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What are the various React hooks?

React provides a set of essential hooks that simplify state management, side effects, and context access in functional components. Here is a list of some of the most popular React hooks:

  • useState: Manages component state.
  • useEffect: Handles side effects and lifecycle events.
  • useContext: Accesses context in functional components.
  • useRef: Creates mutable references to DOM elements or values.
  • useReducer: Manages complex state and actions.
  • useMemo: Memoizes expensive computations.
  • useCallback: Memoizes callback functions.
  • useHistory: Accesses the history object for navigation in React Router.
  • useLocation: Retrieves the current URL location in React Router.
  • useParams: Fetches URL parameters in React Router.
  • useRouteMatch: Matches the current route in React Router.
  • useForm: Simplifies form state management.
  • useWindowSize: Tracks window size changes.
  • useInterval: Creates intervals for executing functions.
  • useAsync: Simplifies handling of asynchronous operations.
  • useLocalStorage: Interacts with the local storage.
  • useSessionStorage: Interacts with the session storage.
  • useNetworkStatus: Monitors the online/offline status of the browser.
  • useAuth: Manages user authentication state.
  • useAxios: Simplifies HTTP requests using the Axios library
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