Svelte Developer Rates


How Much Do Svelte Developers Really Earn Per Hour?

The average hourly rate for a Svelte Developer in the United States stands at $50.40. Notably, a significant portion of Svelte Developers earn between $38.22 and $61.06, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles respectively, indicating a varied pay range across the country.

Svelte Developer Average Hourly Earnings Revealed

The average hourly rates for Svelte developers, across different experience levels, are generally higher on Glassdoor compared to ZipRecruiter. The differences between the two platforms are consistent, with Glassdoor’s reported rates being slightly higher than those of ZipRecruiter across junior, mid-level, and senior developer positions. This suggests that Glassdoor might be presenting a marginally higher compensation expectation for Svelte developers in comparison to ZipRecruiter.

Xamarin Developer Hourly Rates in Different Regions

RegionAverage Hourly Rate (USD)
North America$35 - $65
South America$15 - $30
Western Europe$30 - $60
Eastern Europe$20 - $40
Australia$25 - $50
Asia$10 - $30
Africa$10 - $25

North American and Western European locations generally command the highest hourly rates for Svelte developers, likely reflecting the overall higher cost of living and strong tech industries in these regions. Australia’s rates are also relatively high, aligning more closely with Western Europe.

 Eastern Europe and South America exhibit similar, more moderate pay ranges, likely due to the growing but less mature tech industries in these areas. Asia and Africa tend to have lower hourly rates for Svelte developers, which may be reflective of lower living costs and different economic conditions in many countries within these continents. These rates can vary widely within each region and are subject to change based on various factors.

Svelte Developer Hourly Rates Against Other Web Frameworks

Web FrameworkAverage Hourly Rate
Ruby on Rails$50 - $100
Gatsby$40 - $90
ASP.NET$50 - $100
Flask$40 - $90
Spring$50 - $100
Angular$40 - $100
jQuery$35 - $85
Django$40 - $90
Laravel$40 - $90

Developers skilled in Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, and Spring generally command some of the highest hourly rates among the listed web frameworks, likely reflecting the demand for these established and widely-used technologies in enterprise settings. Angular also exhibits a wide and potentially high pay range, indicative of its strong presence in the industry as a leading front-end framework. 

Svelte, Gatsby, Flask, Django, and Laravel developers tend to have similar, more moderate pay ranges, perhaps reflecting their appeal in both startup and more established company environments. jQuery, being a long-established library that has seen decreasing demand in favor of more modern frameworks, shows a slightly lower estimated pay range compared to the more recent frameworks. These rates are subject to fluctuation based on various factors including regional differences and changing industry trends.

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