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Hire Swift Developers in 2024

In the world of computer programming, Swift is a big deal, and a lot of developers and businesses are pretty excited about it. It is famous for being flexible and easy to use, making it a great choice for writing code cleanly and smoothly. Whether you are working on a small project or a huge application, Swift can handle it all. It is also part of a big community of developers who love to share and help each other out.

A Swift Developer is a pro at making applications for iPhones and Macs. They are really good at building and keeping programs that work on Apple devices. Their job is to create apps and connect them to the behind-the-scenes systems. This is the main reason why you should consider hiring Swift developers in 2024.


Top 15 Swift Developers Sites to Hire Swift Developers


It is important to know why hiring Swift developers is a smart move for any software project. In this article, we will explore 15 awesome websites where you can find and connect with skilled Swift developers, as well as their annual salaries for Swift developers alongside Swift developer hourly rates so you have an idea of the pricing schemes. These websites make it easier for businesses to hire the right people who understand Swift really well, making the process of building digital solutions smoother and more efficient. So, if you are thinking about getting into Swift development, stick with us as we guide you through the best places to hire talented Swift developers.


1. CloudDevs – Top Pick – Hire Best Senior Swift Developers – Transform Your iOS Apps 



CloudDevs, as a premier platform, facilitates the swift hiring of highly vetted and time zone-matched Latin American developers and designers within a 24-hour turnaround. The platform maintains a transparent pricing structure, ranging from $45 to $70 per hour for all senior talent. Distinguished as a top-ranking Toptal alternative, CloudDevs upholds stringent standards without compromising affordability. With an expansive talent pool of over 8,000 Elite Senior developers and designers from Latin America, CloudDevs ensures clients receive skilled professionals tailored to their needs. 

The hiring process is expedited, occurring within 24 hours, and guarantees that all talent operates within the client’s time zone for efficient communication and service delivery. CloudDevs further provides a 7-day no-risk trial period, allowing clients to assess the chosen talent. In the event of dissatisfaction, the platform offers immediate replacement or a refund. 

Pricing: Developers charge $45 – $70 per hour, and you can hire developers within 24 hours.


2. DevTeam.Space – Expert Swift Developers to Hire in 2023 


DevTeam.Space, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, is a vetted community of expert development teams, guided by an AI-powered agile process. Since its establishment in 2016, they have spread the trust of over 300 companies, including industry giants like Airbus, NEC, Carvana, and Poynt, along with top startups. 

Renowned for their specialties in Cloud, Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Data Engineering, Enterprise Software Development, and AI, DevTeam.Space offers a seamless solution for businesses looking to hire Swift developers. Their skilled Swift developers, integrated into their vetted community, contribute to building exceptional software products for clients worldwide.

Pricing: You can contact the company for a free strategy session, hiring information, and charging information.


3. – Hire Swift Developers With Ease


Ellow operates as a global talent marketplace, facilitating connections between businesses and the top 3% of freelance developers. Their innovative hiring and talent management system, blending AI and human input, ensures quality through a rigorous vetting process. Within this diverse talent pool, Ellow caters to various industries, aiding companies in scaling and maintaining competitiveness. 

Particularly noteworthy are Ellow’s Swift developers, recognized for their exceptional skill set. Businesses looking to elevate their projects can seamlessly hire Swift developers through Ellow, benefitting from a pool of highly skilled professionals.

Pricing: You can request a quote on The hiring process takes 48 hours, and you can hire pre-vetted remote software talent within that time. 


4. Upwork – Expert Swift Developers for Outsourcing


Upwork, a colossal global freelance marketplace founded in 2015, serves as the nexus connecting businesses with highly skilled professionals, including proficient coders and programmers. Trusted by renowned entities like Microsoft and Airbnb, Upwork provides employers with flexible hiring plans tailored to project complexity. 

With its extensive global talent pool, finding talented Swift app developers is seamless. Upwork stands out for its commitment to quality and diverse hiring options, making it a reliable choice for those looking to hire Swift developers and benefit from the platform’s vast and skilled tech talent network.

Pricing: The Swift developer’s rate for the project is based on an hourly basis. You can hire freelance developers immediately.

5. Hired – Swift Devs for Hire 


Hired, established in 2012 and based in San Francisco, employs a talent matchmaking algorithm, enhancing access to a broad pool of highly skilled iOS developers and Swift specialists. 

Hired enhances diversity by allowing candidates to mask gender and race, fostering fair hiring practices. Beyond streamlining recruitment, the platform serves as an excellent avenue for onboarding specialized Swift developers, offering flexible hiring options. Trusted by industry leaders like Shopify, Thomson Reuters, and PayPal, Hired’s strong global presence signifies its standing as a go-to platform for those looking to hire Swift developers.

Pricing: You can contact for a direct quote.


6. Gigster – Top-Tier Tech Talent 


Gigster, a trusted resource for leading global companies, facilitates the hiring of exceptionally skilled Swift developers with prior experience at renowned entities like Google, Microsoft, Y Combinator, and Stanford University. Headquartered in San Francisco, Gigster’s team of elite developers is dedicated to assisting businesses in creating transformative software and navigating digital evolution. 

Employing an elastic staffing approach, Gigster mitigates project risks by dynamically adjusting team skill combinations. Globally recognized for its highly talented developers, data-driven processes, and flexible staffing solutions, Gigster emerges as a premier choice for companies looking to hire Swift developers.

Pricing: Gigster has a project-based charging model for any software development. Project implementation starts within 14 days. 


7. Slashdev – Hire The World’s Best Remote Swift Developers


Slashdev emerges as a highly cost-effective developer talent network, prioritizing value for its partners. With 75% of their developers priced between $28 – $38 per hour, clients experience substantial savings compared to the average hourly rate of $60-$80. This translates to an impressive 80% reduction in engineering expenses, approximately $10,000 per month per engineer. Research some interview questions to ask Swift developers once you have reached out to any devs. 

Slashdev’s recruitment process sources the top 1% of senior engineers globally, ensuring unparalleled technical prowess and communication skills. For those seeking Swift developers, Slashdev offers skilled professionals adept at problem-solving from day one. 

Pricing: SlashDev developers charge between $28 – $38 per hour, and developers can be hired after one week of risk-free trial.


8. Toptal – Best Freelance Swift Developers 


Toptal, established in 2010, stands as a premier platform renowned for curating some of the finest tech talent. With a rigorous screening process that admits only 3 percent of applicants, Toptal has expanded beyond its initial focus on tech talent to include designers and finance experts. However, it remains a powerhouse for top-tier Swift developers. 

Boasting an elite team, Toptal is a prime choice to hire Swift professionals for crafting reliable iOS apps. Trusted by leading brands, the platform offers a global portfolio of highly skilled developers, ensuring excellence in Swift development.

Pricing: Topal offers customized pricing for Swift development projects based on individual client requirements and project scope. You can hire available developers immediately. 


9. – Oysource Dedicated Swift Developers is a collaborative platform connecting developers with tailored gigs while offering companies access to a curated pool of vetted developers. It is a win-win scenario, eliminating the hassle of dealing with recruiters and intricate interview processes. originated with the goal of ensuring fair pay for software labor, evolving from cold-calling AngelList companies to a comprehensive platform with added funding. In an industry often lacking empathy, stands out, prioritizing a balance between human and business needs. For companies seeking excellence, hiring Swift developers through provides a fast-track solution with access to highly skilled professionals.

Pricing: The average hiring time takes about 13 days, and you can contact the platform for hiring charges quote. 


10. – Highly Skilled and Cost Effective Swift Devs


Grewon is a top software development team in India and the USA, focusing on making useful phone apps for different industries. They want to help clients and businesses use the latest technologies to succeed. If you are looking to hire Swift developers, Grewon’s team is known for being really good at it. They care a lot about doing great work, making clients happy, and being honest and transparent in everything they do.

Pricing: You can hire developers after conducting a personalized interview, and developers can be hired part-time, hourly-based, monthly-based, and fixed-based. 


11. Scrumlaunch – The Best Swift Developers


ScrumLaunch, with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, and Kharkiv, Ukraine, has been a key player since its establishment in 2015. The company prioritizes prototyping, customer research, and design sprints for effective product development. Emphasizing open and consistent communication through a scrum approach, ScrumLaunch values daily engagement, user stories, and rapid feedback. Their commitment to quality software development is evident in the use of modern technology, a focus on QA automation, and a disciplined deployment process. For businesses seeking skilled Swift developers, ScrumLaunch stands out as a reliable option to hire talent for robust and efficient development projects.

Pricing: You can hire developers after a one-month free trial, and you can send a direct message to Scrumlaunch for charges.


12. Aglowidsolutions – Dedicated Swift App Programmers 


Aglowid, an innovative IT solutions provider, specializes in driving digital transformation through cutting-edge technology, offering web, mobile, software development, and cloud services to empower businesses with tailored solutions. 

Aglowid, founded in 2017, operates in the IT services, consulting, and web design sectors, focusing on emerging technologies and software products. The company stands out for its dedicated team’s proficiency, particularly in Swift development. Businesses seeking excellence can confidently hire Swift developers from Aglowid, benefiting from their skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to achieving clients’ objectives.

Pricing: Swift developers charge $18 per month, and you can hire coders by contacting the company directly.


13. Codespark – Top Swift App Developers For Hire



Codesparrk, a bespoke web development company, boasts an impressive portfolio, having crafted eCommerce-based web applications. Their expertise lies in automating business challenges and resolving intricate issues through custom web applications. With a focus on delivering consistent user experiences across various browsers and devices, Codesparrk ensures high levels of usability, scalability, and compatibility for your web development projects. 

The company excels in the development of native web applications, seamlessly managing planning, development, and maintenance to provide top-notch web applications at scale. Codesparrk’s skilled Swift developers are available for hire, ensuring excellence in your app development endeavors.

Pricing: You can request a free quote or a consultation from the company for more information.


14. – Find Top Swift Developers for Hire, a vast marketplace of skilled professionals based in Australia, serves as a go-to platform for recruiters seeking diverse tech freelancers. Among its extensive talent pool are experts in Android and iOS development, with a specific focus on highly skilled Swift developers and other coding specialists. 

The platform’s commitment to quality is highlighted by its satisfaction guarantee, offering reassurance to recruiters navigating the vast array of talented developers available. stands out as a resourceful platform providing access to proficient and experienced professionals for those looking to hire Swift developers from around the world.

Pricing: offers a payment system that lets you only pay for the work after it’s done. You can hire any freelance developer who bids on your project. 


15.  – Find the Best Swift Developers


Markovate, a trailblazer in defining the digital age, specializes in crafting bespoke digital and AI-powered solutions, serving as a strategic partner in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Committed to transformative growth, their mission is to elevate performance metrics and enrich lives through innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Generative AI, Web3, and Robotic Process Automation. 

Markovate’s skilled team strategically integrates AI to accelerate business processes, reinvent consumer experiences, and optimize procedures. As your one-stop destination for cutting-edge tech solutions, Markovate invites tech enthusiasts to join their team, emphasizing the transformative power of technology. For those seeking Swift developers, Markovate stands as a beacon for hiring skilled professionals in the ever-evolving tech industry.

Pricing: You can request hiring and charging info directly from the company.



With the competition for making innovative solutions and Swift development, hiring skilled developers even as freelancers is as crucial as hiring top-notch professionals. Swift developers from the above-mentioned sites are not just picked; they are trained to be experts in software. It is a bit like how the best soldiers are chosen for elite units. CloudDevs Swift developers have exceptional skills and huge potential, and we make them even better.

For a comprehensive guide on hiring Swift developers, and writing a Swift developer job description, you can visit the CloudDevs’ skills page for Swift. It is your key to making the right choices for your Swift development team.

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