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What is useEffect and its use-cases?

`useEffect` is a pivotal hook in React that empowers developers to perform side effects in functional components. It offers a unified interface to execute code in response to changes in the component’s lifecycle, state, or props, making it a cornerstone of modern React development.

The essence of `useEffect` lies in its ability to run side-effect code after the component renders, ensuring that any operations performed do not block the visual representation of the UI. It seamlessly integrates with the React rendering cycle, allowing developers to tap into crucial moments of a component’s life without relying on traditional class-based lifecycle methods.

A distinct feature of `useEffect` is its dependency array. By manipulating this array, developers can precisely control when the effect runs. If left empty, the effect mimics the behavior of `componentDidMount`, running only once after the initial render. By populating the array with specific state or prop values, the effect will re-run when those values change, echoing the characteristics of `componentDidUpdate`.

Moreover, `useEffect` is designed with cleanup in mind. If the function passed to `useEffect` returns another function, this returned function is treated as a cleanup operation, running before the component unmounts or before the next effect execution. This is invaluable for tasks like unsubscribing from events or terminating active subscriptions, ensuring efficient resource management.

Typical use-cases for `useEffect` encompass:

  1. Fetching data from external sources after component initialization.
  2. Setting up subscriptions to external data sources and ensuring they’re torn down appropriately.
  3. Interacting with browser APIs, such as listening to window resize events or updating document titles.
  4. Managing intervals or timeouts within components.

`useEffect` bridges the gap between functional components and side-effect operations, offering a streamlined, intuitive method to interact with the world outside the component while reacting to its internal changes.

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