Top Websites to Hire Developers


Top Sites to Hire Laravel Developers

In the exciting world of creating digital stuff, Laravel is like the superhero that developers and businesses love. It’s known for being flexible and easy to use, making it perfect for writing code for any type of project.

If you are thinking about making cool apps with Laravel, you will need the help of skilled Laravel developers. These folks are experts at bringing ideas to life and managing apps for all kinds of needs. So, if you are planning to hire Laravel developers in 2023, focusing on what they can do is a smart move.


Discover the Top 15 Places to Hire Laravel Developers in 2024


This guide will take you through 15 awesome sites where businesses can easily find and connect with great Laravel developers. These places make hiring simple and let you bring on board people who really know their way around Laravel. Whether you are new to Laravel or growing your team, join us to explore the best spots for finding and hiring fantastic Laravel developers.


1. CloudDevs – Top Pick – Top-notch Laravel Devs 



Focused on connecting clients globally with top-notch talent, Cloud Devs specializes in hiring Laravel developers from Latin America. This freelancing platform stands out by selecting the top 5% of Latin American developers, considering factors like work experience, time zone compatibility, and commitment levels. 

Offering flexible hours, and part-time, and full-time options, Cloud Devs streamlines the hiring process. With a dedicated Slack workspace for communication, a 7-day risk-free period at project initiation, and a flat rate of $45 per hour, it’s an ideal solution for swiftly hiring Laravel developers or assembling efficient teams.

Pricing: Developers can be hired within 24 hours and charge a flat hourly rate of $45 to $70.


2. Toptal – Best Laravel Developers for Hire


Toptal serves as a freelance talent marketplace across various industries, such as software development, design, finance, and project management. Similar to, Toptal maintains a rigorous vetting process, admitting only the top 3% of freelancers into their network.

Those looking for the best Sites to hire Laravel developers can explore Toptal for access to top-tier freelance talent.

Pricing: Topal provides customized pricing for development projects based on individual client requirements and project scope. You can hire available developers immediately.


3. Arc – Hire Top Laravel Developers


Arc.Dev, a global freelancing platform, excels in linking developers, designers, and tech professionals with leading companies and startups. Ensuring top-tier talent, Arc.Dev employs a stringent vetting process, granting clients access to a highly skilled professional pool. Simplifying the hiring of elite developers for both freelance and permanent remote roles, Arc.Dev allows software engineers to set their rates, maintaining transparency. The engagement begins with a $300 deposit, distinguishing Arc.Dev from other platforms by avoiding additional processing fees. For businesses seeking excellent talent, Arc.Dev is the go-to for hiring Laravel developers.

Pricing: Arc.Dev Laravel developers charge from $60 – $100+ per hour. Developers are assigned within 72 hours. 


4. Uplers – Find Freelance Laravel Developers 


Established in October 2019, Uplers emerged from the merger of three successful marketing and technology companies: EmailMonks, WebbyMonks, and Octos. As a global digital agency, Uplers, headquartered in India since 2013, offers diverse IT services, including website design, e-commerce solutions, digital marketing, and app development. 

With a dedicated team of over 200 specialists, Uplers prioritizes client outcomes, embraces cutting-edge technologies, and upholds customer service excellence. The pricing strategy is tailored to each project’s scope and IT service needs, providing estimates based on individual client requirements. Businesses seeking comprehensive digital solutions can hire Laravel developers through Uplers.

Pricing: You can schedule a direct call with the company and hire developers within 48 hours.


5. Bacancy – The Best Laravel Developers in the Market


Since 2011, Bacancy has been recognized for delivering trusted, motivated, and notably reliable software developers to businesses of all sizes aiming to expand their development teams. Unlike freelance agencies, Bacancy operates as a close-knit community of in-house developers providing top-notch software development services with an Agile scrum approach. Their unique business model sets them apart from Toptal. Each Bacancy developer is carefully selected, ensuring a personalized approach. 

Working closely with your requirements, these skilled developers act as product development partners, delivering high-quality products. Bacancy’s Fortune 500 partners include Mercedes-Benz, Disney, Warner Bros, 3M, Renault, and Volkswagen. For companies seeking excellence in development, Bacancy is the go-to choice to hire Laravel developers.

Pricing: You can book a call for pricing and hiring information. 

This Laravel Developer interview questions guide will help you with the process. 


6. Esparkinfo – Outsource Laravel Developers with Ease


eSparkBiz, a prominent IT organization in software solutions and web development, has quickly earned acclaim for its excellence in developing successful software and mobile applications. Led by a dedicated team of developers and designers, eSparkBiz consistently delivers dynamic and cost-effective solutions for mobile and web applications. 

To achieve outstanding results in mobile and web application development, having an exceptional team is crucial. eSparkBiz has proven this by reaching unique milestones through unmatched user research and iteration. They offer a range of customized services, and businesses can use this site to hire Laravel developers to meet their specific needs.

Pricing: You can request a price estimate from the company. 

Read this Laravel Developer Hiring Guide to hire like an expert. 


7. Adeva – Best Laravel Developers for Hire 


Adeva’s founders advocate for equal opportunities for software developers globally, inspiring them to engage in compelling projects. Their freelancing platform, geared toward developers, designers, and QA engineers, streamlines the hiring process, minimizing recruitment costs. With skills spanning developers, designers, and QA engineers, the platform caters to flexible hours and part-time, and full-time arrangements on a worldwide scale. 

The hiring process involves submitting contact details, connecting with a personal engineering manager, and introducing the right tech talent for your project. Adeva’s network communicates fluently in English, prioritizes security with confidentiality agreements, and allows clients 100% ownership of Intellectual Property. Costs vary individually, making Adeva ideal for swift team building and flexible scaling. For those looking to hire Laravel developers, Adeva presents a versatile and efficient solution.

Pricing: Developers can be hired within 72 hours, and the pricing depends on the project.


8. Upwork – Freelance Laravel Developers For Hire


Upwork has been a prominent freelancing platform for an extended period. In the comparison of Upwork vs Toptal, Upwork boasts distinct advantages. Unlike Toptal, Upwork doesn’t limit its candidate pool to specific professions; you can find professionals in various fields on this site. Getting started with Upwork is cost-free, and users can operate as clients, freelancers, or both. Before any collaboration, both clients and freelancers must apply, register, and get approval. Freelancers earn Talent Badges and a Job Success Score on completing tasks, reflecting their performance and client satisfaction. Upwork provides a flexible pricing structure, accommodating diverse budgets for individuals and companies, with basic services being free to explore and hire Laravel developers.

Pricing: Laravel developers can be hired immediately on a project basis or hourly basis. Freelance developers are also available for immediate hiring.


9. – Outsource the Best Laravel Developers


Over 250+ dedicated developers of, UI/UX designers, and Quality Analysts collaborated with notable clients like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Grey Group Singapore, earning nominations for prestigious awards like Cannes Lions.

For IT startups and enterprises working with PHP, Angular, and Node, they offer Staff Augmentation, extending teams with dedicated resources in niche technologies like React Native, Vue, and Laravel. HID assures a risk-free 7-day trial, no upfront cost, starting at just $1200/month, direct contact with exclusive developers, and transparent hiring processes. Expect experienced resources with demonstrated expertise across various technologies. Consider them when looking to hire Laravel developers.

Pricing: You can request a free quote via their website.


10. Laravel Daily – Skilled Laravel Developers For Remote Hire 


Laravel Daily, a source of tutorials, videos, and tips about the beloved Laravel framework, originated as a modest personal blog in 2015. Over time, it has evolved into a valuable information hub catering to all skill levels. The platform is complemented by a well-received YouTube channel bearing the same name, expanding its reach. For those looking to enhance their projects with Laravel, the platform offers a wealth of insights. Employers seeking Laravel expertise can explore and use this site to hire Laravel developers through the resources provided by Laravel Daily.

Pricing: Charges are set by the Laravel developer and hiring can be done immediately according to availability.


11. Monocubed – Expert Laravel Developers for Hire 


Monocubed, a reputable web application development company in Canada, specializes in serving small to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs. Their focus is on creating secure and user-friendly web applications tailored to various industries. With a systematic approach, they provide high-quality web development solutions, addressing specific business needs. Monocubed excels in building fast and scalable web applications, leveraging the strengths of technologies like WordPress, Node JS, React JS, Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, and Angular JS. For those seeking top-notch web development, consider Monocubed when looking to hire Laravel developers, as they strive to transform ideas into customized applications that enhance business productivity.

Pricing: Developers can be hired either on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis. Rates are $80 per month for part-time developers, $160 per month for full-time developers, and custom pricing for hourly developers. Developers can be hired right away.


12. – Hire Laravel Developers For Dynamic Web Solutions


In the Talentverse, individuals experience a paradigm shift in the way they connect with opportunities. Here, the focus is on prioritizing Talent, eliminating the uncertainty of hoping to be noticed through random searches. Talent takes the lead, viewing positions that align with their profile and reaching out directly to interested hiring managers. Talent profiles remain hidden until they express interest in a position. Understanding the unique needs of each discipline, the Talentverse introduces discipline-specific profiles, ensuring clarity for both Talent and Hiring Managers. For those looking to hire Laravel developers, this approach streamlines the process, connecting them exclusively with precisely matched candidates.

Pricing: You can book a free call to gain pricing and hiring information.


13. Procoders – Dedicated Laravel Experts for Hire


ProCoders, an IT out-staffing company, specializes in staff augmentation, project discovery, and self-managed dedicated teams. With over 100 software engineers, they work collaboratively, aiming to provide top talent to partners’ IT teams. Since 2015, ProCoders has extended over 150 engineering teams globally, investing time to personally hire the best IT talents. Their approach, marked by clarity, transparency, and honesty, has led to most business partners coming through referrals. If you are looking to enhance your team, consider ProCoders for seamless integration and access to skilled professionals. 

Pricing: You can contact Procoders for more information on the hiring process. 


14. Cmarix – Full Time, Part Time, and Hourly Laravel Devs


CMARIX, an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001, and CMMi Level 3 certified Technology Company located in Ahmedabad, India, has been assisting startups and enterprises in bridging their vision and reality since the early 20s. Their in-house team of experts provides world-class software development and consulting services for web, mobile, and cloud applications. With a workforce of over 228 employees and 6 global offices, businesses now turn to CMARIX to hire Laravel developers, relying on their agile teams to extend resources and accelerate their journey to success.

Pricing: You can book for a free 30-minute call.


15. Devtechnosys – Laravel Developers For Hire 


Dev Technosys, an end-to-end IT solution provider company, was founded with a singular goal: to assist enterprises in overcoming modern challenges through advanced technology. Positioned as a comprehensive web and app development solution provider, the company is on a mission to aid startups, SMEs, and large corporations in achieving leadership in their business domains. Their solutions, characterized by perpetual advancement and intelligent engineering, enhance business value. Dev Technosys is a team of sought-after experts dedicated to aligning solutions with futuristic enterprise needs. For those seeking progress in web development, hiring Laravel developers from Dev Technosys is a strategic move.

Pricing: You can request a free quote.



In conclusion, choosing a career in Laravel development offers a fantastic path for those passionate about crafting web applications within a robust framework. Whether you are transitioning from a PHP background or starting fresh in the development world, acquiring Laravel skills can open up exciting opportunities.

For those considering hiring Laravel developers, this conclusion doubles as your guide to navigating the process. Explore our comprehensive resources, including the Laravel Developer Annual Salary Guide, Laravel hourly rates guide, and Laravel Developer Job Description Guide. These guides aim to assist businesses in finding the right talent, ensuring a smooth and informed hiring experience. As you embark on this journey, remember that investing in skilled Laravel developers is an investment in the success of your web development projects.

Clouddevs has a network of over 10,000 Laravel developers, who can work on various web development projects, such as e-commerce, social media, CRM, and more. Clouddevs also offers flexible and transparent pricing, with no hidden fees or commissions. You can hire Laravel developers on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis, depending on your needs and budget. Clouddevs also offers a 14-day risk-free trial, so you can test the quality and compatibility of the developers before committing to a long-term relationship. Clouddevs is the best site to hire Laravel developers, as it offers you access to the best talent, at the best price, with the best service. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Clouddevs today and start your Laravel development journey with Clouddevs.

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