular to React or to utilize a specific React component within an Angular application.


  1. React with Vue: Similar to Angular, you can embed React components inside Vue components using wrappers. This is particularly useful when you have a React component that you wish to leverage within a Vue application, without having to rewrite it.


  1. React with Backbone: Backbone models and collections can be passed as props to React components. By listening to Backbone’s change events, you can trigger a React component to re-render when the model changes.


  1. React with D3: D3 is a powerful library for data visualizations. While D3 can manipulate the DOM directly, which can conflict with React’s virtual DOM, the two can be integrated by using D3 for its mathematical and utility functions and letting React handle the rendering.


  1. React with Three.js: For web-based 3D graphics, Three.js is the go-to library. You can use React to manage the state and lifecycle of Three.js visualizations, letting React trigger re-renders when necessary.

When integrating React with other libraries or frameworks, it’s crucial to maintain a clear boundary between what React manages and what the other library manages. React thrives when it has control over the DOM elements it renders, so avoid direct DOM manipulations by other libraries within React components. Overall, with the right patterns, React can coexist and complement a wide variety of technologies in the web ecosystem.

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