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The Definitive Guide to CodeIgniter Developer Hourly Rates in 2023

In the United States, a CodeIgniter Developer earns an average hourly rate of $61.49. Based on data from ZipRecruiter, the rate distribution shows that while the majority of these developers earn between $55.29 and $68.03 per hour, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles, the median lies closer to the higher end of this range. This range highlights the potential earning variations depending on experience, skills, and other market factors for CodeIgniter developers in the U.S.

It is important to be aware of the current rates for the skill before you start to hire CodeIgniter developers for your project. The blog provides a comprehensive analysis of these factors, aiming to assist businesses in making well-informed decisions when looking to hire dedicated CodeIgniter developers.

The hourly rates for CodeIgniter developers according to ZipRecruiter are demonstrated on the chart below:

codeigniter dev hourly rates ziprecruiter

1. Understanding Average Hourly Rates for CodeIgniter Developers

In 2023, the financial landscape for CodeIgniter developers shows a diverse range, with the average hourly rate in the United States sitting at $47.42. The spectrum of wages indicates a wide opportunity for variation, with some professionals earning as much as $74.28 per hour, while others at the lower end make $27.98.  

The majority of CodeIgniter developers, however, find their compensation within a range of $28.85 to $62.98 per hour, accounting for the 25th to 75th percentiles, respectively. The substantial pay range variance, as much as $34.13, is indicative of a dynamic market, where developers have considerable potential for salary growth and progression. Factors such as skill level, geographical location, and years of experience play pivotal roles in determining these rates, highlighting the vast opportunities.

By referring to the graph above, businesses looking to hire CodeIgniter developers and professionals themselves can better understand the salary distribution. This benchmarking tool provides an effective way to align offers with market standards and allows developers to secure a position within the market.

2. How Does Experience Shape the Hourly Rates of CodeIgniter Developers 

Experience plays a significant role in determining the hourly rates for CodeIgniter developers. As developers gain more experience and enhance their skills, they typically command higher hourly rates. 

  • Novice CodeIgniter Developers, those with 1-2 years of experience or who may still be familiarizing themselves with the full breadth of the framework, generally earn lower rates. 
  • Mid-Level CodeIgniter Developers, often possess 3-5 years of experience, a strong understanding of the framework, and have probably worked on several significant projects. They usually command higher rates, based on their location.
  • Senior CodeIgniter Developers, with over 5 years of experience, are likely to have a deep understanding of the framework and can handle complex projects efficiently. Their extensive experience allows them to command premium rates.
Experience LevelAverage Hourly Rate
Novice CodeIgniter Developers$25 - $60
Mid-Level CodeIgniter Developers$30 - $90
Senior CodeIgniter Developers$50 - $120

3. Comparison of CodeIgniter Developer Hourly Rates Around the World 

The hourly rates for CodeIgniter developers can vary greatly based on their location. As you can see in the table below, in North America, including the U.S. and Canada, rates typically range from $40-$74 per hour. In South America, such as in Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, rates are generally lower, averaging between $20-$50 per hour. In Australia, the rates vary from $40-$70, while in Western Europe, including countries like the U.K., Germany, and France, they range from $35-$70. 

In Eastern Europe, encompassing countries such as Ukraine, Romania, and Poland, developers typically charge between $20-$50 per hour. In Asia, which includes India, China, and the Philippines, rates can range from $15-$40 per hour. Lastly, in Africa, including countries like South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt, the average rates range from $15-$35 per hour. These rates are subject to the developer’s specific skill set, project complexity, and market dynamics.

RegionAverage Hourly Rate
North America$40 - $74
South America$20 - $50
Western Europe$35 - $70
Eastern Europe$20 - $50
Australia$40 - $70
Asia$15 - $40
Africa$15 - $35

Based on data from ZipRecruiter, it’s been identified that in 10 cities in the United States, the average salary for a Codeigniter Developer exceeds the national average. Leading the pack is Santa Clara, CA, followed by Federal Way, WA, and Washington, DC. This trend indicates that for Codeigniter Developers, relocating to one of these top 10 cities could lead to significantly higher salary opportunities compared to the national average, suggesting strong potential for financial growth in these locations.

codeigniter dev hourly rates by city ziprecruiter

4. Hourly Rates of CodeIgniter Developers vs Other Tech Developers

In the world of web development, there are numerous backend and frontend technologies, each having its distinct market value. As of 2023, here’s a comparison of the average hourly rates of CodeIgniter developers with other key technologies:

4.1 Backend Technologies:

Backend TechnologyAverage Hourly Rate
GoLang$40 - $150
Rust$40 - $140
Ruby on Rails$50 - $150
Elixir$40 - $140
ASP.NET$40 - $150

4.2 Frontend Technologies:

Frontend TechnologyAverage Hourly Rate
HTML / CSS$20 - $80
TypeScript$30 - $120
Svelte$30 - $120

Tech specializations form a crucial part of a developer’s skill set and often play a role in determining their hourly rates. You might find that hiring dedicated CodeIgniter developers for your project offers more value for money when compared to developers skilled in a different, possibly more expensive, technology. 

However, the developer’s individual expertise, the project’s specific requirements, and the developer’s understanding of your business needs will also play a substantial role in this evaluation. Therefore, when you plan to hire CodeIgniter developers, it’s important to consider the broader picture rather than focusing solely on hourly rates.

5. How Different Tech Stacks Influence CodeIgniter Developers’ Hourly Rates

Comparing the hourly rates of CodeIgniter developers with those proficient in other tech stacks can provide valuable insight. Let’s look at this comparison from the perspective of the developer’s role, the technology’s demand in the market, and its complexity.

5.1 PHP Frameworks:

PHP FrameworkAverage Hourly Rate
Laravel$30 - $120
Symfony$30 - $120
CakePHP$30- $110

These are popular PHP frameworks, and since they draw from the same language base, the rates are similar.

5.2 JavaScript Frameworks/Libraries:

JavaScript FrameworkAverage Hourly Rate
Express.js$40 - $140
React.js$35 - $140
Vue.js$35 - $140

JavaScript is in high demand due to its flexibility for both client-side and server-side development. Therefore, developers specializing in these technologies tend to command slightly higher rates.

5.3 Python Frameworks:

Python FrameworkAverage Hourly rate
Django$40 - $150
Flask$35 - $145

Python, known for its readability and efficiency, has become popular in web development. Developers skilled in Python and its frameworks can command high hourly rates due to Python’s widespread use in machine learning, data analysis, and web development.

5.4 Full-Stack Development:

– MERN / MERN: MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, React, Node.js

– LAMP / WAMP: Linux/Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP with CodeIgniter

Full-Stack TechnologiesAverage Hourly Rate
MERN / MERN$35 - $150
LAMP / WAMP$30 - $120

Full-stack developers are skilled in multiple technologies, covering both the frontend and backend aspects of web development. Due to their comprehensive skills, they usually command higher rates.

The variation in rates not only reflects the demand and complexity of the technology but also factors in the developer’s experience, project scope, and geographic location. Thus, when hiring, it’s essential to consider these aspects along with the technology stack.


This blog post provides an essential overview of the compensation trends for developers specializing in CodeIgniter, a popular PHP framework. It highlights how factors such as experience, geographic location, and project complexity can influence the hourly rates for these professionals. This guide serves as a valuable resource for CodeIgniter developers seeking to understand their market value and for employers looking to hire skilled practitioners in this framework. Overall, it underscores the demand for CodeIgniter expertise in the web development market and offers key insights into the current pay scales, aiding those navigating the financial aspects of CodeIgniter development.

You can check out our CodeIgniter Developer Annual Salary Guide to learn about the annual salary rates you can earn in the US and across the world. We bring you a complete CodeIgniter Developer Hiring Guide, along with the CodeIgniter Developer Job Description and CodeIgniter Interview Questions guide which will help you in the process of hiring a CodeIgniter developer in 2023.

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