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CakePHP Earnings Uncovered: Get Ahead with the Definitive CakePHP Developer Salary Guide

The average yearly salary for a Cakephp Developer in the United States stands at $104,840. However, there’s a broad wage range, with the lower 25th percentile earning approximately $79,500 and the higher 75th percentile reaching up to $127,000. This indicates a significant variation in earnings for Cakephp Developers across the country.

How the Average CakePHP Developer’s Pay Stacks Up

When comparing salary estimates for developers across ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and Indeed, distinct differences emerge. ZipRecruiter’s estimates tend to fall between Glassdoor’s higher estimates and Indeed’s lower ones. 

Glassdoor consistently provides the highest salary figures for all developer levels, whereas Indeed offers the lowest for junior and mid-level positions. For senior developers, the estimates from ZipRecruiter and Indeed are relatively close, but Glassdoor’s estimate remains the highest.

Breaking Down CakePHP Developer Salaries by Region

RegionAverage Annual Salary (USD)
North America$75,000 - $125,000
South America$40,000 - $65,000
Western Europe$60,000 - $110,000
Eastern Europe$30,000 - $60,000
Australia$65,000 - $115,000
Asia$25,000 - $55,000
Africa$20,000 - $45,000

North America leads in the Cakephp Developer salary range, closely followed by Australia and Western Europe. South America, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa offer progressively lower salary ranges in that order. Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa have notably lower annual rates, reflecting the global economic disparities and demand for specific tech roles in these regions.

Comparing CakePHP Earnings with Other Major PHP Frameworks

PHP FrameworkAverage Annual Salary (USD)
Laravel$103,000 - $143,500
CodeIgniter$60,000 - $131,000
Symfony$106,000 - $157,000
FuelPHP$78,000 - $120,000
Phalcon$105,000 - $138,000
Yii$91,500 - $120,500

When comparing the average annual salaries of developers proficient in different PHP frameworks, Laravel, Symfony, and Phalcon developers are among the higher earners. Symfony developers have the potential to earn the most, closely followed by those skilled in Laravel. CodeIgniter has the broadest range, with potential earnings varying significantly. Developers specializing in FuelPHP and Yii have similar salary ranges, but Yii’s range is slightly narrower. CakePHP developer salaries seem competitive within the context of these other PHP frameworks.

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