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Drupal Developer’s Definitive Hourly Rate Guide

The average hourly pay for a Drupal Developer in the United States stands at $53.82. Notably, most Drupal Developers earn between $44.23 and $61.78, representing the 25th to 75th percentile range, respectively.

It is important to be aware of the current rates for the skill before you start to hire Drupal developers for your project. Whether you’re an experienced Drupal developer or a business looking to utilize Drupal for your web projects, this guide offers a comprehensive perspective on the current pay trends in this field.

Unraveling the Average Hourly Rate for a Drupal Developer

The data shows the variance in the salary estimates across different job platforms for different developer roles. ZipRecruiter and Talent.com offer relatively similar figures for all roles, with slight differences. Salary.com consistently presents the lowest estimates for each role compared to the other platforms. Meanwhile, Indeed shows a noticeable hike for Mid-Level and Senior Developer roles, presenting the highest salary estimates among all.

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How Drupal Developer Hourly Rate Varies Worldwide

RegionAverage Hourly Rate (USD)
North America$40 - $65
South America$25 - $48
Western Europe$35 - $55
Eastern Europe$30 - $40
Australia$40 - $60
Asia$20 - $35
Africa$15 - $30

The hourly rates for Drupal Developers vary widely based on location. North America and Australia offer rates comparable to Western Europe. Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa have more modest rates, with Asia and Africa being the most affordable regions for such expertise. South America’s range is between these two groups, offering a middle-ground rate. It’s essential to consider these variations when hiring or working internationally.

Statistics from talent.com suggest that even in the United States, the hourly rate obtained by a Drupal developer varies according to the state. The highest salary is obtained by developers in Kansas followed by developers in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Iowa, Georgia, California, Virginia, Oregon, Texas, Connecticut, and Nevada coming in tenth place.

Further,  talent.com  details that in the United States, the average hourly rate for a Drupal developer is $50.48 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $42.14 per hour, while the most experienced workers can earn up to $64.90 per hour.

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A Comparative Look at Drupal vs. Other CMS Developers’ Hourly Rates

Open-Source Web Content Management SystemsAverage Hourly Rate (USD)
WordPress$30 - $44
Joomla$26 - $36
HubSpot CMS$31 - $43
Concrete CMS$26 - $36
ExpressionEngine$29 - $38
SilverStripe$27 - $37

Drupal developers tend to command a higher hourly rate compared to developers specializing in other open-source web content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, HubSpot CMS, Concrete CMS, ExpressionEngine, and SilverStripe. The trend suggests that Drupal expertise is in higher demand or seen as a more specialized skill compared to the other mentioned CMS platforms.


This blog post provides an extensive overview of the compensation landscape for Drupal development. It highlights how varying factors such as experience level, location, and the nature of the projects influence the hourly rates. This guide serves as an essential resource for Drupal developers assessing their earning potential and for companies planning to hire for Drupal-related projects. Overall, it showcases the strong demand for Drupal skills in the web development sector and presents the prevailing compensation trends, offering a crucial benchmark for those navigating the economic aspects of Drupal development.

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