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Mastering the Pay Scale: Your Guide to Ruby on Rails Developer Hourly Rates in 2023

In the United States, the pay scale for Ruby developers varies largely based on experience and location. As per data from ZipRecruiter, the average hourly wage for these professionals stands at approximately $63. However, beginners in the field or those based in regions with lower costs of living typically earn close to $54 per hour, which puts them in the lower quartile, or 25th percentile. In contrast, seasoned Ruby developers located in areas with high demand can earn as much as $73 per hour, placing them in the higher quartile, or 75th percentile.

This article aims to guide you through the current hourly rates of Ruby on Rails developers in different regions across the globe. It will also help you understand the factors contributing to the cost of hiring a RoR developer and arm you with the information you need to hire Ruby on Rails developers for your next web project.

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According to ZipRecruiter in the United States, a Ruby On Rails Developer earns an average hourly wage of $57. A closer look at the salary distribution reveals that most developers in this field earn between $47 and $62, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles. Those at the top of the profession, in the 90th percentile, earn as much as $82 per hour.

Hourly Rates of Ruby on Rails Developers at Different Experience Levels

According to data from various job platforms such as ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and the average hourly rate for Ruby on Rails developers varies by experience level. For entry-level developers, the average hourly rates range from $41 (Glassdoor) to $50 (, with ZipRecruiter reporting an average of $47. For mid-level developers, the rates are slightly higher, with Glassdoor listing an average of $48, ZipRecruiter at $57, and leading the pack at $61. 

At the senior level, where extensive experience and expertise come into play, rates rise more substantially. Glassdoor reports an average hourly rate of $55 for senior-level developers, ZipRecruiter indicates an average of $62, and shows a significant jump with an average rate of $79. This data underscores the fact that as a developer’s experience and proficiency with Ruby on Rails grows, so too does their earning potential.


How Location Influences Ruby on Rails Developers’ Hourly Rates

North America offers the highest earnings for both junior and senior developers, followed by Western Europe and Australia, which offer similar pay rates. Eastern Europe and South America present lower yet comparable wages, with Asia slightly trailing behind. South Africa offers the lowest compensation for these developers.

The variation in wages is due to several factors including the cost of living, the supply and demand of developers, and the economic conditions of each region. Regardless of the region, senior developers consistently earn more than their junior counterparts, underlining the premium placed on experience and expertise in this field.

RegionJunior DeveloperSenior Developer
North America$60 - $68$80 - $120
South America$22 - $34$35 - $60
Western Europe$30 - $45$55 - $75
Eastern Europe$25 - $35$40 - $65
Australia$30 - $42$45 - $70
Asia$20 - $30$40 - $60
South Africa$10 - $25$25 - $40

Statistics from suggest that even in the United States, the salary obtained by Ruby on Rails developers varies according to the state. The highest salary is obtained by developers in Washington followed by developers in Georgia, California, Colorado, New York, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Illinois coming in tenth place.

Further, details that in the United States, the average hourly rate for a Ruby on Rails developer is $61.30 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $50.48 per hour, while the most experienced workers can earn up to $79.11 per hour.

ruby on rails dev rates

Ruby on Rails Developers’ Hourly Rates in Different Industries

The compensation for Ruby on Rails developers can significantly differ across industries. Among the sectors, the manufacturing industry offers the highest average salary for Ruby on Rails developers, standing at $46.35. This suggests a strong demand for this expertise in the manufacturing sector. Following closely, the finance industry offers an average salary of $45.20, reflecting the critical role that software development plays in modern finance operations. 

Startups, known for their tight budgets but dynamic work environments, offer an average salary of $43.84 to Ruby on Rails developers, which is the lowest among the sectors mentioned. However, it’s important to note that remuneration in startups often comes with other perks like equity, flexible working conditions, and a fast-paced environment offering wide learning opportunities. These figures highlight the role that industry plays in determining a developer’s salary and the importance of considering this factor when evaluating job opportunities.

IndustryAverage Hourly Rate
Start up$43.84

Highest Paying Jobs for Ruby on Rails Developers

This table provides insights into the hourly rates for various roles in the Ruby on Rails industry. Senior Ruby Developers earn the highest, indicating the high value of extensive Ruby knowledge. Senior Ruby on Rails Developers follow closely, showing a strong demand for senior-level RoR expertise. 

Ruby Engineers also earn competitive rates, while generic Ruby on Rails Developers and Ruby on Rails Web Developers command somewhat lower rates. Ruby on Rails Consultants has the most variable rates, reflecting the role’s strategic nature and experience-dependent compensation. Overall, senior and engineering roles within the Ruby on Rails domain command the highest rates, underscoring the premium on experience and specialization.

PositionAverage Hourly rate
Senior Ruby Developer$64 - $78
Senior Ruby on rails Developer$63 - $85
Ruby Engineer$62 - $77
Ruby on Rails Developer$54 - $73
Ruby on Rails Web Developer$50 - $76
Ruby on Rails Consultant$20 - $56

How Ruby on Rails Developer Earnings Stack Up Against Other Technologies

Web development costs can change significantly depending on the technology stack chosen for a project. As a back-end framework, Ruby on Rails (RoR) serves as the foundation of many web applications, but it’s just one of many options available to developers. Other popular backend technologies include Node.js, Django, Laravel, and .NET, while front-end development typically involves technologies like JavaScript, Angular, React, and Vue.js.

Here’s a general comparison of the hourly rates for developers skilled in various technologies worldwide:

Back-end Technologies

TechnologyAverage Hourly Rate
Node.js$70 - $150
Django$70 - $160
Laravel$60 - $140
.NET$70 - $150

Front-end Technologies

TechnologyAverage hourly Rate
JavaScript$60 - $150
Angular/ React.js/Vue.js$75 - $165


This blog post offers a comprehensive overview of the hourly wages for developers in the Ruby on Rails framework. It emphasizes how experience, location, and market trends influence these rates. This guide is an essential tool for Ruby on Rails developers to assess their earning potential and for employers to set fair and competitive hourly rates in this dynamic sector of web development.

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