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Top 15 Ruby on Rails Developer sites

As businesses increasingly rely on technology, the demand for skilled developers becomes crucial, and the same goes for Ruby on Rails. This dynamic framework has proven its mettle in creating robust web applications. Thus, the search for adept Ruby on Rails developers is more crucial than ever, and finding a good place to hire a Ruby on Rails developer has taken a turn into a hard challenge.



Top 15 Sites to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers


To simplify your journey looking for a reliable Ruby on Rails developer, we have curated a comprehensive guide featuring the top 15 websites to hire Ruby on Rails developers in 2024. This article aims to provide insights into the unique features, pricing, and advantages of each platform, ensuring you make the best choice for your software development project. 


1. CloudDevs – Top Pick – Hire Ruby on Rails Developers from Your Timezone


CloudDevs is a specialized online marketplace, focusing on freelance developers mainly in Latin America. This unique concentration ensures clients do not have to sift through irrelevant candidates, as the company actively vets its talent pool. This targeted approach is particularly beneficial when seeking skilled Ruby on Rails developers.

CloudDevs features a distinctive pricing model, allowing clients to access highly skilled developers while saving on costs. Clients can hire top-notch Latin American developers at a transparent hourly rate of $45-70, offering significant savings of 50-60% compared to local hires or other platforms. With CloudDevs, clients can tap into exceptional talent without exceeding their budget.

Pricing: Ruby on Rails developers are paid on an hourly basis or you also have the option of hiring a full-time candidate, and developers are assigned within 24 hours.


2. – Best Ruby on Rails Devs for Hire, serving as CloudDevs’ global talent partner, emerges as a top-ranking developer hiring platform. This platform actively identifies senior tech talent globally and aligns them with U.S.-based clients based on specific requirements. Beyond remote developers, emphasizes hiring designers and other tech experts from a highly skilled pool. Notably, all Unicorn talents offer a 4-hour time zone overlap with their clients, ensuring collaboration during suitable working hours. You also receive a 7-day no-risk trial, allowing you to get a full refund or a talent replacement if you are not satisfied with the developer you receive.

Pricing: Ruby on Rails developers at charges $40 per hour, and developers can be hired within 24 hours.


3. Upwork – Find and Hire Ruby on Rails Developers for Your Project


Upwork, a prominent talent provider for nearly a decade, has positioned itself as a versatile alternative to Turing, Topal, and many other renowned freelance developer platforms. Upwork boasts access to an extensive talent pool spanning diverse job functions. This broad spectrum of talent makes Upwork suitable for a variety of hiring needs across projects of different sizes. 

A significant departure from typical remote recruiting platforms is Upwork’s policy of not conducting skills checks on its talent. Consequently, companies engaging with Upwork must take on the responsibility of evaluating the skills of the talent they hire.

Pricing: Developers set their rates and developers can be hired immediately according to availability.


4. Toptal – Best Freelance Ruby on Rails Developers 

Toptal is widely recognized for connecting businesses not only with remote software developers and professionals of other sectors. With a strict screening process, Toptal accepts only the top 3% of applicants into its talent pool, ensuring that companies engage with the best talent available. Noteworthy features include a flexible hiring model allowing for hourly, part-time, or full-time commitments. Toptal provides clients with a risk-free trial period at no cost, allowing them to evaluate freelancers before committing to a full-time arrangement.

Pricing: The costs of the developer depend on the project scope, and the client’s requirements, and developers can be hired right away after trial.


5. Turing – Ruby on Rails Developers for Hire


Turing, recognized for connecting companies with extensively vetted developers and teams through AI, facilitates reaching career and business objectives. Turing’s platform allows companies to effortlessly connect with pre-screened remote talent, tailored to their specific needs.

For developers, Turing offers an opportunity to pursue their dream career on a global scale. Using a combination of AI and a vast global network, Turing delivers ideal developers to businesses, ensuring a match with rigorously vetted and high-quality remote developers. Only the top 1% of developers, Turing offers you to choose developers, interview them individually, and begin a two-week no-risk trial. 

Simplify the hiring process with this Ruby on Rails hourly rate guide.

Pricing: There is no upfront cost, and you can hire developers after interviewing and seeing if the developer satisfies your expectations.


6. Arc .dev – Hire Top Ruby on Rails Developers 


Arc.Dev serves as a platform connecting developers globally with remote job opportunities at tech companies. For developers, Arc provides a unique remote job search experience where tech companies actively apply to them. The platform aims to feature developer profiles, enabling them to secure remote jobs within 14 days.

On the other hand, for companies, Arc functions as a remote recruiting tool expediting the process of hiring tech talent. Companies gain access to a curated list of globally located remote developers vetted and currently open to job offers, with new featured developers every two weeks. Thus, offers some of the best Ruby on Rails developers for hiring either as full-time developers or as freelancers.

Pricing: Pricing depends according to the hiring model, and developers can be hired within 72 hours. 

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7. Bacancy –  Outsource the Best Ruby on Rails Developers


Bacancy Technology stands as a global leader in cutting-edge digital services and consultancy, providing inventive and client-focused solutions across diverse industries and projects. With a reach extending to 12+ countries worldwide, Bacancy has emerged as a prominent software development company. Boasting over 10 years of technical expertise in app and web development, they have successfully delivered over 1000 projects since their establishment in 2011. 

The company maintains a team of over 1050 IT professionals, including developers, UI/UX designers, DevOps engineers, Project Managers, and QA specialists, ensuring the seamless and successful delivery of client projects, if you are looking for Ruby on Rails developers, Bacancy Technology is your way to go.

Pricing: Freelance developers charge $25 per hour, while a full-time developer charges $2500 per month, or you can receive a quote for your project.


8. Space-O Technologies – Find Ruby on Rails Developers Online


Space-O Technologies emerged with the vision of uniting top-notch developers and software engineers globally to craft specialized, innovative mobile apps for leading brands, enterprises, startups, and businesses. Operating under a “Get Things Done” culture, they uphold a commitment to creativity, tackling real-life problems for clients and their customers without excuses. With development centers in India, Canada, and the United States, Space-O Technologies is dedicated to fostering good bonds with clients and aiding them with good software solutions to reach business objectives. Hence, Space-O Technologies brings some of the best Asian Ruby on Rails developers.

Pricing: You can hire developers at an hourly rate, fixed monthly rate, or according to project scope.


9. Hire IT people – Ruby on Rails Developers for Hire 


Hire IT People serves as an online platform, specializing in IT talent acquisition. Their expertise in IT staff augmentation ensures the provision of top-notch professionals for diverse IT roles, recognizing the complexity of ever-changing technology demands. With a focus on Government Services and Industry Expertise, they offer skilled professionals tailored to specific project intricacies. Their Resume Database boasts millions of certified and experienced professionals, allowing businesses to seamlessly hire Ruby on Rails developers and other specialized talents. In navigating the dynamic IT landscape, Hire IT People is a reliable partner for securing proficient developers.

Pricing: Charges depend on the developer, and hiring can be done immediately according to availability.


10. Railsdev – Find Talent and Hire Ruby on Rails developers with Ease


RailsDevs is designed to simplify the search for the next gig for Ruby on Rails developers. It revolves around three core values: empowering the independent developer, conducting operations transparently, and fostering a safe, inclusive environment. 

With a focus on empowering developers, RailsDevs shifts the dynamic by having developers post their profiles, allowing companies to reach out to them directly. Operating as an Open Startup, RailsDevs shares metrics, source code, and decision-making processes publicly. The platform is committed to inclusivity, welcoming developers of all backgrounds and skill levels, and ensuring a safe and comfortable environment. For those looking to hire Ruby on Rails developers, RailsDevs showcases skilled professionals in an open and supportive community.

Pricing: Developers choose the pricing model.


11. Ideamotive –  Skilled Ruby on Rails Developers for Hire


Ideamotive, a provider of diverse project development services and external technical consultancy, guides clients through potential product growth. Catering to startups, scale-ups, and enterprises globally, their extensive network features skilled Ruby on Rails developers among hundreds of tech veterans. These developers, adept in various technologies, form part of a holistic approach that assists in strategy creation, product development, and the inclusion of additional experts like PMs or Product Owners, all consolidated in a single invoice. Ideamotive’s mission is to seamlessly integrate top tech talent aligned with technology, industry, and company culture, fostering a growth-first principle. For those seeking to hire Ruby on Rails developers, connecting with Ideamotive ensures access to world-class tech talent.

Pricing: You receive a list of shortlisted candidates within 24 hours, and charges depend on the project’s scope and developer. 

Here are some Ruby on Rails developer interview questions to make your hiring process easier.


12. Rails factory – Hire Ruby on Rails Developers on a Freelance Basis

RailsFactory, a leading Ruby on Rails development company, specializes in delivering cutting-edge vertical-specific RoR and full-stack solutions. With extensive tech expertise, they craft dynamic, scalable applications to address unique business challenges. They excel in building custom, secure, and scalable web and mobile applications for flexible and speedy delivery, fostering strong partnerships to help clients unlock value and reinvent their businesses.

Pricing: You can hire developers either full-time or hourly, and the charges depend accordingly.


13. Rails Carma – Find Top-notch Ruby on Rails Developers for Hire


RailsCarma specializes in delivering tailored solutions for entrepreneurs, large organizations, agencies, and startups. With industry veterans adept at utilizing and implementing Ruby on Rails since its early stages, RailsCarma is committed to providing end-to-end Ruby on Rails consulting, architecture, building, management, and extension services globally. The team supports clients with a range of tools, techniques, and innovative approaches to address critical business challenges, offering services from process review and cloud deployment to consulting. 

Pricing: You can receive a free quote for hiring information and pricing details.


14. – Find Top Ruby on Rails Developers for Hire, recognized as the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace in terms of users and projects, facilitates connections between over 70 million employers and freelancers across 247 countries, regions, and territories globally. This expansive platform enables employers to engage freelancers for a wide array of tasks, spanning software development, writing, data entry, design, engineering, sciences, sales, marketing, accounting, and legal services. Freelancer Limited, the company behind the platform, is publicly traded on the Australian Securities Exchange under the ticker ASX:FLN.

Pricing: Developers set their charging ranges and developers can be hired immediately.


15. Flatirons – Hire EXperts in Ruby Development 


Flatirson comprises a skilled team of Ruby on Rails developers based in the U.S. and nearshore locations. Specializing in full-stack development, they excel in creating robust Ruby on Rails web applications and backend APIs. Their expertise lies in utilizing Ruby on Rails as a backend REST API, leveraging its time-tested framework for rapid and sustainable development. The team adeptly handles requests through JSON or HTML, offering limitless possibilities.

Whether taking charge of existing projects or providing consultancy and maintenance post-launch, Flatirson caters to diverse software project needs. With staff augmentation services, their nearshore development team seamlessly integrates with existing Ruby on Rails teams, ensuring swift contributions. Furthermore, they prioritize stability and reliability through automated testing with libraries like MiniTest and RSpec, reinforced by a dedicated team of manual QA testers. If you are looking to hire Ruby on Rails developers, Flatirson’s skilled professionals are ready to meet your project requirements.

Pricing: Pricing depends on the project, and you can receive a free quote from Flatirson.



In conclusion, known for its responsiveness and user-friendly nature, Ruby on Rails stands as a go-to framework for building robust web solutions. Despite its simplicity, the journey to secure a position as a Ruby on Rails developer presents its own set of challenges.

The widespread use, strong capabilities, and cost-effectiveness of Ruby on Rails have heightened the competition in hiring skilled developers. If you are looking for career opportunities or seeking the right talent for your project, our Ruby on Rails developers hiring guide. Clouddevs is your go-to for your project involving Ruby on Rails. Our Ruby on Rails developer job description guide is here to help you in the process with confidence in your hiring decisions. Reach out to us for more information, 

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