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Unlocking Java Wealth: The Must-Read Annual Salary Guide for Every Developer

The average annual salary for a Java Developer in the United States stands at $114,720. However, there’s a notable range in earnings. Most Java Developers can expect their wages to fall between $99,000, representing the lower 25th percentile, and $131,000, which marks the upper 75th percentile. This indicates a spread in compensation based on factors like experience, expertise, and employer specifics within the country.

Discover the Average Annual Salary for Java Developers

The average annual salary for Java Developers varies notably across different platforms. ZpiRecruiter and offer similar estimates for all experience levels, while Glassdoor’s figures tend to escalate considerably for senior positions. generally offers lower estimates for each tier, especially for junior roles. Interestingly, Indeed presents the most variability, quoting the lowest for junior positions but the highest for senior developers.

How Java Developer Salaries Stack Up Country by Country

CountryAverage Annual Salary (USD)
United States$114,720
United Kingdom$92,812

Java developer salaries show significant variation based on geographical location. The United States offers the highest average annual salary, followed closely by Australia and Canada. The United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Germany present comparable figures. Singapore, the Netherlands, and Belgium offer relatively moderate salaries, while wages for Java developers in India and Kenya are considerably lower, indicating the disparities in pay scales across different regions of the world.

How Java Developer Earnings Measure Up Against Other Programming Languages

Programming LanguageAverage Annual Salary (USD)
Python$97,500 - $139,000
JavaScript$94,000 - $140,000
PHP$91,500 - $120,500
C#$76,500 - $122,500
Swift$105,500 - $143,000
Golang$104,000 - $147,000
HTML/CSS$122,500 - $127,500
TypeScript$110,000 - $133,700
Kotlin$105,000 - $142,000

Java developers earn competitive salaries when compared to other popular programming languages. Python, JavaScript, and PHP developers have a broad salary range, with JavaScript showing a particularly widespread salary, similar to Java. Swift, Golang, and Kotlin developers generally have higher earning potentials, especially at the upper end of their salary brackets.

On the other hand, C# developers can expect slightly lower salaries on average, though their upper limit is comparable to PHP. Interestingly, HTML/CSS developers have a very narrow salary bracket, indicating lesser variability in their earnings. TypeScript developers, meanwhile, maintain a solid middle ground among these languages in terms of average annual pay.

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