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In the United States, the average annual salary for a Dart Developer is $104,840. The majority of these developers have earnings that fall within the range of $79,500 to $297,000, which indicates the 25th to 75th percentile of their salary distribution.

This guide delves into the annual salaries for Dart developers, a rapidly growing field in the tech industry. Dart, known for its use in app development with frameworks like Flutter, has become increasingly significant.  It is important to be aware of the current rates for the skill before you start to hire Dart developers for your project. Whether you’re a Dart developer planning your career path or an employer setting salary scales, this guide aims to provide a detailed understanding of the financial prospects in the Dart development arena.

Insights into the Average Dart Developer Annual Salary

The average annual salaries for Dart developers, as reported by ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and PayScale, show some variation across platforms. ZipRecruiter and PayScale tend to offer similar estimates for both junior and senior developer roles, with PayScale giving a noticeably higher figure for mid-level developers. On the other hand, Glassdoor’s estimates are generally lower across all experience levels when compared to the other two platforms.

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The Geographic Breakdown of Dart Developer Salaries

CountryAverage Annual Salary (USD)
United States$104,840
United Kingdom$65,300

Dart developer salaries exhibit significant variations across countries. The United States and Switzerland offer the highest average annual salaries, closely followed by Australia. In contrast, countries like India, Romania, and Bulgaria report the lowest salaries for Dart developers.

European nations such as the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands fall in the mid-range, while Canada and Japan’s average salaries are notably higher than those in countries like Brazil and Ukraine. In essence, North American and certain European nations generally offer higher compensation for Dart developers than many Asian and Eastern European countries.

The salary data from ZipRecruiter highlights a significant geographical variation in the earnings of Dart developers across the United States. Notably, Santa Clara leads the pack with the highest salaries for Dart developers, closely followed by San Francisco, Marysville, San Jose, Fremont, Oakland, Antioch, Soda Bay, Lebanon, and Hayward rounding out the top ten. 

These cities offer average salaries that exceed the national average. This geographic disparity in salaries presents considerable opportunities for economic advancement within the field of Dart development.

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Dart Developer Salaries in Comparison to Other Languages

Programming LanguageAverage Annual Salary (USD)
JavaScript$94,000 - $140,000
Python$97,500 - $139,000
TypeScript$110,000 - $133,700
Java$99,000 - $131,000
C#$76,500 - $122,500
Kotlin$105,000 - $142,000
Swift$105,500 - $143,000
Golang$104,000 - $147,000

When comparing average annual salaries for different programming languages, developers skilled in Golang, Swift, and Kotlin appear to command the top end of the salary range. TypeScript and Dart developers also secure competitive compensation. 

Meanwhile, Java and Python developers fall within the middle tier, with JavaScript slightly outpacing them. Developers specializing in C# earn relatively lower salaries when compared to other languages, though they still command a respectable income. Overall, the compensation trends suggest a tight grouping of salaries, with certain languages offering slightly higher earning potentials.


Whether you’re a Dart developer or an employer, this information is vital for making informed career and hiring decisions in the dynamic world of Dart development. You can check out our Dart Developer Hourly Rate Guide to learn about the hourly rates you can earn in the US and across the world. We bring you a complete Dart Developer Hiring Guide, along with the Dart Developer Job Description and Dart Interview Questions guide. which will help you in the process of hiring a Shopify developer in 2023.

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