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Top 15 Sites to Hire JavaScript Developers

JavaScript is like the rockstar of web development, used everywhere to make websites cool and interactive. If you know how to use it, you are in demand! Similarly, if you are a business owner or someone with a software project in hand but needs a JavaScript developer, then finding a good, talented, and skilled developer may be a daunting task. Although there are so many options and platforms offering developers, it raises the question of whether their developers can be trusted for good work. This is why we bring you this article about the Top 15 Sites to hire Javascript developers in 2024.

Top 15 Sites to Hire JavaScript Developers in 2024


Now, finding JavaScript experts is a breeze with the best hiring sites. They make it super easy to connect with awesome developers. So, whether you are a company wanting skilled hands or a developer looking for a gig, check out these top 15 places to hire JavaScript developers. 


1. CloudDevs – Top Pick – Hire JavaScript Developers from Your Timezone



CloudDevs has a pool of over 8000 developers and designers specifically from Latin America, pre-vetted in a 3-step process; firstly a communication and personality check, a skills check, and finally a problem-solving challenge. You can communicate with developers through a dedicated Slack workspace, and what’s special about CloudDevs is that they offer timezone-matched talents and the ability to pay as you go, a rolling weekly contract with no minimum commitment, and also the ability to get a refund or replace if you are not satisfied with the developer assigned to your project.

Pricing: Javascript developers charge from $45 – $70 per hour, and you can hire developers 0within 24 hours.


2. Coretechs – JavaScript Devs for Hire



Coretechs, a seasoned US-based software consulting firm with 35 years of expertise, excels in providing tailored solutions. Their highly skilled JavaScript developers tackle even the most intricate projects that others might shy away from. Each project benefits from a dedicated project manager overseeing the entire development journey – from research and prototyping to deployment and maintenance. This meticulous approach ensures consistently high-quality results. For your convenience, Coretechs offers the option to hire JavaScript developers on an hourly basis or at fixed prices for larger projects. Their commitment lies in delivering solutions that perfectly align with your business requirements.

Pricing: You can request pricing information via email or directly contacting the company.

3. Turing – Freelance JavaScript Developers for Hire


Turing, an agile firm specializing in product design and development, constructs acclaimed web and mobile applications with a primary focus on user experience. The company’s main office is situated in Berkeley, CA. While its award-winning team is dispersed globally, the majority is located on the West Coast, spanning California and Oregon. The combination of a worldwide presence and a US headquarters enables Turing to maintain continuous development operations around the clock.

Pricing: JavaScript developers charge from $70 to $200+ per hour, and developers are assigned within 4 days.


4. Codeable – The Best JavaScript Devs Globally 


Codeable consistently receives positive reviews, praising both the high-quality services offered by their freelancers and the swift support provided by the team. With a rigorous 5-stage screening process, including a 45-day trial for potential freelancers, Codeable ensures top-notch talent. Similar to Turing’s approach, you describe your project briefly, and Codeable matches you with the best-suited candidate. Whether it’s fixing plugins, resolving 404 issues, or improving load times, Codeable handles tasks of all sizes. It’s a go-to platform for skilled JavaScript developers, offering a comprehensive solution for all WordPress-related projects. Businesses unrelated to WordPress won’t find relevant services on their site. If you’re looking to hire JavaScript developers, Codeable could be your one-stop destination.

Pricing: Pricing depends on the project scope, and the usual hourly rates of Codeable developers are $80 – $120.

5. – JavaScript Developers for Hire is a seasoned consulting firm specializing in advertising and financial software. With over 12 years of leadership, they excel in custom software development, providing practical solutions in finance, marketing, sales, and operations. aligns client goals systematically, achieving outcomes beyond initial objectives. Their 250-strong teams efficiently manage multiple large-scale projects, coordinating stakeholder workflows and seamlessly communicating with C-level requirements. doesn’t just articulate value; they consistently deliver on time and within budget.

Pricing: You can schedule a consultation with the company for hiring and pricing information. 


6. Orange Mantra – Top-notch Javascript Devs for Hire


OrangeMantra has been a global Digital Transformation partner, specializing in Enterprise Development, Mobile/Web Apps, Automation, e-commerce, and more. Their innovative solutions, recognized with awards like the CIO Choice Award and WARC Award, cater to diverse industries such as Manufacturing, Real Estate, Health Tech, Automotive, FMCG and retail, FinTech, and Edu-Tech. With a client roster including SKF, Anita Dongre, Nestle, Hero, IKEA, PVR, Philips, Honda, and JK Cement, OrangeMantra acts as a true Technology Partner, not just a Service Provider, actively contributing to the digital visions of enterprises.

Pricing: You can discuss your project requirements and hire developers on a part-time, full-time, or hourly basis. 

Check out this guide for a Javascript Developer Job Description to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of JavaScript developers.. 


7. Upstack – Hire a Javascript Developer with Ease


Upstack collaborates with rapidly expanding businesses, aiding them in leveraging remote talent to expand their teams and expedite product launches. With a swiftly expanding network of top technical professionals skilled in high-demand areas such as Node.JS, Angular, React, iOS, Android, RoR, and Python, Upstack is dedicated to building distributed teams. The company is committed to breaking down geographical barriers, ensuring that location does not restrict access to top talent for creating exceptional products.

Pricing: Javascript developers have a standard hourly rate of $65-$75 per hour and hire developers after scheduling a call.


8. Youteam – Find and Hire JavaScript Developers


YouTeam is the creation of serial entrepreneurs who have personally encountered the challenges of hiring engineers who were not well-suited to their needs. Having faced the consequences of a misguided choice of a technology partner in a previous venture, the partner consistently underpriced services and failed to deliver quality code on schedule. This led to the loss of three out of four key clients and brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy. This experience prompted the founders to envision a solution that would provide a secure and reliable way for companies to hire offshore contractors.

Pricing: Developers on YouTeam have set their prices according to hourly rates and developers can be filtered and hired immediately.


9. DesignBro – Javascript Devs for Hire 


DesignBro has recently entered the freelancing scene, offering a unique approach to design contests akin to DesignHill. Their vetting process mirrors Turing’s, ensuring high quality and client satisfaction. DesignBro stands out by handpicking designers, accepting only the top 5%, and ensuring you work with exceptionally skilled individuals. The setup process is straightforward—submit a design brief, pick your favorites, and connect with top designers. DesignBro is an excellent resource for designers; however, it solely focuses on design contests, lacking additional freelance work categories. Those looking to hire JavaScript developers might need to explore other platforms.

Pricing: Pricing depends on the developer, and developers can be hired according to availability.


10. HTML Panda  – Top-Tier JavaScript devs for Hire


HTMLPanda is a comprehensive website development company providing mobile-first and fast-loading websites on Opensource technologies. They specialize in PSD conversion services, including converting PSD to HTML, WordPress, and Email templates. With a skilled team of developers and designers, HTMLPanda handles various web requirements with over 5 years of experience, particularly in PSD to HTML conversion services. As a top web development service provider, they consistently deliver secure, hand-coded, pixel-perfect, and cross-browser-compatible websites.

Pricing: You can request a free quote from the company. 

11. Toptal – Outsource the Best Javascript Devs Globally


Toptal stands as an exclusive community comprising elite freelance professionals, including software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers globally. Renowned companies engage Toptal freelancers for their critical projects, tapping into a network that represents the pinnacle of talent in business, design, and technology. 

Functioning as a talent platform, Toptal empowers businesses to flexibly expand their teams as needed. Boasting an annual revenue surpassing $200 million and consistently achieving over 40% year-over-year growth, Toptal stands as the world’s largest fully distributed workforce.

Pricing: Charges are customized according to the project scope, and developers are assigned within 48 hours. 

Use this guide with Javascript Developers Interview Questions for technical evaluation of your potential candidates.


12. – The Best JavaScript Developers for Hire


Gaper is a dynamic platform connecting clients with the top 1% of skilled JavaScript developers, boasting experience with major companies like Stripe, Oracle, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. Offering flexible engagement options worldwide, Gaper’s hiring process is simple through a form for a quote. Communication tools are chosen by the client, with a two-week risk-free cancellation policy. Security measures include a client-platform contract, ensuring 100% client ownership of Intellectual Property. Starting at $35/h, Gaper provides cost-effective solutions for hiring individual JavaScript developers or programming teams.

Pricing: Developers start charging from $35 per hour.


13. Chawtech – Recognised JavaScript Development Company in USA


ChawTech Solutions, a leading company in Mobile and Web application development, specializes in various services such as Android, iOS, Windows, Web development, AI & ML, IoT & Blockchain, and Animation. With a team of over 100 experts and 7+ years of experience in trending technologies, they are dedicated to fostering a creative work culture and consistently lead with innovative ideas and expertise.

Pricing: You can get in touch with the company for more information and hiring details.


14. Upwork – Expert Javascript Developers For Hire

Upwork serves as a platform connecting businesses with skilled freelancers and agencies. Businesses seeking to expand can easily navigate Upwork to discover and collaborate with top-notch talent and agencies. The process is straightforward: sign up, post your project, and review proposals to identify the ideal independent contractor or agency. Once you’ve selected your talent, Upwork provides tools for seamless communication, collaboration, and secure payment processing for your project. For those looking to enhance their projects, Upwork offers the opportunity to hire JavaScript developers, showcasing the platform’s commitment to facilitating the recruitment of proficient developers.

Pricing: JavaScript developers set their rates based on your project’s scope, their level of experience, and seniority.


15. – Hire Freelance JavaScript Developers, the global software talent agency, links businesses to top-notch, vetted software developers worldwide. Serving as a recruitment hub, simplifies the process of hiring Javascript developers globally. The candidates undergo rigorous vetting by both the company’s software and experienced developers, streamlining the hiring journey. Offering flexible pay-as-you-go packages, monthly retainers, and team retention options, provides customized solutions. Javascript developers at showcase exceptional skills, with hourly rates typically ranging from $100.00 to $200.00, along with’s fee. For full-time placements, charges 20% of the negotiated first year’s salary.

Pricing: Charges of freelance developers generally range from $!00 – $200 and developers can be hired within 3-5 days.



In conclusion, for an effective Javascript Developers Hiring Guide, consider a mix of global freelancing platforms and developer companies, including niche sites for programming roles. You can assess CloudDevs’s Javascript Developer’s Annual Salary guide and Hourly Rates guides for JavaScript developers for insights about competitive compensation. These concise guides ensure a strategic approach to hiring top-tier Javascript talent.

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