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Planning to Hire Flutter Developers? Here’s What You Need to Know About Hourly Rates

In the United States, the typical annual salary for a Flutter developer stands at $134,500, with an hourly rate of $64.66. Entry-level roles kick off at $110,000 per year, while the highest-earning, seasoned professionals in the field can command salaries of up to $160,400 annually.

There has been a rise in the demand to hire Flutter developers, thereby influencing their hourly rates. Businesses seeking to create versatile and high-performance apps are increasingly looking to hire dedicated Flutter developers, driving the market rates upward.

This article offers an in-depth guide on the current Flutter developer hourly rates. We will explore how various factors such as geographical location, developer experience, app complexity, and domain expertise influence these rates. We aim to provide a comprehensive guide for those looking to understand the cost of hiring dedicated Flutter developers in the current market scenario.

Factors Influencing Flutter Developer Hourly Rates

The rates for Flutter developers depend on various factors, including:

1. Location

Developers in North America, Western Europe, and Australia usually charge higher rates than those in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. This disparity is often due to living costs and market dynamics in different regions.

2. Experience Level

A developer with many years of experience and a strong portfolio is likely to charge a higher rate than someone relatively new to the field.

3. Project/App Complexity

More complex projects or apps require a high degree of expertise and more time investment, affecting the hourly rate.

4. Market Demand

The rise in demand for Flutter developers has driven up their rates over the years.

5. Development Time

The amount of time it takes to complete a project or app is a key factor in determining the hourly rate. Developers who can deliver high-quality work in a shorter time frame often charge higher rates.

6. Domain Expertise

If the project requires specific industry or domain knowledge (like Fintech, E-commerce, Healthcare, etc.), developers with such specialized expertise may charge higher rates.

By considering all these factors, you can get a more accurate picture of the cost associated with hiring a Flutter developer. However, always remember that quality shouldn’t be compromised for cost. A more expensive developer could end up being more cost-effective in the long run if they produce higher-quality work, are more efficient, or bring specialized domain expertise to the table.

According to ZipRecruiter In the United States, Flutter Developers earn an average hourly wage of $51.96. However, depending on experience and skill set, this rate can vary significantly. Developers in the 25th percentile typically receive around $40.87 per hour, whereas those in the 75th percentile earn closer to $62.26 an hour. This spread in wages underscores the diversity of compensation for Flutter Developers based on their expertise and the broader market trends across the country.

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From East to West: Flutter Developer Hourly Rates Around the Globe

North America tends to have the highest rates, likely due to high demand and cost of living. South America, while lower, has rates that still surpass many regions, indicative of its growing tech scene and comparatively lower living costs.

Western Europe’s rates align closely with those of North America and South America, showcasing a robust tech industry. However, Eastern Europe offers considerably lower rates, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, thanks to its rich pool of skilled developers.

Australia’s rates are similar to Western Europe, reflective of its established tech industry and living costs. On the other hand, Asia and Africa, despite their rapidly growing tech talent pools, have lower rates. This can be defined by their lower living costs and, in Africa’s case, a developing tech industry. 

RegionAverage Hourly Rate
North America$80 - $200
South America$50 - $90
Western Europe$60 - $150
Eastern Europe$25 - $60
Australia$60 - $120
Asia$25 - $50
Africa$20 - $50

Statistics from talent.com suggest that even in the United States, the salary obtained by Flutter developers varies according to the state. The highest salary is obtained by developers in New York followed by developers in Florida, Massachusetts, Washington, Georgia, California, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania coming in tenth place.

Further, talent.com details that in the United States, the average hourly rate for a Flutter developer is $64.66 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $52.88 per hour, while the most experienced workers can earn up to $77.12 per hour.

flutter dev hourly rates talent.com

The Impact of Experience on Flutter Developer Hourly Rates

Entry-level developers, typically with less professional experience and exposure, have the lowest rates. As they are still building their portfolios and expertise, their services come at a more accessible price point. 

Mid-level developers, having more professional experience and a broader range of skills, command higher rates than their entry-level counterparts. This is a reflection of their increased proficiency and the added value they bring to projects.

Senior-level developers, with extensive experience and often specialized skills, have the highest rates. Their command of higher fees can be attributed to their expert knowledge, capability to handle complex tasks, and their ability to lead and manage projects.

A developer’s experience level significantly influences their rate, reflecting the increasing value and expertise they bring to a project as they advance in their career.

ExperienceAverage Hourly Rate
Entry-level$30 - $60
Mid-level$40 - $80
Senior-level$50 - $100

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates Based on App Complexity and Development Time

The complexity of an application and the development time significantly impact a Flutter developer’s rates. 

For simple apps, similar to Uber or fitness applications, which typically require 4 to 8 months to develop, developers charge lower rates. This is due to the straightforward nature of these apps, with less complex features and functionalities.

Mid-level complexity apps, akin to Netflix or YouTube, necessitate a longer development time, roughly between 6 to 12 months. Given their increased complexity and additional features, developers demand higher rates than simple apps.

Lastly, the rates are highest for complex apps, resembling those like Telegram, WhatsApp, or Instagram. These applications often require the longest development time, around 12 to 18 months, owing to their intricate functionalities and the sophisticated understanding of the problem domain required.

The complexity of the application and the associated development time are directly proportional to the rates of Flutter developers, reflecting the increased skill, time investment, and expertise necessary as app complexity rises.

App ComplexityDevelopment TimeType of App ExamplesAverage Hourly Rate of Flutter DeveloperFlutter App Development Cost
Simple4 - 8 MonthsUber, Lyft, Fitness Apps$30 - $60$40,000 - $65,000
Mid-level6 - 12 MonthsNetflix, YouTube$40 - $80$60,000 - $90,000
Complex12 - 18 MonthsTelegram, WhatsApp, Instagram$50 - $100$75,000 - $120,000

The Market Demand for Flutter Developers

The demand for Flutter developers is on the rise. Flutter, backed by Google, has rapidly expanded its community of developers, providing a credible and efficient tool for mobile development. This growth in the community implies a larger pool of knowledge, resources, and support, which in turn attracts more developers to Flutter.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, Flutter tends to edge out competitors like Xamarin, especially in the development of enterprise-scale software. This cost-effectiveness makes it a preferred choice for companies, adding to its developer demand. Moreover, Flutter’s superior user interface compared to alternatives like React Native makes it a favorite among programmers.

Factors such as strong community support, cost-effectiveness, and a superior user interface have fueled the growing demand for Flutter developers. As Flutter continues to improve and evolve, it’s expected that this demand will keep increasing.

Interest Over Time


As per the Stack Overflow annual developer survey, Flutter ranks high among the Most Loved Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools, securing a noteworthy percentage of 75.4%. This indicates a strong affinity towards Flutter in the developer community. The survey reflects the sentiment of developers around the world and being highly ranked showcases the growing enthusiasm and preference for Flutter. 

The high percentage points towards the platform’s robust features, its user-friendly nature, and efficient performance. This love for Flutter among developers is also indicative of its increasing demand in the industry, affirming that it’s not just popular, but also highly regarded for application development.


Most Used Web Frameworks Among Developers Worldwide

Flutter Developers’ Hourly Rates Based on Domain Expertise

The domain expertise of a Flutter developer can significantly influence their hourly rate. Here is a general comparison:

1. E-Commerce – E-Commerce is a complex domain, requiring a thorough understanding of transaction systems, security protocols, and user experience design. 

2. FinTech – FinTech is another complex and highly regulated field. Developers need to understand security, regulatory standards, and financial systems. 

3. HealthTech – Working on HealthTech applications often requires knowledge about health standards like HIPAA, as well as an understanding of health-related data. 

4. EdTech – EdTech is a growing field with unique challenges, such as creating engaging educational content and understanding various learning management systems. 

5. Social Media – Creating social media applications requires a strong understanding of real-time systems, user interface design, and possibly Machine Learning for recommendation systems. 

Please note these are rough estimates and actual rates may vary based on factors such as location, specific expertise, years of experience, project complexity, and more.

DomainAverage Hourly rate
E-Commerce$50 - $120
FinTech$60 - $130
HealthTech$55 - $115
EdTech$40 - $100
Social Media$45 - $110

Flutter Developers’ Hourly Rates vs Other Technologies

While Flutter developers’ hourly rates fall into a more moderate range, the rates for developers of other technologies tend to vary more significantly, often reaching higher levels. For instance, specialized developers for native platforms (like Swift/Objective-C for iOS or Kotlin/Java for Android) can command higher rates due to their specific expertise in the platform. 

Meanwhile, rates for developers using other cross-platform frameworks like React Native or Xamarin may be comparable to Flutter, reflecting similar levels of complexity and capabilities. However, the choice between these technologies should not solely be based on cost, but also on factors such as the project requirements, platform preferences, and developer proficiency in a particular technology.

TechnologyAverage Hourly Rate
React Native$40 - $110
Xamarin$30 - $90
Swift$50 - $140
Objective-C$60 - $150
Kotlin$40 - $120
Java$30 - $100


The rates for Flutter developers have been steadily increasing due to the rise in demand and popularity of the framework. However, setting a fair hourly rate is not a straightforward process and requires careful consideration of numerous influencing factors. When seeking to hire Flutter developers, it’s essential for businesses to thoroughly understand these elements and be aware of the prevailing market rates.

This heightened understanding ensures that when you hire dedicated Flutter developers, you’re making an informed decision that aligns with your project requirements and budget constraints. Our guide offers an in-depth exploration of these factors and current market rates, aiming to assist businesses in their quest to hire skilled Flutter developers.

You can check out our Flutter Developer Annual Rate Guide to learn about the annual salary rates you can earn in the US and across the world. We bring you a complete Flutter Developer Hiring Guide along with the Flutter Developer Job Description and Flutter Interview Questions guide which will help you in the process of hiring a Shopify developer in 2023.

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