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Hourly Insights: Navigating the Woocommerce Developer Rate Landscape

The average hourly pay for a Woocommerce Developer in the United States stands at $50.40. Most Woocommerce Developers in the country earn within a range of $38.22 to $61.06, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles respectively. Factors such as location and experience level can influence these figures, with areas of high demand or higher living costs typically offering better wages, and more experienced developers commanding higher rates.

How Much Does an Average Woocommerce Developer Earn per Hour?

Based on the provided data, ZipRecruiter generally offers higher hourly pay rates for Junior and Mid-Level Developers compared to Glassdoor. However, for Senior Developers, Glassdoor slightly edges out with a marginally higher rate. On average, a Woocommerce Developer in the United States earns roughly in line with the mid-level developer rates by both platforms.

Where Does Your Location Place in the Woocommerce Developer Hourly Rate Rankings?

RegionAverage Hourly Rate (USD)
North America$35 - $65
South America$15 - $30
Western Europe$30 - $55
Eastern Europe$18 - $30
Australia$35 - $60
Asia$12 - $25
Africa$10 - $20

The salary rates for Woocommerce Developers show significant regional disparities. North America and Australia offer the highest compensation, closely mirroring each other at the upper end. Western Europe also provides competitive rates, though slightly lower. 

Eastern Europe and South America present more moderate figures, while Asia and Africa trail with the most affordable salary ranges. It’s essential to understand that these disparities often reflect the cost of living, demand for IT professionals, and local economic conditions in these regions.

Comparing Woocommerce Developer Hourly Rates to Other E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce PlatformAverage Annual Salary
Wix$25.96 - $56.73
Shopify$38.22 - $61.05
BigCommerce$37.62 - $60.06
Ecwid$55.56 - $63.60
Squarespace$61.29 - $70.91
Weebly$45.97 - $59.26
OpenCart$45.29 - $58.07

When comparing Woocommerce developer hourly rates with other E-Commerce platforms, we observe a spectrum of pay scales. Squarespace developers top the list with the highest earning potential, followed closely by Ecwid developers. Shopify, BigCommerce, and Weebly are in the mid-tier range, with OpenCart not far behind. 

Wix has the broadest range, starting with one of the lowest minimum rates but extending to a competitive upper rate. Woocommerce’s pay scale places it amidst this landscape, with a rate that is comparable to many of its peers, but not the highest.

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