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CakePHP Courses and Certifications to Master Your Skills in 2023

CakePHP has solidified its position as a prominent framework suitable for a wide range of applications, enjoying widespread adoption across businesses of all sizes. CakePHP provides developers with the tools to efficiently build robust applications, leading to an increasing demand for CakePHP developers.

If you are passionate about enhancing your CakePHP skills or starting a career in CakePHP development as a CakePHP developer, considering certification programs or enrolling in relevant courses can provide substantial advantages. In this article, we will explore some of the top CakePHP certification options and courses available in 2023.

1. Learn CakePHP 4 Plugin Development Tutorials by Udemy

Learn CakePHP 4 Plugin Development Tutorials is a course offered by Udemy: This course teaches you how to create CRUD-based CakePHP 4 applications. It is suitable for all levels and has a total duration of 6 hours with 40 lectures. The course is highly rated and priced at $54.99. 

This course includes 3 sections, with 40 individual lectures.

  1. Course Introduction and Setup Installation: This is the first section of this course, and it includes 4 lectures teaching CakePHP 4 installation via composer, fixing installation errors and running the application, and database connectivity with the application.
  2. CakePHP 4 Plugin Basics: This is the second section and this includes 17 lectures. You will learn what a plugin is, why you should use a plugin, how to create your first plugin in CakePHP, plugin generated files, how to write your first program in Plugin, query string parameters, parameterized routes, create a layout in Plugin and template, migration commands, data seeker using faker library, update and delete functions, what a mutator is, and finally, what an accessor is, and how to use it in CakePHP.
  3. CRUD – CakePHP 4 Plugin: This is the final section of this course, and it includes 19 individual lectures adding up to 2 hours and 55 minutes. In this section, you will learn about CRUD-based plugins, setup installation, EmployeeManager Plugin Setup, Migration settings, Plugin Routes setup, creating controller methods, creating layout and templates, downloading assets files, mastering layout setups, etc. 

By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of CakePHP development, CRUD-based application development with CakePHP 4 Plugin, and CakePHP 4 Plugin Development with MySQL.

2. Learn to Build Web Apps Using CakePHP by Udemy

Learn to Build Web Apps Using Cake PHP is a course offered by Udemy and this course provides a complete learning experience for the Cake PHP web framework. It covers topics such as installation, running CakePHP, and building web apps. The course has a total duration of 5 hours with 34 lectures and is priced at $54.99. 

The course has 8 sections, and the course modules are;

  1. Introduction: This section covers a basic introduction to the course. 
  2. Getting Started With CakePHP: This section has five lectures and it covers getting started with CakePHP, XAMPP server setup, installing cakePHP using Composer, and creating databases.
  3. Controllers and Routing: In this topic, you will learn about controllers and routing methods, query strings and prefixes, and a final quiz.
  4. Views and Templates: In this topic, you will learn about views, view variables, layouts, and elements, followed by a final quiz.
  5. Components and Helpers: In this section, you will learn about components and helpers,  creating components, HTML helpers, and form and text helpers.
  6. Models and Baking: In this module, you will learn about models and baking, fetching data from a database, inserting data and adding validation, editing and deleting data, and also baking an app.
  7. Building a Project Management App: This topic teaches you about creating a database and baking your app, data output, tag search and filter, login authentication registration, and access control.
  8. Course Summary: This is the final course module, and it includes a summary of the course and a bonus lecture about the interesting things about CakePHP.

By the end of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

3. Learn Step by Step CakePHP 4 Beginners to Advanced Tutorial by Udemy

Learn Step by Step CakePHP 4 Beginners to Advance Tutorial is a course offered by Udemy. This course provides a complete guide for the CakePHP 4 framework development using MySQL. You will learn to develop practical skills in CakePHP 4 with MySQL database driver, understand complete architecture to handle CakePHP 4 framework and develop new projects in CakePHP. The course has a total duration of 16 hours and 17 minutes and is suitable for all levels. 

This course has 13 sections, and the course modules are;

  1. CakePHP Basics: You will learn how this topic teaches a powerful framework for rapid web development with MVC architecture.
  2. Basic Assets for CakePHP: This topic teaches what you need to get started, including server requirements, Composer installation, and database setup.
  3. Getting Started with Views & Layouts: You will learn to create dynamic views and manage layouts for structured and appealing web pages.
  4. Guide to CakePHP Helpers: This topic teaches how to leverage built-in helpers for form creation, HTML elements, and other development utilities.
  5. Routing in CakePHP: You will learn how to configure URL routes, control request flow, and define clean, user-friendly URLs.
  6. Database Basics & ORM Access: This topic teaches you to master CakePHP’s ORM for simplified database operations and efficient data interaction.
  7. CakePHP Form Controls: You will learn to explore the framework’s form features, creating interactive and user-friendly input forms.
  8. CakePHP Components and Sessions: This topic teaches how to utilize components for reusable code and manage sessions for user state.
  9. Relationships and Associations: You will learn to establish and manage relationships between models for efficient data retrieval and manipulation.
  10. CakePHP Migrations: This topic teaches seamless database schema evolution using migrations, ensuring a smooth transition with version-controlled changes.
  11. CakePHP Bake Console Commands: You will learn how to use the Bake console to generate boilerplate code, automating the creation of controllers, models, and views.
  12. CakePHP Authentication: This topic teaches how to implement secure user authentication, controlling access, and protecting your application and its data.

By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of CakePHP 4 Framework development, and how to handle it with MySQL, and Bake Console commands.

4. Advanced CakePHP Training Course by Nobleprog

“Advanced CakePHP Traning Course” is a course provided by Nobleprog, a website that provides online or onsite, instructor-led live CakePHP training courses for individuals or groups. The Advanced CakePHP Training Course is designed to help intermediary CakePHP developers access the more advanced features of CakePHP. Through explanations and guided practice, you will be able to implement better features, stability, security, and extensibility into their existing and future CakePHP projects. 

The course modules are;

  1. Introduction: This topic introduces CakePHP, setting the stage for exploring its advanced features and capabilities.
  2. Model, View, Layer Beyond Basics: You will learn how to extend your understanding beyond the basics of the Model-View-Controller architecture.
  3. Working with View Templates: This topic teaches effective techniques for working with view templates to enhance the presentation layer.
  4. Advanced Routing: You will learn how to implement advanced routing strategies, optimizing the flow of requests in your CakePHP application.
  5. Authentication and Access Control: This topic teaches robust methods for user authentication and controlling access to different parts of your application.
  6. Advanced Search and Pagination: You will learn advanced techniques for implementing search functionality and efficient pagination in CakePHP.
  7. Exposing APIs with CakePHP: This topic teaches how to expose APIs, enabling seamless integration with external applications using CakePHP.
  8. The Events System: You will learn how to leverage CakePHP’s events system for managing and responding to events in your application.
  9. Working with the Shell: This topic teaches effective ways to work with the CakePHP shell, automating tasks and enhancing efficiency.
  10. Working with MySQL: You will learn advanced techniques for interacting with MySQL databases within the context of CakePHP.
  11. Working with JavaScript: This topic teaches integration strategies for incorporating JavaScript into your CakePHP application.
  12. Unit Testing Your Application: You will learn how to implement unit tests to ensure the robustness and reliability of your CakePHP application.
  13. Protecting Your Application against Attacks: This topic teaches essential strategies for securing your CakePHP application against common cyber threats.
  14. Customizing Your Application’s Behavior: You will learn how to customize the behavior of your CakePHP application to suit specific requirements.
  15. Styling Your CakePHP Application with Bootstrap: This topic teaches how to use Bootstrap for styling, enhancing the visual appeal of your CakePHP application.
  16. Summary and Conclusion: A comprehensive summary of key points covered, concluding the exploration of advanced CakePHP topics.

This course can be taken either as an onsite, or an online course.

5. PHP Web Application Development with CakePHP 2 by Udemy

PHP Web Application Development with CakePHP 2 is a course offered by Udemy. This course is an introduction to web development with CakePHP 2, the most amazing PHP framework. You will learn the basics of CakePHP 2, such as installation, configuration, routing, controllers, models, views, helpers, and components. The course is suitable for anyone with some basic PHP and HTML knowledge and who wants to learn how to create web applications with CakePHP 2. The course consists of 22 lectures and 1.5 hours of video content.

The course modules are;

  1. Introduction to CakePHP 2 and MVC: This topic introduces CakePHP 2, delving into the foundational principles of the Model-View-Controller architecture.
  2. Installing and Configuring CakePHP 2: You will learn the process of installing and configuring CakePHP 2, laying the groundwork for application development.
  3. Creating a CakePHP 2 Application: This topic guides you through the steps of creating a CakePHP 2 application, emphasizing best practices and structure.
  4. Routing and URL Rewriting: Learn how to implement routing and URL rewriting, shaping the way requests are processed in your CakePHP 2 application.
  5. Controllers and Actions: This topic teaches the role of controllers and actions, illustrating how they orchestrate the flow of your CakePHP 2 application.
  6. Models and Database Operations: You will learn how to work with models, executing essential database operations to manage data in CakePHP 2.
  7. Views and Templates: Understand the creation and use of views and templates, enhancing the visual presentation of your CakePHP 2 application.
  8. Helpers and Components: This topic teaches the utilization of helpers and components, providing modular and reusable code in CakePHP 2.
  9. AJAX and JSON: Learn how to implement AJAX and JSON functionality, enhancing the interactivity and responsiveness of your CakePHP 2 application.
  10. Debugging and Error Handling: You will learn effective techniques for debugging and handling errors in your CakePHP 2 application, ensuring robust performance.

By the end of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Here is a comparison table of the CakePHP courses mentioned above. 

Course/ programCostLevelDurationStudy mode
Learn CakePHP 4 Plugin Development Tutorials$19.99Beginner6 hours 10 minutesOnline
Learn to Build Web Apps Using CakePHP$49.99Intermediate5 hours and 10 minutesOnline
Learn Step by Step CakePHP 4 Beginners to Advance Tutorial$24.99Intermediate / Advanced16.5 hoursOnline
Advanced CakePHP Traning CoursePrice VariesBeginner / Intermediate / Advanced21 hoursOnline
PHP Web Application Development with CakePHP 2$19.99Beginner / Intermediate1.5 hoursOnline

The table provided illustrates variations among CakePHP courses concerning duration, costs, and skill prerequisites. The price of the course depends on the offered platform, the form of study, and the duration as well. When choosing a CakePHP course, it is crucial to consider your skill level, financial constraints, and career goals. This approach will assist in identifying the most fitting CakePHP course for your specific requirements.


In summary, enrolling in a CakePHP course in 2023 offers a valuable opportunity to advance your career. With the right training, you can enhance your skills as a CakePHP developer and engage in exciting projects. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, there are numerous courses and certification programs available to elevate your CakePHP development expertise.

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