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How to access command-line arguments in Ruby?

In Ruby, you can access command-line arguments passed to your script using the built-in `ARGV` array. This array contains all the arguments provided to your Ruby program when it is executed. Here’s how you can access and work with command-line arguments in Ruby:


  1. Accessing Command-Line Arguments:

   The `ARGV` array holds the command-line arguments as strings. You can access individual arguments by their index in the array, starting from 0.


   # Access the first command-line argument

   first_arg = ARGV[0]

   # Access the second command-line argument

   second_arg = ARGV[1]


   For example, if you run your Ruby script with `ruby my_script.rb arg1 arg2`, `ARGV[0]` will contain `”arg1″` and `ARGV[1]` will contain `”arg2″`.


  1. Iterating Over Command-Line Arguments:

   To process all the command-line arguments, you can use a loop or an iterator like `each`.


   ARGV.each do |arg|

     puts "Argument: #{arg}"



   This code will print each command-line argument one by one.


  1. Parsing Command-Line Options:

   For more complex command-line argument handling, you may want to use a dedicated gem like `OptionParser` to parse and validate options and arguments.


   require 'optparse'

   options = {} do |opts|

     opts.banner = "Usage: my_script.rb [options]"

     opts.on("-f", "--file FILE", "Specify a file") do |file|

       options[:file] = file


     # Add more options here


   puts "File option: #{options[:file]}"


   The `OptionParser` allows you to define options with specific flags and descriptions, making it easier to handle various arguments and options gracefully.

Accessing command-line arguments in Ruby is straightforward using the `ARGV` array. It provides a way to interact with and process input provided by users when running your Ruby scripts, making your programs more versatile and adaptable to different scenarios.

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